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Bill Gates announces donation of $2.1 billion to fund abortion and contraceptives

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a donation of $2.1 billion to fund “family planning” that includes abortions and contraceptives. 

In a June 30 press release, the Gates Foundation touted its commitment to “advance women’s economic empowerment, strengthen health and family planning, and accelerate women in leadership as women suffer disproportionately from the pandemic.” 

The announcement was made during the Generation Equality Forum convened by UN Women that took place in Paris from June 30 to July 2. The Gates Foundation committed $1.4 of the $2.1 billion to fund “family planning and women’s health.” 

Previously, the Gates Foundation committed major funding for abortion and contraception overseas. In 2015, the foundation was suspected of forcing African women to take dangerous contraceptives in an attempt to control the population.  

Melinda Gates has repeatedly claimed that contraception is a necessity for women. “Since we made that promise, millions of unintended pregnancies have been avoided and thousands of lives saved,” she maintained.

The Foundation also provides various abortion pills to third world countries and donates massive sums to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider worldwide.  

While the foundation claims to support “family planning” through the use of contraceptives, they fail to explain how they will aid existing families and women who wish to have babies.  

Conversely, the Gates Foundation openly funds many abortion industries, including Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International. The Gates Foundation also has a close affiliation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), which has assisted with China’s one-child policy. 

The Gates Foundation has also pushed vaccines, spending billions on the GAVI Vaccine Alliance. The foundation is behind vaccination programs worldwide, which include a push for mass vaccination against COVID-19 using experimental mRNA-derived and abortion-tainted formulas.  

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So what would you prefer? Every sexual encounter to result in pregnancy? Children born who are not wanted and not loved? Women stuck at home with more children than they can manage?
I prefer a world in which every child is a wanted child; a world where women are not trapped by pregnancies they didn’t want, and where rape and abuse don’t result in children who are an innocent but painful reminder of bitter trauma.
We know that Gates’ motivation is almost certainly not good, but contraception and (where necessary) early abortion are essential for women in a world where men don’t routinely practice safe and respectful sex.


I agree with much of what you say, but freedom of informed choice must come above all else. Keep in mind that the grants are targeted to people of color and low income. It’s part of an overall eugencis program, which includes sterilization and death by the jabs. Hitler would be proud of BG. See my post.


Hitler gave out medals for women who bore lots of children. I believe a gold medal was awarded for 7 children.


He was Catholics were almost every senior nazi party member Himmler and at least one other Bormann I think ,were Jesuits The Vatican teaches that all Catholics should have as many babies for the Pope as possible.


We now know from the indisputable evidence that Hitler also tried everything possible to the very last minute not to go to war with England, but evil gay drunken “so called Jewish” mass murdering parasite Churchill kept that fact to himself and made up a lot of lies to force our ancestors to another war they should never have been involved in and would not have been involved in if wasn’t for that evil little greedy perverted traitor .

It has also been proven without a doubt that he was receiving bungs from several mostly “so called Jewish” funders to do this.
One of his “so called Jewish” funders funded him until death stopped him writing cheques.

The rubbish we have all been brainwashed with is so far from the truth and our little murderous nutter friends know that people have had enough of them.

The fraud royals helped Churchill out with his WWII massacre dram, after they realised using the push for war was a good PR stunt, they had hit rock bottom in the opinion polls as they always do & were seen as freeloading dangerous parasites the country didn’t want or need.
Much like when they were forced onto our throne against our ancestors wishes.

Roll on a few decades and you’ve got the despicable “so called Jew” Tony Blair using the same tactic as Churchill. Just lie your evil murdering ar*se off you wont be punished for massive genocide, but you will get a big pension and protection for life from a country that want you hanged for genocide.
You can just rewrite history, no one will ever do a damned thing about it and in time people will believe the fake history is historical fact same as they still do with Churchill and many others .

Kate Hargreaves

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Half the story but it’s about the culture that glorifies sex in the first place ,that romanticises sex ,that sells sex, that makes it seem that of your not having sex your weird and abnormal That’s the bottom line .Its ” community values ” and propaganda about macho women and sexy women .Beutiful attractive women and ready for action macho men .That’s the problem for young people and pornography being made READILY AVAILABLE thanks to Gates ” windows of opportunity ” that made him a billionaire

Last edited 27 days ago by Annonymous

that is so true


The Gates Foundation has been funding those things since its inception in 1995. It’s in line with the Gates family history of eugenics. See the list of grants here –


His dad started the whole family planning operation And it’s about killing the first born because the first born are the strongest and healthiest That’s the real reason behind it To weaken humanity overall To have more sick sickly babies born for profit That’s what it’s about The rest is just a bonus on their piece of cake

Last edited 27 days ago by Annonymous

Strange you should mention killing the1st born because every person I know over the last couple of decades who have died under age 55 in various ways have been the 1st born.

