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Undeniable links between the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine & the British Eugenics Society

It was mortifying, as the world watched, that our fellow countrymen gave Sarah Gilbert a standing ovation at Wimbledon. The only possible hope for redemption was Gilbert’s reaction.  The look on her face wasn’t so much as one of pride but rather one of embarrassed guilt and shame, or so we’d like to think!  Do people know who Gilbert, the person, is?

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By Rhoda Wilson

On 2 July 2021, Dr. Reiner Feullmich and the Corona Ausschuss (or Corona Investigative Committee) interviewed Whitney Webb.  Webb, a writer and journalist, has extensively researched the industry behind epigenetic medicine. 

Joining the interview was Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg who exposed and was instrumental in bringing to an end the 2009 Swine Flu Scandal.  His actions resulted in an investigation by the European Parliament ‘to look into the issue of ,,falsified pandemic” that was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of its group of academic experts, SAGE, many of whose members have been documented to have intense financial ties to the same pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, who benefit from the production of drugs and untested H1N1 vaccines.’

During Webb’s interview  Dr. Wodarg recalled a change in German legislation in 2009 which paved the way for today’s use of gene therapy ‘vaccines’ – a long-term goal of the eugenics movement.

Evolutionary humanism has eugenic implications also … Within a century we should have amassed adequate knowledge …. When this has happened, the working out of an effective and acceptable eugenic policy will be seen as not only an urgent but an inspiring task, and its political or theological obstruction as immoral.” – Julian Huxley, New Bottles for New Wine, p306, 1957

Webb’s interview is packed full of rapid-fire facts about people and organisations and what links them.  Watch the full interview HERE and read a summary of highlights HERE.  Her article, Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement  is a must read.

The image below shows some of the network behind the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ according to Webb’s article and the text below it is, in the main, extracted from the same article.

Adrian Hill and his partner at the Jenner Institute, Sarah Gilbert, co-developed the Oxford Covid-19 ‘vaccine’. But the patent and royalties for the ‘vaccine’ is held by a private company: Vaccitech.

Initially established in 1995, the Jenner Institute was a public-private partnership with GlaxoSmithKline (“GSK”) and the UK Government.  GSK ‘pulled out’ and the institute was relaunched in 2005. Hill is the head of the Jenner Institute, the chief at the UK Vaccine Network and leads a research group at Wellcome. One of Hill’s bosses, early on in his career, was the late David Weatherall a member of the British Eugenics Society.

Gilbert also hails from the Wellcome Trust and is a student of Hill’s. Together, Hill and Gilbert have worked to position the institute to be the center of all future vaccination efforts undertaken in response to global pandemics. Hill and Gilbert are both set to make significant profits from their shares in Vaccitech.

Hill and Gilbert created Vaccitech in 2016. Vaccitech was spun out of the Jenner Institute via the University of Oxford’s commercialisation arm: Oxford Science Innovations. Vaccitech’s stakeholders are: Oxford Science Innovations (46%); Hill and Gilbert (10%); Wellcome Trust; Google; Sequoia Capital’s Chinese branch; the Chinese pharmaceutical company Fosun Pharma; and the UK Government.

Prior to Covid-19, Vaccitech’s main focus was the development of a universal flu vaccine. To fully finance Hill and Gilbert’s Vaccitech, Oxford Science Innovations sought “outside investors,” chief among them the Wellcome Trust and Google Ventures. So, Google is poised to profit from the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ at a time when its video platform YouTube has moved to ban vaccine–related content that shines a negative light on Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

The Wellcome Trust is essentially the philanthropic arm of GSK. It regularly co-funds the research and development of vaccines and birth control methods with the Gates Foundation, a foundation that actively and admittedly engages in population and reproductive control in Africa and South Asia.  The Wellcome Trust, which has arguably been second only to Bill Gates in its ability to influence events during the Covid-19 crisis and vaccination campaign, last year launched its own global equivalent of the Pentagon’s DARPA, namely: Wellcome Leap.

