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UK Government report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb is to be banned, and construction of new buildings must cease in the name of Climate Change

A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted in order to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

The report states that all airports must close between 2020 and 2029 excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports, which can only stay open on the condition that transfers to and from the airport are done via rail.

All remaining airports must then close between 2030 and 2049 as to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050 every citizen of the United Kingdom must “stop using aeroplanes” for a significant period of time.

In addition, the report states that to obey the law of the Climate Change Act the public will be required to stop doing anything that causes emissions regardless of its energy source. According to the report this will require the public to never eat beef or lamb ever again.

To do this national consumption of beef and lamb will drop by 50% between 2020 and 2029. Then between 2030 and 2049 beef and lamb will be “phased out”.

The report also confirms that construction of new building must cease by 2050 –

The underlying point is that any asset which uses carbon will have essentially zero value in 2050. This in turn may encourage greater use in the run up to 2050 – for example, putting up new buildings at a much faster rate for the next 30 years, knowing that construction must then halt.

The report was released in November 2019 and was authored by ‘UK Fires’, a collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Bath and Imperial College London – the home of Professor Neil Ferguson.

Entitled ‘Absolute Zero’, the report is a research collaboration in which the authors reveal what the UK must do to meet it’s legal requirement to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and it makes for harrowing reading.

However, the timeline of events may speed up significantly because the Government enshrined a new target in law in April 2021 to slash emissions by 78% by the year 2035.

The authors of the report state the key messages are as follows –

In addition to reducing our energy demand, delivering zero emissions with today’s technologies requires the phasing out of flying, shipping, lamb and beef, blast-furnace steel and cement.

They also state this on jobs and location –

There are two key implications for how we live our lives: first, buildings will become much more expensive because the restrictions on building which generate substantial scarcities; second, transport will become much more expensive because the limits on air travel will generate excess demand for other forms of transport.

Those who are starting secondary school now, in 2019, will be 43 in 2050. Thinking about what education is appropriate for a very different set of industries is a key question. Should we still be training airplane pilots? Or aeronautical engineers?

And they state this on implementation of the requirements –

The changes in behaviour to achieve Absolute Zero are clearly substantial. In principle, these changes could be induced through changing prices and thus providing clear incentives for behaviour to change. The alternative is that the government prohibits certain types of behaviour and regulates on production processes.

You may be wondering how on earth they are going to get the support of the public in shutting the airports and stopping the consumption of beef and lamb?

Well, we could argue they are already well on their way to ensuring the closure of many airports thanks to the draconian laws that the British people have been living under since March 2020 in the name of protecting the NHS and saving lives.

Is it just a coincidence that four months after the release of the report, the UK Government brought in the coronavirus act and implemented a national lockdown which has decimated the travel industry? A quick read through the report certainly suggests the real reason for lockdown may have been so that the Government can meet its legal commitment to reduce emissions.

They will get the support just as they got the support for implementing ridiculous, draconian laws under the guise of stopping the spread of Covid-19. Laws which have decimated small business, taken away our freedoms, and created what will be the greatest health crisis to have ever been due to turning the NHS into the National Covid Service and then the National Vaccination Service.

They managed all the above through psychological manipulation and coercion. That is not an opinion, it is fact, and it is all documented in official UK Government documents which you can read here, and here.

And they are going to use the exact same tactics to ensure you allow all airports to close and never eat beef or lamb again, this is what the ‘Absolute Zero’ report recommends the UK Government implements to achieve their legally required targets –

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Social norms and individual behaviours

There is a misalignment between the scale of actions recommended by government (e.g. energy conservation) and those most commonly performed by individuals (e.g. recycling). Actions which can have a big effect, such as better insulation in houses and not flying, are being ignored in favour of small, high profile actions, such as not using plastic straws. This is enabling individuals to feel satisfied that they are ‘doing their bit’ without actually making the lifestyle changes required to meet the zero emissions target. If large scale social change is to be successful a new approach is needed.

Whilst the thought of society taking radical, meaningful steps to meet zero emission targets could be criticised for being idealistic, we can learn from historical cultural changes. Not long ago, smoking cigarettes was encouraged and considered to be acceptable in public spaces that children frequented, drink-driving was practiced with such regularity that it killed 1000 people per year in the UK, and discrimination based on sexual orientation was written into law. These behaviours now seem reprehensible, showing society is capable acknowledging the negative consequences of certain behaviours and socially outlawing their practice. Focus should therefore be centred on expediting the evolution of new social norms with confidence that change can happen.