1 in particular makes me want to take a blow torch to the saxe coburg and Gotha fraud royal so called Jews, possibly the biggest fake Jewish traitors England has ever suffered and their cousin the swivel eyed dribbling incest deformed inbreed, Boris Johnson, the top retard of their family, who in 50 years hasn’t even learned to brush it’s own hair by itself.


I think there’s women who would love to have more kids but they cant afford more than 1 or 2.. Even with both partners working, the child care cancels out the extra wage benefits for average couples.

Being a mother used to count for something. Now women are made to feel selfish and guilty for wanting to bring up their own kids instead of having a stranger do it for them, whilst they go out to work.

All that has happened is that women have had the choice taken away from them, but sold back to them as a new false freedom.
Contraception pills that can mess them up and the notion that getting pregnant must be avoided at all costs.

The official stats show there is a continuing decline in population growth yet these freaks in control still want to reduce it by 15% (and the rest!)

What right do these synagogue of satan nutters Charles, Rothschild, Gates and the rest to dictate how many people are allowed to be alive?

I’d whole heartedly agree to the population being reduced if it meant every single nutter involved in this mass murder were put out of the worlds misery.


No they just pretend it’s about slowing population growth because that makes them sound NOBLE . Its about slowing Chinese and Indian growth yes,and African ,but they wont listen,they’re not that stupid .They know the score .If they really wanted to stop births they wouldnt being promoting sylurrogacies and if and all manner if specialist methods to get woman pregnant and even insisting gay people have babies and raise families .No they’re manipulative and deceivers They want babies They all buy things They all will need a rental and a laundromat and diamonds are a girls best friend


China has recently put a spanner in the works by lifting the 1 child per couple rule and allowing 3 children per couple.

Many people believe Kate and Meghan used surrogates. Meghan got her dates wrong when she was lying to the Australian press about the due date with a fake bump stuffed up her dress and the embarrassment to the fraud royals of her 11 month gestation period.

I guess using surrogates stops them producing severely disabled kids due to incestual pairings of the fraud royals like their cousin David Camerons son Ivan.

Gays adopting is completely against Christian values but so called Jews wont stop forcing this stuff on countries that don’t want to be perverted by the synagogue of Satan.

Hungary have refused to be forced into accepting the LGBT perversion forced on the rest of us by so called Jews. the corrupt so called jews controlling most EU countries are livid. WEL DONE HUNGARY!

In England everything has been done to discourage people having larger families. There are many young women who get pregnant because its the only way they will ever be able to afford a place of their own. Working doesn’t even afford that basic need any more and because of Rothschilds Kalergi plan, they see how mass unwanted forced immigration into the country allows illegal immigrants to land in the country demand free housing and every benefit going and have as many kids as they like…..


Coming soon. Bill Gates Funeral Services. If he allows you to make it to the cradle, he’ll do his best to send you to an early grave.


Look this is still part of the French revolution The mob were wornen. They did the butchering of the nobles tearing their infants limb from limb hacking them to death with garden tools and kitchen knifes .It was women A womens movement That’s why the statue of ” liberty ” is a woman. Evil women .Witches to be blunt about it. It’s a witches movement. Science in its original ancient language ,original ,means witch or wizard in English .They are occiltists and witches are condemned Biblically. So they hate JudeoChristian values and beliefs .Bottom line .

Last edited 27 days ago by Annonymous
Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen

Melinda Gates is NOT Catholic, but member of the sect of “Vatican 2”. Jorge Bergoglio is from Rotary Club – search “Gates Rotary challenge”. Bergoglio urges global vaccination, as vaccines often are made using aborted children. So if Bergoglio tells you that he is against abortion, you have absolute no reason to believe him. Hey, what do you expect from a heretic (“Vatican 2”!) like Bergoglio who claims to be the pope.
I am a priest for 25 years now and have spread “sedevacantism” all that time. Before that, I was in schools and priest seminaries of “Vatican 2”. From the start of the corona hoax, I publicly warned against this hysteria. One of my arguments: If you really want to save lives, you would stop abortion.
I do not trust so-called “alternative media” when they claim that the group of “Vatican 2” is the Catholic church. The corona genocide is one aspect of the new world order (cf. Vatican-2-sect: “Novus ordo”). It is not enough to reject one error and promote an even bigger error.


He’s bought and paid for by fake Jews. More synagogue of satan than Catholic

[…] – Bill Gates announces donation of $2.1 billion to fund abortion and contraceptives […]