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Canadian Government apologises after encouraging public to snitch on unvaccinated family members so they can be identified

The British Columbia government has apologised after asking Canadians to snitch on their unvaccinated family members.

On Thursday, an official BC government Twitter account called on residents to tag their unvaccinated friends or family members in the replies. The tweet has since been deleted. 

“Thank you! Next, let’s get to 80%! Tag a friend or family member who still needs their first dose and help them register here:,” read the tweet. 

Despite the tweet’s deletion, an unknown number of people were publicly outed as unvaccinated in the replies. 

According to Black Press Media, the BC government apologised for the incident saying that they will work to “ensure this does not happen again.” 

A survey by Leger from 2020 found that 40% of Canadians were willing to snitch on their fellow citizens for not complying with COVID-19 measures. 

In comparison, only 27% of Americans were willing to do the same when asked the same question. 

Several places including London, Ontario have established COVID-19 snitch lines where residents can report others for breaking gathering limit rules or playing sports in parks. 

In British Columbia, the City of Vancouver has a reporting system where residents can report house parties with 6 people or more and gatherings of 50 or more people. 

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The Thompson family is the richest family in Canada, with ties all the way to the top. They own Reuters news service, one of the most influential in the world. Rueters CEO Jim Smith also sits on the board of Pfizer. How convenient.

Amber Pinnock

Yet another informative report from one of my go to sites for daily news.
This report simply bolsters the art of conquer & divide! Our communities have been erupted already by all things Covid & to then publicly request we ‘shop’ those who do not conform is, in my opinion, damaging & abhorrent, setting us against eachother during a time when G’ments are behaving in such criminal ways is just disgraceful. Yet we are doing them a favour in conforming to this in as much they set a cat amongst the pigeons!!
Our communities have enough to deal with, without these sinister head games!
Apologies come too late in my opinion.


That’s how the modern Trojans work ” divide from within to conquer from without ” It all goes back to the Papal Bull that gave all of the Americas to Spain .The Jesuits are a military operation and they’re Spanish The Popes a Jesuit for the first time ever .Spain wants her lawful entitlements .Shes sneaky though because her military us no good Couldnt defend herself if the targets knew where the head was It has to be the BIG secret if all .


Excellent quality reporting. You must not be getting any of those Trudeau Bucks for ‘worthy media’ which got Vashy Kapelos’s teeth straightened.
Bookmarking you as a good Canadian connected site.

[…] – Canadian Government apologises after encouraging public to snitch on unvaccinated family members so … […]


I am somewhat sad to say that I dated a Thomson in the way-back-when. Another Thomson tried assaulting me. What an honour!
I am donating via paypal, (which I hate but is easy).


Typical nasty public school brat behaviour

[…] ByClifford James July 4, 2021 Canadian Government apologises after encouraging public to snitch on unvaccinated family members so … […]

Lori Meyer

Can gov can kiss or kick my ass if they think I am sticking that poison in my veins. I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that so many people were brainwashed into it and cannot see what is going on around the globe. Uk deaths piling up from the jab and no one is talking about it. This Cabal has got to go but until the people see there is no longer a right or left but only one party, here we sit!

Bob -Enough now

Probably the wisest comment on this article. Like on here, another good outlet is “UK Column” that do a show on Mon, Wed and Fri .. we say the same things in the forums; “why tf would anybody under 80 even contemplate taking the jab?”; but then my kids gob off as they want to go abroad on holiday or into nightclubs .. psychology by many experts on the dumb and it works !. Globalist scum need hanging – all of them.


gerrish is a pedo protecting shill Most people already know that


Apology? It is the Charter of Rights violation and cannot be swept under the rug with “apology”. The constitutional lawyers should be filing lawsuit against BC government.