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Think Covid is over? Think again… Bill Gates & George Soros have just joined the buyout of a UK Covid testing company

Billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros have joined the acquisition of UK company Mologic, which helped develop Covid-19 rapid lateral flow tests.

Just as you may have thought things were starting to return to normal, Bill Gates popped up to remind us that they’re not going to be normal any time soon.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Soros Economic Development Fund; an arm of Mr Soros’s Open Society Foundations, will invest at least £30 million to “improve the standard of medical technology in the developing world”


There’s only one reason Mr Gates would bother to put money into this company, and that is to return a vast profit. The only way he will do that is through the continuation of the Covid-19 fraud that has infected the lives of people across the world for the past sixteen months.

As part of the deal, Mologic and a non-profit sister company Global Access Diagnostics will be integrated into a new enterprise called Global Access Health.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has painfully demonstrated the fundamental inequities in global public health, and in particular the crucial importance of access in low and middle-income countries to low-price, high-quality, life-saving diagnostic tools,” said SEDF chief executive Sean Hinton.

“In this unique transaction, philanthropic funds and investors are working together with a skilled and visionary management team in a truly innovative way to address at least one part of that failure by enabling a cutting-edge, commercial business to focus all its resources on solving one of the world’s most pressing public health issues.”

Mologic, is a UK-based lateral flow test developer which has created 10-minute Covid tests. Gates and Soros hope that the tests will cost as little as $1 to produce.

“Mologic’s transition into a social enterprise is a deliberate, logical and natural step for a company focused on delivering affordable diagnostics and biotechnology to places that have been left underserved by the relentless pursuit of profiteering,” said Mark Davis, chief executive of Mologic.

“With the support of our shareholders, donors and partners, we have come a long way; we believe we have the people and the skills required for the challenges and opportunities ahead. And we hope this unique transaction will be an example for others to follow.”

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Debby E. Bodine

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Last edited 12 days ago by Debby E. Bodine



“Vaccines Minister” and all round creep Iraqi Nadhim Zahawi and his greedy wife and twins didn’t set up that medical company only to go away empty handed. They’ll be wanting their share of the stolen spoils.




How the faaaark does an Iraqi become a government minister ?!?!?!

I smell something and it’s not just stuffed brown envelopes ………………


I reckon he possibly has some so called Jewish ancestry going on, many Kurdish/Iraqi’s do.

Last edited 11 days ago by Sorcha


there’s 1050 in the ‘houses of parliament’. oh, and a fair number in ‘buckingham palace’.


Synagogue of Satan Brothers Plc

Expects some more Soros funded BLM propaganda. I’m sue he’ll be attending to that little pet project of his on the side.




You need to understand that Jesus was describing the Romans as having turned his Father’s house into a synagogue of Satan Rome appointed the High Priests who then turned the synagogue into a market place and a shop for money changers, currency dealers, like Soros. It was Romes agents and that’s why after he called them on it, they ran to their governor and demandec Jesus be killed Rome did it all Not the Jews The Jews were powerless then as you are to defy the law.


Genuine question
So why are all the evil fkrs behind this covid scamdemic and climate change shekel scam so called Jews? AKA Khazar Canaanite mongol turkic gypsies originating from Turkey according to DNA studies?

Not a Roman nose among them. All of them have the rather large classic Turkish hooked noses.


does it matter what their ancestry is? they’re all rich cunts that own and control your life. kill them or be killed. it’s the only way.


Yes it does matter when our history already taught our ancestors kicking them out because they were pure evil was the best protection against them.

Treason let them back in against our ancestors wishes.

Rothschilds dirty deals got them into our government when all previous votes went against them.

Corruption let the fkrs crawl onto our throne against our ancestors wishes and the fact we can only vote for lying greedy evil perverted so called jews into Downing street whatever party foolish people vote for.

The fact they hide what they are, commit evil in our countries names pretending to be English and leave us with the tab for it.

They are more than willing to inflict hell on their own so called Jewish people who aren’t in their club.

Last edited 11 days ago by Sorcha
Merry Mary

The Jews were powerless then as you are to defy the law.
Ha Ha! oh, that’s hilarious. They were as powerful then as they are today. Just look at sleepy Joe’s top staff- close to 100% Jewish even though they are only 2% of the population. Powerless?


So were Trumps staff, (mostly so called Jews) so are the conservatives UK and probably most of labour.


Mologic? Quite close to Moloch.


Moloch Logic which is why it’s so evil


Only double-vaccinated allowed in nightclubs from end of September, Boris Johnson saysGet the young people hyped about being able to go to clubs again then snatch freedom away a couple of months later which will encourage them to have both killer jabs. France managed to shame Macron into submission with their marches over the weekend which turned a bit ugly in some towns. Demon seeds don’t respond to peaceful actions or words


No and the night clubs are just shops for drug sales really and it’s all covered up by the crooked cops who pretend they know nothing.


I agree in part. But not every person who goes clubbing is a drug taker many just go to dance and meet people.


‘meet people’. is that what they’re calling it now?

drink and drugs and screw because there’s nothing else to do…


Not all of them. Some just go for the dancing and to meet friends and make new friends. Beats sitting at home being a misery. Is that how you spent your youth?

Did you have any friends or did people avoid you like the plague?

How would you know anyway? You see all kids as ‘brats’ so taking the time to talk to any would be like torture to you.

[…] ByClifford James July 19, 2021July 19, 2021 Think Covid is over? Think again… Bill Gates & George Soros have just joined the buyout o… […]


We need to prove PCR’s are fake like Austria, Portugal and Sweden. Sick of their lies.


The 3 African leaders who exposed them all “died” suddenly after. The world’s leaders noticed.


So did the Kary B Mullis who invented the PCR test. Conveniently timed deaths by anyone’s standards.


they just came apart in me ‘ands.


They’ve only just begun Transhumanisn will require everyone to have hundreds more injections of disease causing modifications to mutate humanity into their abominations.


it occurs to me that humans are the root of all evil (as all evil is created by humans and no other). therefore, isn’t mutating into something else – anything else – an improvement?

just saying…


Gates affiliation with Mologic goes back to at least 2016 in the USA
He’s given them millions in funding since then

Last edited 11 days ago by Sorcha

Like marriage of Moloch and Magic.


Moloch and black magic. That’s more like it. I looked up that Mologic firm yesterday and I could only find 1 company which only had 1 Director.


Soros is Lord Miooch Brown’s pawn They use him as the front man Everyone should have cottoned on when they got the banks to set Soros up to destroy the Labour Government and restore all of Thatchers policies


yeah, because the labour party were always for the people now weren’t they?

and please don’t call these cunts ‘lord’. call them cunts or nothing at all.


Who thought it was over?…We all saw the World bank docs that said it ends in 2025 (by then billions will have been Juden vaxxed to death)