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Mother-of-three “Excited about Getting Vaccine” Dies After AstraZeneca Jab Causes Blood Clots On Brain

Mother-of-three Lucy Taberer, 47, fell seriously ill after getting the jab and developed blood clots on her brain which caused a massive stroke
Source: Daily Mail
Lucy Taberer, 47, left behind her husband, Mark, and her five-year-old son Orson, and two other children.

A mother-of-three died after developing blood clots as a result of receiving the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Lucy Taberer, 47, fell seriously ill after she got a dose of the jab and developed blood clots in her brain, which caused her to have a stroke.

Her family said that Lucy, who has a playgroup leader, was healthy and had no known health conditions.

She initially experienced mild side effects in the days after she was vaccinated at the Peepul Centre in Belgrave on March 19th.

However, her condition gradually worsened and she was rushed to hospital where medics tried to save her, but unfortunately, she died 22 days after receiving the vaccine.

A post-mortem found that she had suffered from cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which is described as a “rare and deadly type of brain clot.”

Her fiancé, Mark Tomlin, from Aylestone in Leicester, has spoken out urging people to be wary of the vaccine but that they should still get it.

“I don’t want people to be put off having a vaccine but I do want people to know that there are risks.

“We’re not anti-vax. Lucy certainly wasn’t – she was so excited about getting it.”

Mark said that Lucy knew she may suffer from some side effects but wasn’t worried about it as she believed that they would clear up quickly.

Initially, she didn’t think what she was experiencing had anything to do with the jab, but when things started to get worse, she began to panic.

“She developed a bruise about the size of a tennis ball on her. Normally she had all the energy in the world but she became tired and lethargic.

“Then she got a really bad rash on her face and side. Her gums started to change colour and we got really worried.”

On April 1st – 13 days after vaccination – Lucy was rushed to Leicester Royal Infirmary where she was diagnosed with blood clots.

Doctors tried to treat her with blood-thinning drugs but her condition continued to get worse as she still had blood clots, causing her to suffer from a massive stroke.

Lucy was then transferred to the Queen’s Medical Centre’s (QMC) intensive care unit in Nottingham where she underwent surgery to save her life, but despite their best attempts, doctors said there was nothing that could be done.

Her life support was switched off on April 10th.

Her fiancé, a metal worker, said that doctors as the QMC told him that her fatal illness was vaccine-related.

Lucy’s death certificate states that she died of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and vaccine-associated thrombosis with thrombocytopenia.

Mark said that the couple was looking forward to the future with their five-year-old son Orson, but now that his world has been turned upside down.

“Suddenly I’m having to explain to Orson that his mummy has died.

“I’d already told him that mummy had gone into hospital because she needed medicine.

“Then I told him that the medicine hadn’t worked, and that mummy couldn’t come home then a couple of days later I told him that she had died.”

Despite Lucy’s death, Mark said that the family are not anti-vax and have followed all of the guidelines set by the government.

He said that Lucy saw the vaccine as a step to getting back to normality and again and she couldn’t wait to get it so she could see her friends again.

On the day that Lucy was vaccinated, she told Mark that she was concerned about the process – focusing on how quickly her vaccination had been carried out and that it had not been explained to her very well.

Mark told her that he would have preferred that she received her dose of the jab at her GP surgery like he did.

Mark said: “I had my first doe (of Pfizer) at my GPs where they were really good in talking through the process.”

After his fiancé’s death as a result of the jab, Mark said that he won’t be getting his second dose of the vaccine but still believes people should get the vaccine if they are offered it.

From the 9th December 2020 up until 16th June 2021, there have been 775 reports of thrombocytopenia – the condition seen alongside blood clots – due to the AstraZeneca jab, which has sadly resulted in 6 deaths.

Of course, cases like these will go unreported in the mainstream media as reporting any deaths from the vaccine would prevent the masses from sticking with the vaccination agenda.

In reality, these vaccines cause irreversible damage and can even lead to death, which we have seen time and time again and will continue to see as the vaccine are pushed onto the British public.

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Carmen Boden

The enemy is playing Russian Roulette with lives. Some vaccines are lethal others are not so lethal but still give you side effects. You are being used as a guinea pig. To be safe, DO NOT take the vaccine, especially if you have an autoimmune system, simple as that. I stress keep your immune system strong. Sending my prayers and condolences to the family. GOD BLESS and keep you in his loving care, AMEN❣️🙏🏼


They are not vaccines they are mRNA drugs that change DNA despite them supposedly not being able to do that but they still do it in studies.

