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“It’s time to deal with the unvaxxed and send in the army to pin them down and vaccinate them”

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They would have been right at home in 1930/40s Germany. Probably applying for jobs at concecentration camps


can you now see what Hitler was trying to warn the world about?


This bloke needs a psychological analysis and putting into a mental institution for the insane. Or…
He needs to go and live in China or North Korea where his mental state will be matched by those around him.


He’d fit right in with the corporate cannibals as described in the song by the same name.


Looks like a plant to me.


Looks like a four eyed terd from where I’m sitting lol 👓.

Richard Noakes

He looks like “A Froot Loop” Doesn’t he?

Everyone will get Coronavirus, irrespective of if they have had their 2 shots or not and if they leave the Coronavirus in their head, untreated, (re my salt water cure on Twitter RichardNoakes19 the one on the Secular Heretic post) it will become Covid 10 to 14 days later, but you won’t know that, until a further 10 days or so has passed by, when you suddenly find you can’t breathe freely anymore and that is when the Covid has changed to Acute Pneumonia and enveloped your lungs, so that you can’t get oxygen in and you need a ventilator, but you will probably die anyway – the purpose of your 2 shots is to stop that Acute Pneumonia from occurring and nothing else and you are going to bet your life on those mRNA test vaccines from doing that and keeping you safe – sooner you than me!!

Very interesting reading, with noted Vaccine side effects and why?

Covid & Vaccine = Bio-Weapons Print Out & READ 3 Pages!! This from an MD Medical Biologist – not a regular doctor. (latest update)

Over 3.5 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion now vaccinated, this thing has a life of its own and can’t be stopped now the unvaccinated will survive what the vaccinated won’t, it seems to me and not what I wanted for mankind – ever.


Exactly It’s the end times and we’re in it.


so coild ivermetcin

John Maverick

I look forward to them knocking on my door so I can introduce them to my friend Purdey and bull shit vaccine detecting dogs.


Probably suffers from brain damage because he has waxxed his bald head too much, and is vaxxed and now vexxed. Feel sorry for him.


Who are you talking about?🙂


Give the arsehole multiple booster shots!


I’d prefer to post only relevant info rather than some oddball nutter. Unless of course we know his address so we can send the police or army in to pin him down and show him the overwhelming evidence that he is so wrong

Crashing sign

This is a hate crime. He’s threatening violence on me and 18% of the adult population. Somebody call the police, such threats of assault and battery are arrestable offences. This guy is a raving loony. What’s next, forcing pub drinkers, smokers, clinically obese and people with STDs to be forcibly restrained because in his loony mind they are wasters on the NHS.

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76th Brigade

Yup. Time to use the hate crime laws back against them.


Fascist pigs. All by corporate law s moral authority of Mussoluni Franco et al and their holy ghosts.


Outbursts like this must be driven by fear and selfishness. The poor fellow seems to have enough mental horsepower to operate his camera, though. Perhaps it’s the rest of the brain that’s defective.

Quite a show the lad’s putting on. Lol… 🤣


There’s been a few crisis actors caught out acting the victim for the media.


he can have my doses and all the boosters 🙂


Mine too… 👍

Mr Potato

I think his name gives it away – ‘Damien Soy Lash’ ha ha ha…

D Goyim

His real name is probably Damien Shekelstein Cohen

darinka scriven

It’s Damien Slash, I googled damiensoylash and found him. Madman.




There may well be people that feel like this but this particular guy would appear to be a satirist. His whole TikTok is satire and parody (wokism … is that a word?!) check out his account and the comments for more info.


Looks like he’d be more at home on Grindr

Crashing sign

It’s frightening to think this moronic excuse for a human being lives amongst us somewhere. A padded cell awaits him and his lunacy. While I mention lunacy, in my local Tescos most people are still wearing face masks. Yes, the government have got inside their heads and they are now at one with their oppressor. Even outside, where few dare to walk because of the heat, they are also wearing them. And then there are those who just want to go the full 100% into the satanic cult of masks and wear them in the car, with windows closed just for safe measure. 😀 Utter lunacy!

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Worthing on the South Coast is one of those places. Mask Central. Absolutely brainwashed!


Well, he can try!!! Fire🔥 🔥of the Holy Ghost will consume him and his army of demons in Jesus name 🙏🏾 . I bet it’s the vaccine that turned him into a luciferous animal👹👺😈👿. If this is not a plan to depopulate, what is it? It’s like forcing a cancer patient to take chemotherapy treatment when they don’t want to.


Tragic that dementia is striking people as young as this, poor soul.


Wow this guy has a definite mental disorder to even consider this idea.


What I do know is. You cowardly piece of shit. If you want me to have the jab so bad You come and hold me down and try and administer it and it will be the last thing you ever try to do.

