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Father and Daughter Died 4 Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands of Covid-19 Vaccines

Source: Global Research
John Robert Kendall Jr. and Kimberley St. Charles may have had different Covid-19 vaccines, but they died just four days apart.

A Michigan father and his daughter tragically died within four days of one another after they were both vaccinated with different brands of Covid vaccines.

John Robert Kendall Jr. received his second dose of the Moderna vaccine in April, and days later he had a heart attack and passed away. He died on April 28th, 2021.

John’s daughter, Kimberley St. Charles also received her Covid-19 vaccine at the end of April but instead chose to receive the Johnson & Johnson jab.

On the same day that Kimberley received the vaccine, she began showing reaction symptoms and ended up in the ICU within just days of receiving a dose.

Unfortunately, Kimberley never recovered and later died on May 2nd – she was only 49, had no underlying health conditions, and was a mother of four children.

The tragic deaths were shared by Kathryn Anne Kendall – Kimberley’s sister – on Facebook, as she hopes it will help others who have been affected by the vaccines to “understand how this shot has impacted our families.”

Source: Global Research
Kathryn Anne Kendall, the daughter of John and sister of Kimberley, posted about their tragic deaths on Facebook to raise awareness of the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines.

Kathryn posted: “My dad had his second dose of the Moderna shot and within days, died of a heart attack (April 28).

“Prior to the shot he had a physical and was given a clean bill of health. After digging deeper about the Moderna shot, heart complications, heart attacks specifically is what I found to be the most highly correlated.”

Kathryn wrote that despite her research and conclusion regarding the vaccine, most people think she is “crazy” for questioning if her father’s death was related to the jab.

Regarding her sister, Kimberley, Kathryn posted on Facebook: “My sister had the Johnson and Johnson shot also in late April, had the ‘flu-like’ symptoms that night, but never got better.

“She was in ICU within days of the shot, then ventilator, and died May 2nd. Four days after my dad.”

Kathryn said that doctors noted her sister’s death as “covid pneumonia”, but that she disagreed with this as her research of the J&J vaccine revealed that “severe lung damage” and “lung complications” matched the exact symptoms her sister suffered, and are directly related to the jab.

Many have reached out to thank Kathryn for speaking out and raising awareness of the dangers of the Covid vaccines.

Unfortunately, Kimberley and her father John are just two out of thousands who have been injured and killed by the experimental “vaccine” that is being tested on the masses.

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Those still believing in Queenies corrupt cousin Trump should remember what he said.

President Donald Trump said the military is “all lined up” and will handle distribution (of covid vaccines) in a “very powerful manner.”


He also said he “pushed the FDA as they have never been pushed before” to get the vaccines rolled out.


Trump is undoubtedly one of the main criminals in this. He will never again be president as it becomes evermore apparent what he has done to the American people and all for a few more loans from his international banker chums.


If the killer covid jab doesn’t kill you masks might.

“Some facemasks containing carbon in the form of graphene could pose a health risk, according to early research. France is now warning hospital managements against the use of some of the beak-like FFP2 masks which contain this material in their filters.
The material, a form of carbon widely used in the manufacture of electronic products, is reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties and has been used in some facemask filters.
However, preliminary research conducted on animals suggests the inhalation of graphene particles could, in some cases, cause lung problems – although the risk to humans is still unclear.
A note addressed to the directors of French hospitals likely to have been supplied with facemasks containing “biomass graphene” and published on the website of the ANSM (the French national agency on the safety of medical products) asks them to stop using the masks as a precautionary measure, until further studies are carried out”.