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Lawyers team up to fight back against the Governments draconian “No jab, No job” policy for Social Care Workers

Lawyer’s have teamed up to help social care workers fight back against the Governments decision to enforce mandatory vaccinations in order to enter a care home, which was voted through in the House of Common’s on the 13th July 2021.

319 MPs voted in favour of the motion whilst 246 voted against the proposed amendment to the Coronavirus Regulations 2021 section of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

The new legislation is set to come into effect from October, meaning that all care home workers – unless medically exempt – will be required to have two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine or face losing their job.

But thankfully, help is on the way after lawyer Clare Wills Harrison, teamed up with PJH Law. The team have stated they will begin by working together to create downloadable letters for social care employees who do not wish to be vaccinated, as is their choice. As well as letters for any employees who are told they must take a PCR or Lateral Flow test as part of their employment.

Clare Wills Harrison has spent the past year working tirelessly to fight for those who have been most affected by the Governments draconian policies that have been in place since March 2020. One of those issues being the misuse of midazolam in care homes and other settings.

The lawyer has uncovered shocking statistics on prescriptions of the drug which is used in end of life “care” since the start of 2020, after being made aware of what had been occurring in care homes under the guise of Covid-19.

Lawyer Clare Wills Harrison made this video last year which reveals all –

PJH Law recently made headlines through their support of Dr Sam White, in which they sent a letter on his behalf to the Chief Executive of the NHS, Sir Simon Stevens. The letter laid out allegations of unlawful actions by NHS executives, the UK Government, Sage, the MHRA and other authorities.

The letter was also sent to Cressida Dick; the Metropolitan Police chief, Charlie Massey; the Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, Kathryn Stone OBE; the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards, and Lindsay Hoyle; Speaker of the House of Commons.  

The letter was sent after Dr Sam White was suspended by NHS England on the 26th June 2021 for publicly questioning the authorities Covid-19 protocols.

The reasons given for Dr Sam White’s suspension have allegedly been inconsistent, with the letter revealing he was told one thing verbally and another in writing.

PJH Law asked Sir Simon Stevens to treat the letter as “a public interest disclosure or whistle blow in that it raises allegations of alleged criminal conduct and breach of legal obligations by those leading the covid response”, but they have yet to receive a response.

COVID-19 vaccines are currently under emergency authorisation only and are subject to ongoing clinical investigation until 2023. Mandating experimental vaccines with no long-term safety data and waivered liability for “Big Pharma” breeches any reasonable definition of informed consent.

This Government will not stop at social care workers if they are allowed to get away with this. They will come for the families of care home residents next, and then eventually they will come for you. Thankfully, a team of lawyers have now started the fightback against this draconian move by the Government, but they can’t stop this on their own, the decision to say no lies with you.

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@PJHlaw (comment on twitter) GMC have started an investigation into Dr Sam White
Please let them know what you think about a regulator investigating a Dr for raising concerns about safety and informed consent. Thank you

so much for Freedom to speak up: whistleblowing policy for the NHS
A national integrated whistleblowing policy that will help standardise the way NHS organisations should support staff who raise concerns.

  • NHS organisations encourage staff to speak up and set out the steps they will take to get to the bottom of any concerns
  • organisations will each appoint their own whistleblowing guardian, an independent and impartial source of advice to staff at any stage of raising a concern
  • any concerns not resolved quickly through line managers are investigated
  • investigations will be evidence-based and led by someone suitably independent in the organisation, producing a report which focuses on learning lessons and improving care
  • whistleblowers will be kept informed of the investigation’s progress
  • high level findings are provided to the organisation’s board and the policy will be annually reviewed and improved

We expect all NHS organisations in England to adopt this policy as a minimum standard to help to normalise the raising of concerns for the benefit of all patients.


I’ve sent my letter of support for Dr Sam White to the GMC.
I hope lots of people do the same.


Ignorant and dangerous is appropriate for the scumbags who voted for pro nazi policies of treating adults as if children without free will or common sense.

Shane Mcdonagh

Where can I get the help ? I don’t want the vaccine


visit PJH Law on twitter, PCR claims, law or fiction and UK medical freedom alliance.

Mr jose Goncalves

I’m one of those care home care assistant who is being threatened by my company. I’m also with a union but I dont want to be sacked and then claim unfair dismissal.


Contact PJH Law for advice. Stand your ground and do not resign. If you’re sacked you can take them for Unfair Dismissal & Discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.


if you don’t want the vaccine fine, this is your choice. But you are increasing the risk to someone else’s loved one. Find another job or get vaccinated. It is as simple as that. Don’t the people who you supposedly care for deserve to be protected?


Expose the democide !

[…] ByClifford James July 15, 2021July 15, 2021 Lawyers team up to fight back against the Governments draconian “No jab, No job” policy … […]


We a group a nurses … how is possible to be part of the action against this unlawful legislation/the government.


Contact PJH Law and give them your testimonies.


I work for the NHS and I am sorry for your colleagues who are put at risk by you. Find another job or stop putting colleagues and patients at risk


I have elderly parents in care, I don’t want any unvaccinated workers any
where near them. No vaccination that’s your choice, but don’t expect to work with the vulnerable


But you’re happy for the vaccinated to carry on putting your elderly patients at risk. You do know they can still spread it right? You’re vaccine is supposed to save YOU not others.