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Not a Coincidence: Governments Suddenly Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers, Vaccine Passports Required

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Last night, Greece and France announced that Covid-19 vaccines will be mandatory for all healthcare workers and care home employees.

It appears as though there is a coordinated effort to introduce the idea of making the Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for the masses, as just last night French Prime Minister Macron announced that Covid vaccinations will become compulsory for all healthcare workers from July 21st.

The new rules mean that all healthcare workers must be fully vaccinated by September 15th otherwise, they will not be allowed to go to work and will not be paid.

In a televised address to the nation, Macron said: “We need to strive for having vaccination levels at near 100% across France because that is the only way that we will have a sound future. This is why for those health workers, those working in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, people working in disabled care home facilities, anyone who works in a professional capacity or volunteer capacity working with the elderly, or the most fragile people at home; they will have to be vaccinated without waiting.

“It is compulsory for them. It is thanks to your sense of duty that you will do so. All of those people who will have to be vaccinated have until the 15th September to do so, and we need to start now.”

Macron warned that checks will be carried out from the 15th September and any healthcare workers who are not vaccinated will potentially face fines, and sanctions will be carried out.

The Prime Minister said that he has not ruled out making vaccines mandatory for the whole of France, adding that “we will probably have to think about the mandatory vaccination of all French citizens at some point.”

Along with this announcement comes new Covid rules for the French public, as vaccine passports are set to become compulsory for bars, cafes, restaurants, transport, and other large events. Macron said that these tough new measures had to be introduced to curb the spread of the Delta variant.

From August 1st, the French citizens must prove that they are vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid via a vaccine passport before they can access most public spaces.

Macron said: “From the beginning of August, the health pass will apply to cafes, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and long-distance transport: planes, trains, and coaches for long journeys.”

However, from July 21st the health pass will be required for places of leisure and culture, as Macron stated that: “For all of our compatriots over 12 years old, it will be necessary to have been vaccinated or have a negative test to access a show, an amusement park, a concert or a festival.”

It seemed that France was not the only country to make Covid jabs compulsory for healthcare workers last night, as Greece introduced similar measures for their health staff.

Grèce: les lourds défis de Kyriakos Mitsotakis - Le Soir Plus
Source: Le Soir
Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced that the Covid vaccination will be mandatory for all healthcare workers and care home staff.

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that Covid-19 vaccines will become mandatory for all health workers and care home employees, as advised by the country’s Bioethics Committee. Those who fail to get vaccinated will be suspended from August 16th.

From September 1st, Covid vaccines will also be made mandatory for health professionals in the public and private sectors.

Mitsotakis said: “It is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an immunosuppressed cancer patient. I am sure that a large part of society agrees with this decision. I ask all parties to support it without any reservations.”

Mitsotakis also announced that the Armed Forces will not have to be vaccinated, but there will be incentives to get the jab.

Similar to France, Greece has adopted new rules for their citizens regarding the vaccine, as from Friday, July 16th until the end of August, indoor entertainment venues will operate strictly for vaccinated people. This applies to the catering industry as unvaccinated people will not be permitted to eat at restaurants or cafes, therefore citizens must provide proof of vaccination via a digital passport before gaining entry.

The Prime Minister said: “Freedoms will be gradually restored with the vaccine passport and fixed basic rules: mask when we are with others, even outside, personal hygiene and many tests.

“The aim is for the end of the pandemic not to become a prelude to a new ordeal in the fall. We can, therefore, close the last chapter of the health crisis from today, and quickly. 

“It is enough to have the Freedom vaccine in one arm.”

Disturbingly, these mandatory measures are set to be introduced in Australia and New Zealand too, showing that this appears to be a well-organised move to usher in Covid vaccines for all along with the vaccine passports.

In New Zealand, it was announced yesterday that all airport and port workers will be required to be vaccinated, or lose their jobs. This announcement follows the government’s move to force all border, isolation, and quarantine staff to be jabbed or face unemployment.

The country’s Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, said: “I am extending the mandatory order to cover a further 1800 currently unvaccinated active border workers. This is necessary to lift the uptake of the vaccine among the wider border workforce and strengthen our ongoing response to Covid-19.

All government employees covered by the order must have received their first dose of the Covid jab by August 26th.

“Border workers who remain unvaccinated after the requirements come into effect will need to discuss options with their employer. They will not be able to continue working in a high-risk border environment until they are vaccinated.”

In April, a health order mandated border workers to have had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, although this did not cover “wider border workforce” such as airline staff and port workers. The new order now covers those working in the airside area of affected airports and some other high0risk work at airports, ports, and accommodation services where specified aircrew members were self-isolating.

In Australia, the government made the decision on the 28th of June to make the Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for aged care home staff, and measures to make the jab compulsory for all healthcare staff are currently under review.

The Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, said at a press conference on 5th July: “I know there will be some who don’t support that. And we’ve done this because after having sought the medical advice on a number of occasions, that medical advice came back that endorsed the position which the Prime Minister had flagged sometime earlier.”

Unfortunately, it appears as though the UK is set to follow suit, as today – the 13th July – parliament will discuss and vote on whether Covid Vaccines should be made mandatory for all care home staff.

In June, the UK government announced that all care home workers will be required by law to be fully vaccinated to “protect residents.” The new legislation is set to come into effect from October and will allow a period of time for staff to get vaccinated – excluding those who are medically exempt – before they face being suspended or losing their job.

It is interesting to see that these new requirements are being brought in all around the same time. Is it just a coincidence?

It appears as though the next stage of the Covid agenda has begun as there is a global effort to move towards introducing domestic vaccine passports to further restrict the freedoms of the masses.