Evidence from behavioural science, and the long experience in public health of changing behaviours around smoking and alcohol, shows that information alone is not enough to change behaviour. To make the types of changes described in this report, we will have to think more broadly on the economic and physical contexts in which designers, engineers and members of the public make decisions that determine carbon emissions.

At the same time, clear, accurate and transparent information on problems and the efficacy of proposed solutions is essential for maintaining public support for policy interventions. The phrasing of communication is also important. Messages framed about fear and climate crisis have been found to be ineffective at motivating change.

The longevity of the challenge of reducing emissions, and the lack of immediate or even apparent consequences of small individual actions mean it is challenging to link to them to the large-scale climate crisis. This allows individuals to make decisions which contrast with their desire to reduce emissions.

Scientific description is not always the most effective means of communication, and language used to promote zero emissions should no longer focus on an ‘ecofriendly’ and ‘green’ lexicon, but rather candid descriptions of actions that appeal to human fulfilment. Evidence from time-use studies shows that human fulfilment does not strictly depend on using energy – the activities we enjoy the most are the ones with the lowest energy requirements.

Consumers can be satisfied in a zero emissions landscape.

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But they will also get the support they need by conditioning and indoctrinating your children in schools –

‘Starting with the difficult decisions, an educational setting should provide a timeline for actions to be taken by humanity in order to ensure that we hit our carbon reduction targets by 2050. By working backwards from 2050, and sequentially working out the order and timing in which key mitigation actions need to be taken, a roadmap for the necessary restraint can be established.

Across the secondary school system, this roadmap is essential in eliciting the questions which will inevitably come from the school children. This will enable an exploration of real change in the mind sets of those who will need to embrace change more than ever before later in their lives.

Huge questions will emerge, such as: will internal-combustion engines disappear, will aeroplanes disappear, will meat and-dairy agriculture disappear, and will we need to stop building things? By empowering school children to realise that asking the huge questions is appropriate, we will enable change to be embraced through education.

All of this will be done to allegedly reduce carbon emissions due to the alleged danger of global warming.

The average carbon footprint per person in the UK, per year, is 12.7 tonnes CO2e.

  1. Your heating would need to be going full blast for 80 days straight to to produce 12.7 tonne CO2e.
  2. You would need to drive 23,000 miles in the average car to emit 12.7 tonnes of CO2e (that’s once around the world).
  3. You’d have to eat over 1,000 beef steaks to produce 12.7 tonnes CO2e.

In terms of global annual carbon emissions of ca. 38,000 megatonnes CO2e, 12.7 tonnes doesn’t sound like much. But when you consider a population of 68 million people in the UK alone, nearing 8 billion worldwide, all of a sudden it sounds like in order to meet a target which is enshrined in UK law and must be legally met, it may just be easier to reduce the population of the United Kingdom?

The past sixteen months have seen –

You must read the ‘Absolute Zero’ report, authored by Oxford University and Imperial College London, the former having invented the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, and the latter being instrumental in providing flawed models that were used to justify draconian lockdowns in both the UK and USA.

Because once you do, you will realise that the past sixteen months have been part of a much more sinister agenda that has only just begun.

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Nothing to do with Covid or climate change and everything to do with creating a police state where nothing works including in the homes of the thieves at the top if only they knew.


HOW TO DESTROY NATION ? : Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov


Or we could just bulldoze psychopath infested terrorist hubs Oxford University and Imperial College London to eradicate the latest deranged climate change control freak and shekel scammers hub” and carry on living the lives we want without the inbreeds from hell pulling off this relentless unhinged BS .


That’s inky the servants quarters .

Truth Saves

plandemic. i didnt think this for a while but i see it more and more clealry as the days pass..for those seeking truth please watch you are exiles by johnathan kleck on youtube. it may open your eyes to whats behind all this


Jonathan also goes by the name of “Bene Ha’Elohim,” a prophet of God. He claims to be the spirit of a fallen angel inside a human body.  A fallen angel is a demon, so Jonathan is telling you that he’s demon-possessed.”Beware of false prophets


I’ve recently realised that this eco bollocks is the real reason for HS2. Remember how Bozo flip flopped between saying it was for capacity and speed and then capacity? It’s obvious now that it’s to replace short haul domestic flights. The fact that it was given the green light last year after lockdown 1 had started seemed odd at the time.


That’s why Jug eared so called Jewish” Jerk Charles Saxe Coburg & Grotty didn’t get involved when started to cut down hectares of OUR ancient forests and woodland cutting down the best free resource for processing carbon dioxide.