Last edited 1 month ago by Proximaking

Its creating GMO humans


“We’re taking things that’re genetically modified organisms and we injecting them in the little kids arm we just shoot them right into the veiin” Bill Gates.


Please stop calling these monstrosities “vaccines.” They are not. It’s important to get the language right to have a clear understanding of what we are dealing with.
The reason that Pharma has these experimental mRNA treatments falsely listed under the label of “vaccine” is to gain the federal protection that that gives as they know very well there are going to be (and are) large numbers of very serious adverse impacts. If they were not labelled “vaccine” these parasitic Pharma companies could rightly be held liable for the damages they are creating and they would go out of business as they should.


The pharmaceutical companies have blanket immunity from any and all harm they cause including death and they want you to trust them???:

Last edited 1 month ago by Rob

By rule of law


It’s just bizarre, in a sort of Zombie Apocalypse way, that people who have had family/friends die from this poison continue to recommend that everyone take it. When they say things like ‘be wary of the vaccine’ or ‘stay alert’ what the hell is that supposed to mean !? You either take it or you don’t. Once it’s in your system no amount of wariness or alertness is going to help if you suffer a life changing or life ending reaction.


It will be LIFE CHANGING and you will NEVER be the same person again Nor will ANY of your children Humanity will never be natural again


But as a side note anyone who has ever even just tried one antidepressant will never have their own natural brain function again either Just one is all it takes to produce permanent brain change ,and for them ,the beuty if that is most people will never know because they’re so moody from sugar and caffeine and alcohol and recreational drugs and work stress and relationship stuff ups they dint even have a clue about what normal even is and dont even know it .

Last edited 1 month ago by Annonymous

The fact that they voluntarily got injected lets you know their brain is gone. Anything after that is not surprising. Of course they’re going to recommend something that killed their so-called loved ones. Nothing’s working upstairs.


I find it mind blowing, bizarre and inexplicable that someone could lose their partner, their friend, their relative, the love of their life…devastate their children’s life and their own life and yet, still encourage others to take this jab and possibly do the same… to sacrifice their life on the alter of what? What exactly is this madness we are in.

Paul H

…and to further say he wasn’t going to have his 2nd jab! Without sounding callous, it’s hard to comment further.


Dr Fauci,who has had multitudes of allegations of criminal corruption levelled at him for DECADES, but which the law never proceeds with , wife runs the department which primarily indoctrinated young healthy people to volunteer for experimental studies for the ” greater good ” .Shes even written a book about how wonderful such brave people, prepared to lay down their lives for sciences ( profits and power, my interpretation ) are . They believe it’s all good. But bottom line ,people who are intuitive understand reality without verbalising .Like children who having seen one pupil canned or humiliated or disgraced by a vicious ” teacher ” know to keep their mouths shut very quickly and what to NOT say or do and how to play the game .Hut inky the honest and brave will say that teachers a nasty bully picking on little tiny kids .Most will say I love my teacher because their mum will tell them how to play along. So they learn to lie from childhood And that’s the point of compulsory ” education ” Really

Last edited 1 month ago by Annonymous

These “rare” conditions are becoming more and more common. The government from the head of state down are criminals.


Is this man crazy?! I don’t want to be rude or mean but by god has his first jab coddled his brain? He may as well be saying ‘oh my wife walked on that live railway line and was electrocuted to death but I still think other people should walk on that same railway line’ Utter madness! Or has he been paid off by Big Pharma to still promote the vaccine? Other family members have said the same as this man, it makes me very suspicious.


And once you’ve been jabbed theres nothing they can do to save you so don’t even bother going to the hospital If your own immune system wont or can’t save you from their treatment paying them even more thousands of your tax dollars isn’t going to help pay your funeral .. Once the spike proteins start to l7ne your blood vessels with their ” thorns ” then only your own body can react to save you Nothing else They can’t scrape your veins clean again and they cant suck the spike proteins out if your body


Look at her dentists work .


Prayers for her family. Please do your own research.


desperately sad and quite unbelievable the he is still defending the experimental injection and govt pressure to force people to take it and shame their neighbours into taking it….disgraceful government and media propaganda which pushes the same agenda…. now this little baby has no Mum… and will her husband support the govt when they come to inject the baby? ….. RIP …but her deathw as never, ever necessary to ‘save lives’ or the NHS….that mantra must be challenged at Nuremberg and many must go to jail for a long long long time ….


Why are we treating COVID-19 as an unprecedented threat to human life when the survival rate is at least 99.77%, and the average age of those who die with COVID-19 is greater than the average life expectancy?


my guess is he bumped her off for being so damned ugly, now he wants to bump off the brats in case they grow up looking like her.