Considering that the UK 19th July Freedom Day is just around the corner, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to expect some form of vaccine passport to be introduced or other measures that isolate and restrict the freedoms of the unvaccinated. It is only a matter of time before a domestic vaccine passport hits UK soil and life for the unvaccinated becomes incredibly difficult, even harder than it already is.

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Where are the gilets jaunes when you really need them?

Mary M. Williams

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[…] Het lijkt erop dat er een gecoördineerde inspanning wordt geleverd om het idee in te voeren om de Covid-19 vaccins verplicht te maken voor de massa’s, aangezien gisteravond nog de Franse premier Macron heeft aangekondigd dat de Covid-vaccinaties vanaf 21 juli verplicht zullen worden voor alle gezondheidswerkers, bericht […]

Andy Boothman

I really suspect the French will not like this very much, we may actually get to see the real French admirable major pushback at bloody last


The French do like a ruck with the government and Macron is despised by many of them. A good old fashioned guillotining is what that little Jesuit rent boy of Rothschild needs.

“Macron told friends in 2008 he was joining Rothschild, the prestigious investment bank, the then 30-year-old civil servant was warned it could scupper a future career in politics”

Who are they trying to kid? It’s the biggest leg up onto top branch politics he could have had.


Jacinda Adhern needs to strap it’s “Cressida” down before it unleashes it’s psychotic rubbish on New Zealand


Mitsotakis said: “It is unthinkable, for example, for an unvaccinated nurse to care for an immunosuppressed cancer patient. I am sure that a large part of society agrees with this decision. I ask all parties to support it without any reservations.”

But according to their own bs guidance, the nurse could catch hysteria-19 and pass it onto the patent anyway, so it’s pointless.

The interview with Dr David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich is long but is worth watching for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


It’s long but it sounds fine when played speeded up and you can easily skip the German parts. Essential listening though


“Would you rather have a few days of mild flu symptoms or a lifetime of debilitating neurological impairment w/ Guillain Barre Syndrome

The answer is unethical “do harm” and first of many, after-rollout public disclosures of the drug’s risks. GBS is a risk for all jabs, esp flu.

[…] ByClifford James July 13, 2021July 13, 2021 Not a Coincidence: Governments Suddenly Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers… […]


“It is compulsory for them. It is thanks to your sense of duty that you will do so.” Aren’t those the same word Hitler used?

[…] – Not a Coincidence: Governments Suddenly Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers… […]


Pope Francis told you that you can’t make deals with Satan.


I emphatically DO NOT WANT a “vaccinated” person to care for me if I am in a health care facility. I do not want to breathe their spike protein or for them to drop dead while doing a procedure on me.


They are considering mandatory vaccines for health care workers over here in the uk. It is important that people can join together somewhere online and get together to take mass legal action against this. Many people may feel forced into having a vaccine or losing their job, i know of many that have already done this because they feel there is no alternative. There must be someway of stopping this.


Most if not all countries in the world are allied or members of the World Economic Forum who are publicly pushing for their Great Reset (look it up!); ie the ‘elite’ want to control & suppress the rest of us. If the so-called vaccination is so effective, why don’t they make it mandatory for the RESIDENTS of nursing homes rather than their carers? Meddle with your immune system with this untried and untested direct injection into your body at your peril! The immediate reactions to the jab are just the beginning and any increase in deaths will be attributed to the virus (not the jab) which THEY will put forward as the reason for compulsory vaccination.

Last Resort

Essentially, governments have declared war on their people. Half or more of the people have already surrendered, for whatever reasons.

The remainder will be faced with a stark choice. I have made my decision; I will wear a mask, keep ‘social’ distance, sign in with QR codes and comply with all the absurd lockdown edicts.

But I WILL NOT repeat I WILL NOT take the experimental vaccine. If they fine me I will not pay. If they send me to prison I will go on a hunger strike, to death if necessary.

This is not an idle comment. I’ve given it considerable thought and my decision is irrevocable. We must stand up to tyranny.

[…] Read More: Governments Suddenly Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers, Vaccin… […]

[…] Read More: Governments Suddenly Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Healthcare Workers, Vaccin… […]


Hope they know that they’ll probably get Astrazeneca made in India which will prevent them leaving the country.
Boris lied and said no Astrazeneca injections used in England were made in India because he does nothing else and these people got turned away from the airport

Look it up on YTBritish couple with Indian jab taken off flight to Malta


Human sacrifice has always the fundamental power in pagan religions

[…] these jabs are now being made mandatory for health workers, legislation which has recently been introduced in countries around the world, including France, Greece, New Zealand, and now here in the […]

[…] Considerando que o Dia da Liberdade de 19 de julho no Reino Unido está chegando, não parece muito rebuscado esperar que alguma forma de passaporte de vacina seja introduzida ou outras medidas que isolem e restrinjam as liberdades dos não vacinados. É apenas uma questão de tempo até que um passaporte de vacina doméstica chegue ao solo do Reino Unido e a vida para os não vacinados se torne incrivelmente difícil, ainda mais difícil do que já é.Fonte: […]

[…] Como afirma o comunicado de imprensa, as pessoas vão, literalmente, ser injetadas com um passaporte de vacina. A pandemia Covid-19 pode ter revelado o verdadeiro propósito do corante especializado, à medida que a vacina começa a se tornar obrigatória em todo o mundo , com os países agora começando a implementar passaportes de vacina . […]

[…] France, protests have erupted over the introduction of mandatory vaccine passports for entry to restaurants, pubs, and other public spaces. Whilst demonstrators were hit with water […]

[…] France, Prime Minister Macron has introduced vaccine passports for all French citizens which are compulsory for entry to bars, cafes, restaurants, transport, and access to large […]


Does this not sound familiar to anyone ? Seems like it all goes back to 1940. The clean and unclean ! The Jews and the superior people ! Just another version