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Its not his fault. The government are using NLP and other psychological techniques on the population. The UK Column have documented evidence of it.
Check it out folks. Making folk aware that they are being manipulated is how we alter the direction of this plandemic.

Last edited 9 days ago by Grofus

I watch U.K. Column. You are right about the psychology. A certain Susan Mitchie is part of it, a member of the British Communist Party for 40 years. Connect the dots folks.


come get me soyboy

D Goyim

Another fed poster getting his shekels from the (((higher tier power structure))). Mr Cohen is laughing behind his big nose and intensely rubbing his hands together below the camera….


Pin this freak of nature down, and put some hair on his teafal head.

John Edwards

“Herd Immunity” ??

a large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals, that live together or are kept together as livestock.
a herd of elephants”

Nuff said


He’s off his freaking head, if you want trouble mate come around and see me. Dick head!

Peter Green

You do realize this is a satire account on TikTok – right?


He’s supposed to be a comedian but his completely unfunny. His mother is a psychotherapist so it’s not unusual for them to pop out weird kids

He’s a talentless boring attention seeker

Johnny Dollar

psychopaths like this CREATURE ought to be monitored 24/7 as they are a danger to the society. Lest Hope he is not a father




I think he is not quite aware yet of the fact that this little brainfart will never be deleted, ever. And that some day, somebody will visit him and will do unto him, what he proposed to be done unto others and the vaccines will be doing unto millions. Maybe to someone’s parents, husband or wife, or children. And that person will not hesitate to do unto him what he wanted be done unto that person’s family.
Now THAT won’t be pretty. But a lot more people will be able to live with it than he thinks now. Because in the end the people we remember are these faces, that fuelled all the hate and evil, willingly.

[…] ByClifford James July 22, 2021July 22, 2021 “It’s time to deal with the unvaxxed and send in the army to pin them down and vaccinate them” […]

Des gusted

Waow – the proctologists dream.
A talking asshoe with verbal diarrhoea


Who is this moron?


Obviously a wind up!!

GF (Gordon) Newman

This person is clearly loony, along with The Daily Express person(s) who gave the story space. If this were ever to happen serious civil unrest would break out. It may well yet if this craven, self-serving Govt insist that students are vaxxed before returning to university.


I’m assuming he’s going to be personally stumping up the cash to keep the survivors and families of vaccine injuries and deaths for the rest of their lives? No, what’s that? You don’t think you should? Well, it was your fault they are now in that position…You were only following orders? Well, we’ve heard that one before somewhere…

No More Virtues

Where is Hitler when we need him??? He was anti-vaccines, they even had propaganda posters with anti-vax! You could say he’s the original anti-vaxxer!


Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll em allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
This bean head psychopath filth needs to sterilised, with extreme prejudice.
Spare a moment to mind zap this vermin all the way to hell, if his death shot hasn’t already kicked in. The good news is it will not survive the coming winter. Die already!


Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d bet that if Donald Trump had said exactly the same thing, this soyboy would have shrieked like a schoolgirl.


That bloke’s a Natter! As Harry Enfield used to say.


It’s done to gauge public opinion, how many will give him a like and favourable comments? SAGE is full of behavioural phycologists, they will know when the bar is crossed and then it will be forced jib-jab for real.

[…] – “It’s time to deal with the unvaxxed and send in the army to pin them down and vaccinate them” […]

Patrick K Bush

This piece of shit needs to die!

darinka scriven

This man must have been vaccinated because he talks with half a brain – we have choices and my choice is not to have anything to do with half-brained brainwashed idiots. All my life people have tried to control me, from cradle to even now. When I say NO I mean no, not maybe or perhaps, it is a definite NO! After living through the atrocities that man has done to this planet to ruin the ecosystem through greed, then eat every species that lives, they have ravaged the seas and oceans with poisons, contaminating the fish and plants within, genetically modified foods brought plastics into our homes and poisoned the air with chemtrails, that does not seem to enough. Now covid a virus that is flu, just another strain, frightened communities and the whole world in lockdown through FEAR. A vaccine for all. Well, you half-brained twit, it is dangerous to make such comments when many are vulnerable after being in lockdown for 16 months, not everyone is fearful, just angry very angry at the way it has been dished out turning people against each other. All I can say is this, it is against the law to kill people. Over the past 16 months, my cat goes out and plays with the sheep and other animals he meets in his path, the birds come and go and twitter away, the air has never been so clean, nor the rivers and beaches. He is free as we should be. Be warned, Mother Nature is far more powerful and at this very present moment is dealing her hand all over the planet. Fires, floods, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, water disappearing, seas rising, Arctic and Antarctic melting. In the meantime, I will continue to dispel fear in people, because people like him should not be allowed to make such dire comments. He will probably be the first to go. Just make sure you keep your immune system up to scratch. If you have breathing difficulties buy AirPhysio it works, with no batteries or drugs.