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Fully Vaccinated Woman Dies of Covid-19, Family Blames “Anti-Vaxxers” For Death

Joan Barrows,  James Russo, her brother; and Jean Verga, her twin sister. The siblings grew up in Fair Lawn. Joan, a lung-transplant recipient, died of COVID-19 on May 15, 2021, despite having been fully vaccinated.
Source: North Jersey
Joan Barrows, James Russo, her brother; and Jean Verga, her twin sister.

A Fair Lawn woman has died after catching Covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated.

Joan Barrows, 62, of Fair Lawn, New Jersey was a lung transplant recipient who was determined to make it through the pandemic. She wore masks, gloves, and kept her family and friends at a distance to stay safe.

She refused to attend family events and even spent holidays alone.

The 62-year-old received a new lung in 2010 and already had a strict regimen that included multiple medications daily to prevent post-transplant rejection.

When the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began, Joan made an appointment and received both doses of the Moderna jab.

Despite being vaccinated, Joan ended up catching Covid and became a “rare” breakthrough case, unfortunately becoming seriously ill, where she was then hospitalised and eventually passed away.

On May 15th, Joan ended up dying, and her death was listed as a rare breakthrough case of Covid-19 after full vaccination.

Her family blame an unvaccinated person for the death of Joan and are now lashing out at those who do not get vaccinated.

They say that Joan’s death was a “lesson in social responsibility” as vaccination is as public duty as much as a personal choice.

James Russo, Joan’s older brother, told North Jersey: “The person you meet at the local supermarket, sitting next to you at church or synagogue could lose their life as a result of your choice to remain unvaccinated.

“She was so determined to survive; she probably would have lived much longer.”

Her family believes that those who are unvaccinated “put the lives of others in jeopardy” through their choice not to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Joan’s best friend now has a strong dislike for those who are “anti-vax”, as she said: “When I hear somebody doesn’t want to get vaccinated my head comes off. She could have been alive today.”

Whilst to many this case simply shows that the Covid vaccinations are completely ineffective and unsafe, Joan’s death provides an opportunity to promote the jab further and encourage more people to get the vaccine through fearmongering.

Governor Phil Murphy urged New Jersey’s 2.1 million unvaccinated adults to take action in his briefing last week.

“Jim and Jean [Joan’s twin sister] asked me to remind everybody through Joan’s example of the vulnerability that some residents retain, even through vaccination, because of their longstanding medical conditions.

“The time to get vaccinated is now. We cannot risk ant Covid brush fires in any communities where vaccinations lag.”

Yet again we see another “breakthrough case” that has ended in tragedy, but the mainstream media and terrified population will fail to question the vaccine as the culprit behind these devastating and avoidable deaths.

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Sigh, like Lemmings

Mark Wesselmann

Right on


Sad for the relatives but idiotic to blame others for a woman who was already lucky to be alive after a history of serious illness, The average age of deaths with covid haven’t changed it’s 81+. (0% of under 60s were obese. Obesity kills

marianne chrysanthou

absolutely right




You can still catch covid despite being vaccinated, so how can it possibly be the fault of the unvaccinated?! Zero logic. It’s like saying your vaccine won’t work unless everyone has it. The WHO have been very clear that the vaccine does not prevent covid, just lessens symptoms. If you believe that….


Yes! Catch AND transmit the virus even if vaccinated… absolutely zero logic to get it👍🏽

Mike Mikeson

Sigh, let me explain “the science” to you anti-vaxxers. Research shows that the vaccine does not work UNTIL the very last unvaccinated person receives their jab, at which point, through a process known as “sorcery”, the latent vaccine in everyone’s bloodstream becomes activated and covid disappears forever. Basic science guys.


yes brainwashed sheeple logic

Robin Brayton

Wow, just how much do you enjoy that koolaide??

marianne chrysanthou

This is absolutely typical of the “herd” stupidity !!! Maybe her family should have rather done some shopping for her at the health store….it seems that a few pounds less could have benefitted her more than 2 jabs of poison… The warnings are there for anyone to see…unless you have your eyes wide shut…(and your brain is not functioning )….


The really sad thing is that if she had been prescribed Ivermectin she would probably still be alive.
The problem is not “anti-vaxxers”; it is lack of access to safe, effective prescribed treatments such as Ivermectin.

