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Covid Vaccines are killing people at a 79% higher rate than Covid-19 in the UK according to statistics

Data released by Public Health Scotland proves the Covid-19 vaccines are killing people at a higher rate than the alleged death rates of the Covid-19 virus itself.

By Maggie Zhou, PhD (genetics)

According to data published by the NHS on deaths related to Covid-19 from the beginning of the “pandemic” up to the 10th June 2021 (15 months) there have been 87,253 deaths within 28 days of a positive test in the UK.  (Of these, only 3,591 is reported to have died of Covid-19 itself, the remainder all had significant pre-existing conditions.)

Keep in mind that hospitals have been essentially mandating tests before treating patient for ANY ILLNESS, and a FOI request revealed that the NHS has been using an unbelievably high 45 PCR cycle thresholdTogether, these two tricks ensure that a very high percentage of patients who are about to die from ANY CAUSE tested COVID “positive” and count towards the government’s fearmongering COVID death statistic.  

A meaningful cycle threshold should be well below 30, especially given that the WHO’s PCR protocol which every country follows, was the thoroughly discredited Drosten protocol which deliberately lacks high specificity normally required for PCR kit design (see the scathing review by 21 external experts submitted to the European authority for pandemic response Eurosurveillance 2020).  Similarly, the Bulgarian Pathology Association website carried an article titled: “COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless”.

In addition, when an area has low prevalence of the virus, then pretty much ALL of the positive results are false positives, even without considering the poor PCR design, see herehere, and here.  Even the NY Times agreed.

Now, according to a report and the corresponding spreadsheet provided by Public Health Scotland, from Dec 17, 2020 to June 10, 2021 (less than 6 months), 5,522 people in Scotland died within 28 days of receiving a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Since Public Health England continues to refuse to publish its equivalent death statistic, and since the population of England is more than 10 x that of Scotland (56.287 vs. 5.463 million, as per 2019 census), a rough estimate of people who must have died in England within 28 days after receiving a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine (assuming similar proportion to Scotland) would be about 56,892, bringing the total of Scotland + England to a staggering 62,414 post-vaccine deaths (within 28 days).  This doesn’t even include vaccine deaths in Wales.

This means, the monthly average deaths within 28 days of receiving the vaccine (62,414/6) is about 179% of the monthly average deaths within 28 days of a “positive” COVID test (87,253/15), or, a 79% INCRASE in death rate due to the vaccine than the already vastly inflated death rate from the virus; which, most of the people who tested “positive” probably didn’t even have to begin with.

Plus, the vaccines are killing a younger demographic than the virus, which overwhelmingly only killed the very old and already sick.  In particular, the vaccines killed many healthcare workers in their prime.  And the government clearly wants to vaccinate everyone with this deadly “preventative”, including our children.

The governments are burying vaccine death statistics as hard as they can.  What Public Health Scotland did appears to be an anomaly. I’m not aware of any other government releasing this vital information.  Clearly, the intent is to blame the vaccine deaths on Covid-19, perhaps on a “variant”?.

Please share this information with as many people as you can, before the injection is mandated on everyone, and it’s too late to object.

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And it’s “money for missions” Tuesday Don’t forget kids Missions are so important


The House of Lords (mostly so called Jews which explains why they are such evil greedy !!!!!) has passed the law to make covid killer jabs mandatory for health care workers.
Anyone know any hit men for hire?

Last edited 15 days ago by Sorcha

Still want other people to do everything for you? That’s how ‘we’ got into this mess to begin with. You should go and kill them.


You think I can get anywhere near them to be able to wipe them all out?
wishful thinking.


I suspect most of them have had a placebo or nothing. There’d be no point in wiping themselves out when this is all about them controlling us.


I thought Sorcha was asking for “hit men” to administer the jabs.


Then you aren’t very bright, are you?

[…] ByClifford James July 20, 2021July 20, 2021 Covid Vaccines are killing people at a 79% higher rate than Covid-19 in the UK according to statisti… […]


I wonder how many people with comorbidities were assisted towards death by these jabs? Assisted deaths…

In modern society I imagine that precious few folks do not have an underlying illness that could conveniently be touted as a comorbidity when convenient.


Actually the average age of death from COVID is around 80 and the huge majority of them were basically terminally ill with on average 2. 3 pte existing grossly serious pte existing conditions like cancer or serious heart disease or both and at the end stages of prolonged diabetes Things like that Just kept alive basically to sell treatments to for as long as possible.


I don’t like humans at all. Yet even I don’t think killing someone else because you see them as basically dead already is ok.

No wait, that’s exactly why I don’t like humans at all.

I hope you end up getting bumped off by whichever £12 a jab gp you’re under when you’re 80.


Asshat of a human you are


Get a job




Why would god help you? Look at what you’ve done to the planet and every other species on it. He’s far more likely to finish you off. I would if I were him.


Sure asshat


Yeah, but they’re only killing the stupid people. So that’s ok.


Why aren’t you dead yet? Asshat

[…] Covid Vaccines are killing people at a 79% higher rate than Covid-19 in the UK according to statisti… […]

[…] alleged death rates of the Covid-19 virus itself. – by Maggie Zhou, PhD (genetics) –… – “According to data published by the NHS on deaths related to Covid-19 from the […]