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Why are the Covid Vaccines causing young men to suffer extremely dangerous inflammation of the heart?

Both the US and UK Medicine Regulators have officially added a warning to the mRNA Covid jabs stating that there is an increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis for younger men after having their second dose. The young men now have more chance of suffering an enlarged heart from the Covid jabs than they do of even suffering a sniffle if they contract the alleged Covid-19 disease, regardless of whether they have been “vaccinated” or not.

In order to understand why so many people around the globe, including healthy young people, are suddenly suffering from inflamed hearts just after being vaccinated for Covid-19, we have to zero in on the source of this dangerous inflammation.

When blood clots form in deep veins, it’s called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and this can occur if something damages the blood vessel lining or makes the blood clot more easily.

After this happens once, it usually means more blood clots are on the way. Most medical doctors in America are completely “stumped” and can’t figure out what causes blood clots. They could easily start by examining blood vessels for mRNA-produced “proteins” that the vaccines, through cell re-education, are spreading throughout the body of the recently Covid-vaccinated victims.

We can now understand, thanks to Covid-vaccine scientists who recently blew the whistle, that a higher-than-usual blood clot risk exists for these cases of inflammation of the heart, as it’s over-worked to push blood past all these “road blocks” of proteins, prions and disease-mimicking fragments floating around in the blood channels, sticking to inner walls of vessels, causing damage and severe inflammation.

There’s a combination of inflammation and coagulation occurring in the vessels that triggers venous thromboembolism (VTE). This is why all the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers skipped clinical trials and were only able to obtain “emergency use authorisation” for the jabs.

The MDs and virologists will all still cast blame on anything but the vaccines, including autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s or Lupus. Soon they’ll be blaming the “Delta Variant” instead of blaming the vaccines.

Your blood, if you’ve been Covid-19 mRNA inoculated, is now slowly clogging and coagulation to try to “defend” itself from the proteins your own cells are now creating – the alleged S protein of the alleged SARS-C0V-2 virus. Any blood which flows past these clots is also adding to the clot, making them larger and more dangerous, compounding the coagulation factor. Then inflammation increases and the chance of a heart attack skyrockets.

This is the answer to the “mystery” of why perfectly healthy young adults, all around the world, suffer heart inflammation within days of having an experimental Covid-19 “vaccine”. Even the protein payload in the non-mRNA vaccines can cause inflammation and clotting, so nobody who has the Covid jab is technically safe.

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I am having heart issues and I had Sinovac, the Chinese traditional type of vaccine, which I only took to avoid the mRNA type – and still have palpitations, angina and a fast heart beat. Have arranged to see a cardiac specialist on Monday, but it’s getting worse. I might go to ER if it keeps up like this

leslie landberg

Try pine needle tea (available on Amazon) to help clear out the spike proteins. There are doubtless other herbs and you’ll need to be on blood thinners for several months but I believe these proteins can be cleared. Avoid reinfection from shed virus meanwhile to avoid severely compounding this problem: N 95 tightly fitted at all times when around loved one who have had the jab – worn to bed if you have a vaccinated spouse! . Samsies for office and bus/train/elevator. Wash hands frequently at work and home. Don’t drink tap or filtered water, only purified or spring. The municipal water is now heavily contaminated from massive shedding in the urine, which is not being filtered out. (Oh, you didn’t know that sewage water is often recaptured and treated at water plants for drinking water?? It’s a common practice in many, not all, cities) Don’t eat salads or raw foods at restaurants. Vaccine shed spike proteins are now severely contaminating our environment including the water table. Within three years this attempt at genocide will be over. Stay alive.

Good strong natural blood thinners (not pharmaceuticals) which are also antiviral and antibacterial are curcumins found in goldenseal and so many other herbs. Just look them up and take as tinctures. They can be very powerful, so don’t overdo it, but weekly blood draws can be done to assure your dosage is adequate. I would also add cinchona bark tincture, an excellent natural source of quininolones, and Reishi mushroom tincture, known for its a ity to gather all manner of foreign dangerous particles and filter them safely out of the body. it’s too early to tell, but Ivermectin may turn out to have heart protective benefits, as well. Stay informed and stay alive.

Last edited 1 month ago by leslie landberg

I truly do appreciate your concern and advice. You missed an important point; the vaccine I took is a traditional ‘inactivated virus’ type, not one with mRNA to force my own cells to produce the spikes.

In fact the only reason I took it at all is because my country is running out of the Sinovac type and soon you will have no choice but to have Astrazeneca or Pfizer. There is a lot of talk about making it mandatory so figured I’d grab the traditional one before being forced to take the mRN ones.

Despite this, I still had a paralyzed arm and now heart issues, so either they swapped labels and lied about which vaccine, or even traditional vaccines for covid are dangerous!

I have already stocked up on Ivermectin. I’m sure I already had covid months ago.

I originally had a light, fluttering feeling and my pulse was very high, 120 bpm while sitting down. My pulse is usually 69 to 72. I was away from home without my blood pressure meter, when I got home I tested and it was 160/90. That’s very high for me, as normally it’s perfect at 120/75. It has since gone back down to that, but now my chest feels heavy, achy, and I’m getting more and more frequent twinges of pain. Today is the 8th day since the injection.

I don’t think i can wait until Monday before going to a hospital, in fact I’ll be nervous trying to sleep tonight. : /


ALAN I don’t want to frighten you but if you look up an article on BioSpace published April 26 2021 called DEATH, DISABILITY AMONG SIDE EFFECTS OF COVID-19 VACCINE, LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL

You will see that you have not been told the truth about the side effects of Sinovac & you are right to trust your instincts.

