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Fully Vaccinated Man Who Received Moderna Covid-19 Booster Shot Reports ‘More Severe’ Side Effects

trial participant joseph hyser gets a covid-19 vaccine as the principal investigator looks on at baylor college of medicine
Source: Business Insider
Pictured: Study volunteer virologist, Joseph Hyser receiving his booster shot; Chanei Henry, senior research coordinator of molecular virology and microbiology, and Dr Robert Atmar, the principal investigator on the study.

Whilst many Americans have received the two-dose Covid-19 vaccines – which ‘promise’ full protection against the virus – Moderna has begun testing booster shots for fully vaccinated people.

One volunteer who took part in the trial – and was fully vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab since January – said that he experienced “more severe side effects” after receiving the booster shot.

‘Virus expert’ Joseph Hyser (ironic) received an email asking if he would be interested in taking part in a trial for a third Moderna booster shot, to which he said yes.

The virologist at Baylor College of Medicine remarked “Ooooh I got boosted!” in excitement to his friends and family, who were bewildered as to why he chose to get a third jab.

The study Hyser took part in aimed to assess the effectiveness of the Moderna booster dose in people who received other Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine, which received funding from the National Institutes of Health.

The trial is being conducted by Dr Robert Atmar from the Vaccine Research Center at Baylor.

Hyser said that he experienced “similar types of side effects” from Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines, he said that the side effects were “a little bit more obvious with the Moderna.”

“I did, for Pfizer, have a little bit of chills, a little bit of muscle ache, but nothing prevented me from conducting my normal day-to-day activities.

“With the booster, it was a little bit more severe.”

He described that the day after he received the booster shot, he felt like he had done “a very rigorous gm workout,” with chills and arm soreness like he’d gotten a “hard punch in the shoulder.”

According to the virologist, he felt like himself again after he took some ibuprofen and had a day of rest.

Hyser said that he is expected to make around $600 (£434) in total over the course of this trial.

This is not Hyser’s first vaccine trial as he has participated in studies of smallpox shots, anthrax vaccines, and annual flu jabs.

Currently, in the UK, the government has announced that the most vulnerable could be offered a Covid-19 booster shot from September.

It’s expected that the planned rollout will take place alongside the annual flu vaccination programme and will be offered to those who are considered the most vulnerable.

It seems as though the booster jabs will only serve as a reminder that Covid exists, only continuing to push the fearmongering surrounding the virus. These “booster shots” will only cause more harm and damage to those who roll up their sleeves and submit to this experimental gene therapy, which has already caused over 973,435 adverse reactions, and unfortunately, 1,356 as of 16th June 2021.

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the death cult rolls on



Steve Atkinson

Hey Guys, another great piece, thank you. I’ve just subscribed.

I don’t mean to be picky but can I ask that you proof read your pieces more thoroughly. In the last line of this article you’ve missed a key word – ‘Deaths’! It’s a petty criticism I know. But, I know I’m not alone in associating accuracy with professionalism and thus credibility.

Keep up the great work. The majority of society has no idea just how important your efforts and those of similar outlets are to our future freedoms. Thanks again.

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thats not brave , thats just stupid.


today on Lidelltv?Lindelltv?they had a livestreamm of a lady injured by the vaccine telling how it had affected her and pleading , begging for them to find a cure for her horrorific symtpoms and begging for them to beleive she is a real person and telling them in tears how she would give her lifes savings to go back to how she was before the jab.She cant and they wont find a cure for her probably for centuries.Its very sad People should always listen to the negative voices and not be so stupid and “positive” .Hope doesnt cut the mustard.

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$600 can go towards his funeral costs.

Mike Mikeson

This man obviously has no self-respect and does not care about his life, so why should I?


it’s cunts like this that normalize getting jabbed. lets hope he chokes to death on his own vomit. cunt.