Both the Wellcome Trust and Hill share a close relationship with the most infamous eugenics society in Europe, the British Eugenics Society. The Eugenics Society was renamed the Galton Institute in 1989. The Wellcome Trust’s library is the guardian of the Eugenics Society historical archives and several top governance positions at the Galton Institute include individuals who originally worked at the Wellcome Trust.  Hill himself spoke at the Galton Institute at the celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2008.

Andrew Pollard chairs the UK Department of Health’s JCVI; chairs the EMA scientific advisory group on vaccines; is a member of WHO’s SAGE; works for the Jenner Institute; and, heads the Oxford Vaccine Group.  Due to a sole encounter in January 2020 – where Pollard and a member of SAGE shared a taxi – the Jenner Institute began to pour millions into the early development of a Covid-19 ‘vaccine’.  Pollard is also enmeshed with the Gates Foundation.  Pollard’s employer, the University of Oxford, has received hundreds of millions of pounds in funding from the Gates Foundation over the past decade and Pollard’s private laboratory is funded by the Gates Foundation.  Bill Gates, a Rockefeller descendent was pushed forward with one goal in life – to become the face of population control and depopulation within the framework of agendas set by the UN.

GAVI is a public-private partnership founded and currently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  It plans to distribute the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ to low-income, predominantly African and Asian countries. COVAX, the public-private partnership between GAVI, Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization aims to deliver 270 million Covid ‘vaccines’ – with 269 million of them being the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ – to the world.

In summary, known eugenicists in the Oxford/AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ orb include: the lead developer – Adrian Hill; the investor – Wellcome Trust; the funder and promoter – Bill Gates; and, let us not forget our Prime Minister Boris Johnson who, following in his father’s footsteps, wrote in 2007 regarding global population growth: “I simply cannot understand why no one discusses this impending calamity, and why no world statesmen have the guts to treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves.”

Eugenics never really disappeared. It was simply rebranded into more acceptable terms revolving around “public health.” 

The alleged Covid-19 pandemic is the greatest fraud in history. It has been inspired, maintained and promoted, without mercy, by the most evil people the world has ever seen.” – Dr. Vernon Coleman

Wimbledon got it entirely wrong – applauding Gilbert was completely distasteful and, instead, they had a duty to the world to show Gilbert and her ilk their utter disgust.  It is the likes of Dr. Wodarg, and his current day counterparts, who should be receiving the standing ovation.

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[…] ByClifford James July 14, 2021July 14, 2021 Undeniable links between the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine & the British Eugenics Socie… […]

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Last edited 17 days ago by Karen M. Reynolds

Looking at the company records of Vaccitech Ltd
Cash: £21.8M Net Worth: £23.3M Assets: £24.4M Liabilities: £1.2M

There have been 16 Directors since the company was incorporated in 2016

5 directors who had joined the company in March 2021 resigned on March 31 2021

4 others who joined between 2017 and 2018 also resigned March 31 2021 1 resigned March 22 2021
3 resigned between 2018-2019

Leaving only 3 active directors.

I wonder why so many decided to resign at the same time? I doubt it was conscience related. Greedy people don’t seem to possess 1 of those


One thing is for sure and certain, their silence betokens consent to what is going on. Everyone who doesn’t stand up to tell the truth is part of the problem to be solved.


to start up VACCITECH PLC is the answer


And rheyre all subject to the Law Society Everyone if then that acts legally . And that includes every subject of Crown Law and every citizen in every republic .And the Pope is the Law Societies Moral Authority . Not the Word of God .There are no Christian nations and the Islamic Buddhist Protestant nations are under constant attack at every conceivable opportunity


Well Wimbledon had pandemic insurance which came in handy last year eh?! Like they knew it would happen…

Demi Wade

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Wasn’t it the same SCUM BAGS group that overdosed patients with HCQ dying of covid? You know,that fake trial they did..(The Lancet did the same fake trial)
This was an act of murder. They only had to follow Vladimir Zelenko’s protocol and not wait till the old sick patients were 10-14 days with the virus. They used over 10 times the recommended dose to demonize this treatments,and they only used hcq without Zinc and azithromycin.

If they are the ones doing the Ivermectin trial,expect similar result.these people are so demonstrably evil,same as the evil Nazis during Hitler’s reign of terror. Oxford University have become a den of inequity...

Last edited 16 days ago by chris

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