You know your own body so please don’t wait, make that trip to the hospital as soon as you can


I hope you get better soon 🙏


Good advice .I eat strong curries now BABAS meat curry is excellent .And I’m vegetarian I use it is Chinese style ingredient stir fries Delicious and very healthy. Cheap too .

Mike Bacon

Masks are stupid.


The lung infections/fungus people will be getting from them and the sores around their mouths and noses from wearing them will be marked as them having COVID-19 no doubt


Its interesting ,I think that russia is supplying a vaccine called sputnik and to some south American countries too ,yet we hear norhing about it at all here .

T Vercetti

Greetings Alan, are you Malaysian?

If yes, how did you stock Ivermectin?

Last edited 1 month ago by T Vercetti

[…] ByClifford James July 3, 2021 Why are the Covid Vaccines causing young men to suffer extremely dangerous inflammation of the heart… […]


Are you sure they are dying of Covid 19 and not dying of the injection reactions? Sure reports that the injection after being injected flat lines the bodies immune system making folk far more vulnerable to Covid just as the long wearing of masks does the same thing.


It’s not about covid, it’s about the business plan, and fear is the primary driver of the plan.


Yes it’s a bio weapon and it’s from they who Ex Pope Benedict said hate truth and beuty Truth is Gods Word and beuty is Gods Creation .Thats what he was saying about them in the Vatican now Which btw I just saw a headline that says the Vatican has just indicted 10 of his insiders including 1 Bishop .I.dont know what that’s about as yet ,will have to follow that up .

Last edited 1 month ago by Annonymous

Please follow it up if you can.will b waiting 🤦


Its seems to have been censored out if existence. I cant even find the original link now


It’s quite revealing how thoroughly they corrupt every square inch of this planet with their malevolent turds busy working hard at attacking ,like a pack of bloodthirsty mongrels anyone designated as a threat to their mob rule .And of course they are the moderators of social media ,the big disqusting mob of total left wing democrat mentality supporting pedophilia drug trafficking money laundering crypto currencies vaccinations, and msm indoctrination. So as the moderators they can give themselves multiple identities for just one person with impunity and pretend they are dozens of voices That’s typical them .


Like Medusa with snakes growing out if their heads Each strand another identity Stay away from sites that use mythological deities as their names if your smart , unless your one of if them of course


July 3 on Reuters “Cardinal among 10 indicted by Vatican for financial crimes”


THE REAL THIRD SECRETLoss of FaithIn 1984 Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral of Fatima confirmed that the Third Secret of Fatima is not about atomic war or the end of the world, but instead concerns the Catholic Faith, and specifically the loss of that Faith throughout (at least) Europe.


Vatican Indicates 10 Including One Cardinal In London Deal
By Nation World News Desk- .
They spelled it indicates ,not me Its interesting especially about the money for the hostage nuns and priests in Africa And when you remeber cardinal Bell who was auditing the Bank discovered millions missing I think he said 17 maybe anyway its lots LOTS more ,but as soon as he made that statement to media ,the very next day ,the very next day he was announced as a pedophile and talen out of action .

Last edited 30 days ago by Annonymous

December 2020
Catholic bishops are preparing formally to ask the Pope to order an investigation into how A$2.3 billion (£1.3 billion) was transferred from the Vatican to Australia over six years without their knowledge.
The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference said it was astonished at the scale of the transfers from the Holy See’s secretariat of state since 2014.

Mark Coleridge, the Archbishop of Brisbane and president of the conference, said that no Catholic worshipper, diocese, charity, religious order or church entity had received any of the billions of dollars sent over.

Cardinal George Pell said his efforts to clean up Vatican finances may have created enemies


Money laundering

Clifford Whitehead

This could be part of the answer, I just picked this comment up from Zero Hedge, what he says makes a lot of sense!
I have been trying to warn people about a very important issue in regards getting the jab, in the hope that it will at save lives, even one. If this man’s sister had this information it is possible she would still be alive, for now at least.
The issue is about correct injecting procedure. “Vaccines” are supposed to be injected into muscle, not the blood stream. To ensure this does not happen, once the needle is inserted, the plunger is supposed to be retracted slightly to make sure the needle has not ⁣penetrated a blood vessel. I have seen countless numbers of videos now, where this VERY IMPORTANT part of injecting has been completely ignored.
This is why most people don’t have serious health side effects immediately and why some end up dying within 1-4 days. The cases where people have died very shortly after, is no doubt due to the “vaccine” immediately entering the blood stream, which of course goes straight to the heart.
This extremely important issue has not been mentioned once in the news as a public health warning. Because of the perceived “emergency” of the “pandemic” tens of thousands of “new” staff have no doubt been recruited to administer the jab, with the most basic of training.
If you have friends or family that, despite your pleading for them not to, do decide to have the jab, then please ensure that they ensure that the correct procedure is followed.


I think intramuscular injections are absorbed into the blood stream .I dont know for sure ,but I think that’s the case They enter organs and from there enter blood I think .


According to Dr Malone the inventor of the mrna vaccine technology the vaccine is injected into the muscle and is supposed to remain there and the anti bodies then react to it to build up protective immunity to the virus.

However this is not what is happening, the vaccines are finding there way out of the muscle which should not be happening and autopsies are finding the SARS 2 virus from the vaccine in every organ of the body which is very dangerous according to Dr Malone and many other doctors. He has said the vaccines should be stopped immediately.

A dangerous untested Frankenstein experiment completely out of control.