Charles Dickens

I hereby coin “anti-ivers” as anyone retarded enough to believe in the mainstream narrative. Use it widely

Seth Branigan

So let me get this straight: this woman was “fully vaccinated” -and I assume she took the shots to stay safe- and still she catches the bug? In my simple reasoning that means that ‘the shot’ didn’t help or didn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Now they blame smart people for not taking the shot (which is nothing more than an experimental mRNA gen treatment) that somehow an unvaccinated person passed the bug on to her? How’s that even possible if she was “fully vaccinated”? Let me be clear here: I was vaccinated against polio in my early childhood once, nearly half a century ago, and on my field assignments in Africa I was exposed to the polio virus in small rural communities multiple times. I never got sick, never got polio, period. In the early 70s, the polio shot contained an inactive polio virus, which has kept me safe throughout my life. But if we listen to this woman’s family, I should somehow have contracted polio from the non-vaccinated African locals? It’s the world upside down and it’s the clear reasoning of uninformed, brainwashed, I’m sorry to say, simpletons. This woman had a lung transplant years ago and was quite possibly on medication that suppressed her immune system to prevent rejection of the lung, which in itself of course already should have been a major red flag, and now they’re surprised that she got ill? Again, it’s the world upside down. Last but not least: my wife and I both contracted C19 earlier on this year and we were both treated with Ivermectin and a myriad of vitamins and additional off-label meds by our GP from day one, he’s a very progressive doctor thankgod and within days we felt better, no malaise, no breathing problems and yes, by the end of the week we were better. So whatever this woman’s family is trying to establish, it’s not helping and it only adds more useless noise to an already heavily skewed subject. May she rest in peace, it’s about time that we stop ignoring the big screaming pink elephant in the living room. For the record: I’m pro-vaccination, but in the classical, true sense of the word: by the use of inactive viral material that triggers a natural immunity response for the rest of your life; not based on experimental mRNA crap of which we have no clue if it works and what it’ll do over time.

Charles Dickens

the vaccine gave her covid


Covid is the vaccine.


According to the World Health Organisation, there is no evidence that Vaccination stops the spread of the Covid-19 viruses.


Or the transmission…. one of her vaccinated family members could have given it to her!

[…] Een vrouw uit Fair Lawn is overleden nadat ze Covid-19 had opgelopen, ondanks het feit dat ze volledig was ingeënt, bericht […]


What proof do they offer up that she got covid from an unvaccinated person? None? Ahh, well then it must be true. The fact that there is plenty of evidence to support pathogenic priming from vaccines is being ignored. There is no accounting for ignorance. On breakthrough cases –

David Allen

I reckon they should blame Martians, After all it makes more sense.

martin henry

A family of “Loo-hoo, zer-hers.”


She died from the jab. Don’t blame the unvaccinated.

J Watson

If you get this so called vaccine, it should protect you. That is what a real vaccine does. If anyone dies, it should be the one that is not vaccinated.

zed frank

Its looks like a purposed
shunning and eventual elimination
of a people group.
Those who may be knowledgable
but remain
unvaccinated are the target


But the vaccinated are the ones dying? Isn’t that the group being eliminated?


The relatives: You anti-vaxxers are the problem! You probably gave her COVID!

The un-vaxxed: Uh…she was the one with COVID. So, don’t you mean that she could’ve given us COVID? Also, her health isn’t our responsibility, it’s hers.

The relatives: It is your responsibility! You need to wear a mask for others! You need to get vaxxed for others!

The un-vaxxed: Okay, here, put on this condom.

The relatives: Why?

The un-vaxxed: So that I don’t get my girlfriend pregnant when I sleep with her.

The relatives: Wait, that’s not how that works —

The un-vaxxed: *blank stare* Of course it isn’t.


I saw what happened to bright cheerfull happy young gay men in the 1980s who very shortly after being treated for ” aids ” were miserable sick in pain and massive distress zyoung dying men who quickly thereafter were deceased in their droves And that happened globally very very similarly to covid except with elderly sick frail vulnerable aged people traumatised with their diagnosis and treatment dying rapidly Many of fright and stress other s from having lungs “popped” as revealed by nurse whistleblowers from NY, by the treatment .I saw them injecting children in Africa with an ” vaccine ” against aids and using the same needles over and over until they were totally blunt or broken to ” save money ” .People have written hundreds of books and articles exposing the truth but the steam roller of guilty cohorts with all the money ,all the billions in profits from their crimes against humanity, their murders , jus drown them out ,or lock them out or shut them up or silence them Without any conscience .