Every little helps when you are the king of climate change shekel scam fraudsters and your family are the biggest fraud royal “so called Jewish” traitors the country has ever endured and nucleus of the child rape rings for decades and decades
Knowing the country cant stand him, (or “so called Jewess” scrubber Parker Bowles you’d think he’d wind his neck in wouldn’t you ?


To be honest I’m all for banning the consumption of lamb. I think it’s abhorrent.

I stumbled across an interesting discussion on Twitter earlier about the ‘vaccine’s’ affect on sialic acid in the body. I’m no doctor or scientist, but the conclusion seemed to be that if you lower the amount of sialic acid in the body then you lower the chance of catching a virus. And where do you find sialic acid? Red meat.

Read it here


Vegans and vegetarians get sick from viruses too. Silly article. Meat is essential for a strong immune system.

Bill Gates

kindly go fuck yourself.
you can choose to eat whatever you like, forcing your ridiculously uninformed opinions on the rest of us should have you locked up.
or we could just save the rest of us the trouble by reducing your emissions permanently.


Wonderful I fully support it’s a dream come true ,everyone if those long overdue amendments Better late than never And next please make birthing reproductions if your revolting selves illegal too .


And close down all airports to every conveyance of livestock ,all human cargo excepting only private jets If you cant afford your own then you shouldnt be allowed.


So basically communism

Last edited 23 days ago by Jackr

Soviet Fascism is the destabilisation model being rebranded and deployed as Communitarian. CO2 and Covid are levers of the cultural revolution. Everywhere you see undefined demands for “change” “transformation” “making a difference” follow the idealogical subversion you find expendable useful idiots. Think Hancock.

Linda Barnes



Insanity is a wonderful thing. Onward to the gulag with the naked apes.

[…] That’s right, it’s your government. […]

Sky Totoro

This sounds like the extreme worse case scenario here of what could happen if people continue to comply with the nonsense!

It means they are putting their one world order ASAP. More and more control, more idiotic and scary stuff after all the ignorant ones had been given the Obey jabs. Later, if no one objects, it means people give their consent to these dark controllers.

[…] – UK Government report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb is to… […]

[…] Read More: UK Government report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and… […]

[…] Read More: UK Government report states all UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and… […]


First step they admit covid vax increases chances of blood clots/DVT.Then secondly airlines and passengers can’t get insurance and airlines have to fold. Rich and famous carry on as normal on their private jets


I know a halal group that will still torture and eat their meat!


Plow as ll unies

[…] Tatsache, und es ist alles in offiziellen Dokumenten der britischen Regierung dokumentiert, die Sie hier und hier lesen […]

[…] In een verslag van de Britse regering staat dat alle Britse luchthavens binnen tien jaar moeten sluiten, dat rund- en lamsvlees moet worden verboden en dat in naam van de klimaatverandering niet meer mag worden gebouwd, bericht […]

Rowena O

Is anyone going to be left in 10 years time?


We really should be going to these universities and smashing their offices up as a warning to these ‘academics’ to shut up with their idiot rubbish or else…..

Thomas Turk

WHY? ”Doctored Data, Not U.S. Temperatures, Set a Record This Year by James Taylor” .. and.. ”EconLog. 1.6%, Not 97%, Agree that Humans are the Main Cause of Global Warming. By David Henderson”.. and.. ”The UK Telegraph in their ClimateGate Series exposed the U of East Anglia Climate Scientists, who were tasked with supplying the UN’s IPCC with temperature data.. for having deliberately placed thermometers on rooftops next to hot air con outlets, on black tarmac car parks, in city centers and supplied many readings from Russian locations with NO thermometers”. There are 3 basic climate science principles: -1) Climate science is in it’s absolute infancy.-2)The climate is so complex it is impossible to model or predict. -3)The inherent complexity ensure it will always be changing and nothing man does impacts that. In less political times a benign odorless clear trace a gas like co2 (0.042% of the atmosphere) and a gas like methane (0.00019% of the atmosphere) do not get mentioned. And.. from one IPCC scientist who resigned in disgust at the scam, we have.. ”YouTube. New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’. 18th June 2019”. Sky News Australiia. Nils-Axel Morner, a former head of the Paleo-Geophysics and Geodynamics Department in Stockholm, says a new solar-driven cooling period for the Earth is ‘not far off’.


UK desperately needs their own Ceausescu moment

Bill Gates

either we start killing politicians now or the genocide of the people will be irreversible.