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Dr Mike Yeadon destroys Reuters Fact Check article labelling him an “anti-vax proponent”

Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Mike Yeadon gas said that a Reuters “fact check” article calling his statements “misinformation” is “a mixture of straw men and sheer invention”.

This is not the first time Reuters has tried to discredit Dr Mike Yeadon, although past attempts have been less half-hearted. This time, Reuters called Yeadon an “anti-vax proponent” who “has made unfounded claims”.

Relying on an entity that calls itself “Meedan’s Health Desk, a group of public health scientists working to tackle medical misinformation online,” the Reuters “fact check” addresses Yeadon statements on asymptomatic spread, variants, the COVID-19 vaccine, and its use in pregnancy.

The article’s concluding verdict claims that “infected but symptom-free people can spread the coronavirus; vaccinated people are better protected but not 100% immune; research shows COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for adults and pregnant women.”

Dr Mike Yeadon

Relating to the article, Yeadon said: “The narrative statements that have repeatedly been claimed by the authorities which are a pack of lies are:

“1. Asymptomatic transmission. It’s definitely a lie. Have you seen that video where Fauci states that ‘it’s always a symptomatic person who drives an epidemic and never people without symptoms’?

“A WHO doctor said exactly the same thing.

“There’s also a terrific peer-reviewed journal article showing that domestic transmission in asymptomatic cases was effectively zero.

“All marries up with the statements I’ve made, and with biological logic.

“2. Variants. They’re just being idiotic. I can show several good quality papers demonstrating that T-cells from a convalescent person or an immunized person each recognize all the then-available variants, again, as anticipated by fundamentals of immunology. The weak twaddle in their piece about antibodies is risible.

“3. Vaccines. The bastards are actually claiming they’re safe. Got them. We have VAERS, Yellow Card, and EMA monitoring. We have mechanism of toxicity. We have multiple open letters to EMA (warning of blood clots) which were immediately followed by vaccine withdrawals (for blood clots).

“4. Pregnancy/fertility. No one in their right mind thinks giving experimental treatments to pregnant women is other than reckless. Especially when reproductive toxicity testing is incomplete.”

Yeadon continued:

“But on top of this stupidity, are two recent public disclosures: (I) the distribution of vaccine to tissues in mice shows a very disturbing concentration into ovaries. No one has followed it up, so the assumption has to be this is happening in humans too, and (II) our concern expressed in the December 2020 petition to EMA about immune cross-reactivity between spike protein and human syncytin-1 has been confirmed. A paper was very recently published showing young women making antibodies to syncytin-1 within days of vaccination.”

Summarising, Yeadon concluded:

“Of course this is wholly fraud. Imagine that the number of people in U.K. who’d actually been killed by the virus, instead of dying with it, was just a couple of thousand; you’d been on the streets with torches and pitchforks.

“You should be. Governments everywhere have lied and lied and lied about every one of the central narrative points about this virus.

“The effect of compliance with their ludicrous policy responses has been to hollow out and arguably to have destroyed economically several G20 counties, and actually increased the number of avoidable deaths, not least by deprivation of healthcare.

“These people all need locking up in that new high-security facility being built at speed at Wellingborough, Northants. The prima faciecase against a dozen or so people in U.K. warrants their arrest pending criminal prosecutions.

“If these figures are of the same order of magnitude for other countries as well, and there is no reason to assume otherwise, then the plague is a deception of unprecedented proportions, and crimes committed against humanity on a huge scale have been committed here.”

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“they’re all in it together “Princess Dianna.

Desmond Aubery

Yeadon is a true hero. What amazes me is that people work so hard to try and discredit him. This is the giveaway that his information has an extremely high truth content.


The same is happening to a number of other scientists in their fields at the to of their professions with lots of awards to their name.
Those highly respected individuals are being targeted.

Desperate times for desperate genocidal maniacs in control
for now


The ongoing vaxx cull of the moronic sheeple, that failed the intelligence test set by pedovore Kill Bill gates of hell, his fellow drug cartel capo genocidal psychopaths, attendant presstitutes and political filth, has finally and for the first time ever globally separated the idiots from the conscious. Little poofter Manny Macrony has thrown down the gauntlet in France and by attempting to euthanize the remainder of the conscious French peasantry, as distinct from French ovine livestock, Macrony has guaranteed his demise (think chopped head and pumping arteries in the finest French tradition). He will end very very badly along with the rest of the G7 thugs that recently demonstrated what they think of the herd as the aristocracy pranced about without their face diapers and antisocial distance BS while the servants were muzzled, gloved and chemically sprayed with poison before allowed the privilege of feeding the Satanic filth that €uropeons and USSANS call their leaders.

The game is now in the second half and cardboard cut out Hollyweird central casting joke NAZI Satan Klaus Schwab can Cyber Poly gone the entire WWW but it won’t make a damn bit of difference. The rat is out of the bag and I suspect there are millions more like myself that will go out in a bang of glory and pride before tolerating some brain dead piece of pig bacon to jab some poison junkie filth in my arm.

You have precisely those rights and only those rights that you are prepared to kill and die for.

Last stop was Ouch Witz where the joke is on the herd.

Pfizer macht frei…mein $chnuckis
Same as it ever waZ


‘You have precisely those rights and only those rights that you are prepared to kill and die for.’

You have precisely those rights and only those rights that you are allowed to have.
The vast majority of the population are propagandised and will do as their masters tell them, if that involves doing terrible things to dissenters because we are portrayed as a threat to them then that is what will happen.


You could say everyone apart from the conscientious objectors of WWII failed the intelligence test.

[…] ByClifford James July 15, 2021July 15, 2021 Dr Mike Yeadon destroys Reuters Fact Check article labelling him an “anti-vax proponent” […]


Where’s the actual interview?


Why the actual interview is not available?It much more effective to see him on video.


Look up “Former Pfizer VP answers Reuters ‘fact checker’: ‘A pack of lies’ on the American Frontline doctors website