Charles Dickens

fucking morons

Stephen Strickland

Well there is no shortage of fools and idiots who suffer cognizant dissonance as a way of life. Some simple critical thinking and research would enlighten even these morons. I assume these family members are jabbed, so they will be joining the dead shortly. Look, at least 12 people legitimately voted for Biden so there are complete idiots in this world . Don’t bother to tolerate these folks. People like Hitler and BLM followers only exist because of terminal stupidity on behalf of the indorenated sheep.

Ham Hock

Quiz: select all that are true:
The unvaccinated, healthy people are dangerous because:

  1. my unvaccinated status attacks and reverses your vaccinated status
  2. if I would just get the shot, I could get sick and then I’d go to the hospital where I can’t spread covid… wait, no.
  3. Your vaccine doesn’t work. It actually will kill you without my help.

These people are so stupid.

Jim Whiskers

So the vaxx didn’t work then.


Wild covid is a problem for those individuals needing more progressive treatments but don’t receive them unlike any viral illness seen. However the spike protein injectable is causing problems 100 times worse in hospitals right now. Protect your vulnerable loved ones with more progressive care options ivermectin etc. and keep them away from that spike protein injectable.


They should look up WO agenda 21 & agenda 2030. Everyone that took the jab, became the lab rat and will be dying within the next 3-5 years as well.


if the vaccine really worked then its not unvaccinated people fault. blame the vax makers. stupid people


Let the blame game begin. People need to realize the jabs are causing sickness not people who decided to do research and avoid subjecting themselves to poison. It’s amazing that the only people who are dying from “covid” are people who are jabbed not those who aren’t. That should speak volumes! Just wait until flu season starts.


I can’t wait until all these retards take the vaxx and die off this flu season

Nobody N Particular

Obese and lung transplant at 62, sorry too many co-morbidity to blame anyone BUT Joan. Stop blaming others for her own poor choices in life.

Otto v. Berkenwasser

In the age of information ignorance is a choice.


How can that be? Isn’t the vaccine suppose to keep you protected against the virus??? Then how in hell can
you blame and unvaxed person. Some people are just

Warren Kyle

If you’re”vaccinated” surely you should have immunity? So how is it that unvaccinated people caused your death?


She almost certainly died due to ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement. If she hadn’t taken the poison she would still be here. You can’t fix stupid.


Vaxxtards must die.


Vaxxtards are stupid people who are left over in the world, they are a real danger to life and freedom. Fortunately they are committing suicide.


its a space race.
in one corner the end approaches, as the poles move toward flipping with electromagnetic field of earth collapsing. Galactic energy sheet hit the sun in `1859 Carrington event resulting in accretion which will lead to accreted material being blow off in massive blast. Soon the arrival of the son– of– god

in the other corner
sat-anists trying to race in killing as many as possible, even thought he know of his demise he is trying to take away form the count as many as possible, seriously a joke of course. laughing at the atheists all the way home. now now now now get batvax now now now

Lasse P

The only thing this vaccine has created is “Medical apartheid” About 0.05% of the world’s population has died of Sars-cov-2 but almost 100% must be vaccinated and to save 3 from covid death, two will die from the vaccine. In total, more people will die from the vaccine than covid-19.

[…] believe the answer to their problems is to vaccinate the entire population, can they explain why a double-jabbed woman from New Jersey died after she caught Covid? Or will they ignore cases like these since it doesn’t suit their […]

Robin Brayton

Rare?? Lmao here our ICU’S have vaccinated pt’s in them and the umber of cases for the unvaxxed continues to decline while the vaxxed are increasing. Maybe people should do sone research prior to lining up for an experimental mRna here therapy that offers no immunity and does not stop transmission. Come fly season we will be seeing thousands of deaths if the vaxxed if they cone in contact with any coronavirus as their bodies will go into a cytokine storm and many will perish but if course it will be blamed on the healthy unvaxxed!!


Grossly overweight (like 4 out of 5 people in all western countries). Lung transplant (smoker?). Popping multiple pills daily to suppress her immune system (so that the lung isn’t rejected by that immune system). Goes on holiday ‘alone’ (but not alone, because obviously there were other people all around her, just people she didn’t know). Caught a virus that attacks your immune system. Vaccinated to ‘help’ her (suppressed) immune system fight off the virus. Dies. What in any of this is surprising? If you wanted to protect her, she should have stayed in her house, only ever coming into contact with her husband, who would be the only other person who ever entered that house. Simple, no?