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Dr Vernon Coleman – “These Ten Things Will Happen Next as the Conspirators Tighten the Screw”…

Dr Vernon Coleman has released a video describing the ten things he believes will happen next as the conspirators tighten the screw.

You can watch the video in full below…

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I dont watch videos that cant be forwarded. And we know they’re stupid ,more stupids barely imaginable . Who has time to listen to people who can’t be succinct .. Nothing more infuriating than blabber mouths .

Brett Weinstein

I cannot stand this man either he loves his own voice, pure ego, he wishes he was a david icke figure who is even more full of S. In fact seeing this on here has now made me question whether this site is reputable at all. I am glad I have not yet donated. Very disappointing.

Alan Vaughn

Yes, but he certainly ruffles your angry little feathers. If you really think he’s that, you’d ignore him and not even come here to post your angry, puerile drivel. However I’ll give you kudos for at least not hiding behind a pseudonym such as ‘Anonymous’ which the rest of your cowardly comrades generally do.


Get a life sweety Any pseudonym is anonymous .And you’ve not gotten much insight into camaraderie Tbe comrades are the moderators


It’s a hood site but like all social media trolled by gangs of msm molls

Clara Pohl

You get paid to post inane drivel like this?

Mr Bobbins

If you had a brain, you would realise that you can forward the address to anybody.


Ding ding anyone home?

Clara Pohl

Take your own advice and shut up then.

[…] ByClifford James July 3, 2021 Dr Vernon Coleman – “These Ten Things Will Happen Next as the Conspirators Tighten the S… […]


Anyone who doesnt already know all roads lead to Rome nevers going to get it .

Last edited 1 month ago by Annonymous

All roads lead to the synagogue of satan.

Churches are sunk.

That’s what the church of England has become thanks to top traitor Queenie the head of the Church of England.
& Isn’t the arch fish hook a gay “so called Jew”?

The greedy traitor has never read a bible in it’s life, or has just skipped the bits about greed and gluttony, child rape etc and is reading from and abiding by the Talmud.
Insatiable greed, child rape, lying to the gentiles, robbing off the gentiles is what it was born and inbred to do, in a country that didn’t want it’s family forced on our throne in the 1st place .

It’s biggest fear is that we cut off the blood supply to it’s parasitic family and hang the lot of them.


It discredits this website to give space to a climate change denier.


CAGW is yet more globalist BS.

Mr Bobbins

It discredits common sense and free speech not to.


Oh dear.


Word leading sea level expert Prof. em. Nils Axel Mörner says sea level rise claims are nonsense He should know, he’s been recording the data for decades.I’ll take his word for it over greedy unqualified “so called Jewish” parasites such as fraud royal Charles Saxe Coburg & Gotha & his partners in crime Rothschild and Gates



I just LOVE Dr Vernon Coleman, it’s a pity Annonymous isn’t awake yet. Poor thing.


Another troll And how many names have you got ?Nothing better to do than open your gums to spew hate posts ?typical .


Last time I looked I didn’t live under a bridge, so I don’t qualify as a troll. As for spewing hate post’s???? I think if you actually took a minute to calm yourself down and open your eyes you would see that my post contained love and pity, no hate. I do feel for you Annonymous, if you are so sure that everything the MSM and this governnment is telling you is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then why do you waste time looking at alternative media? I do not waste a second of my time listening to or watching the false narrative that is being spoon fed to people at all times. You will wake up at some point but sorry to say it will be too late for you.


You can’t avoid the vaccinated and self spreading vaccines when you have to do irritating things like go to work to earn a living.


Exactly Totally unrealistic advice .How are you going to ever going to see a doctor ? A policeman ,any authority figure ?




Global warming due to CO2 is nonsense. It’s the globalist religion. If Bill Gates cares so much about it, then it must be a GOOD thing!

Seriously, CO2 fanatics never consider natural variation (e.g. solar, geothermal and the oceans). CO2 hysteria is just as much a scam as COVID-19.


All Luce depends on carbon and also I sects ,and now they want us to start eating those

Barry Flounders

Facebook are now blocking any sharing of content from this site so you must be touching a nerve somewhere


Facebook only are operated really ,not by Zuckerberg ,but by the Hughlands Trust .What all is scotland famous for except Scottish Rite freemasonry.


It’s a great video, I can see why it rubs the trolls the wrong way.