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Corruption, Deception, Genocide – The legacy of Matt Hancock

The actions of Matt Hancock throughout this entire alleged pandemic grow more sinister by the day.

The Health Secretary has knowingly suppressed the use of Ivermectin to treat the alleged Covid-19 disease in favour of instead giving an experimental, gene therapy to every man, woman, and most likely children if he gets his way, throughout the country.

Now it turns out he purposely withheld vital information from a meeting between himself, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, and Michael Gove. Information that would have improved the outlook of the already fudged statistics that have been used to impose unjustified, draconian restrictions on the lives of the British people since March 2020. Information that would have apparently convinced Boris that the country should take part in what would have been a fake reopening on the 21st June 2021.

But perhaps the most sinister, and outrageous decision to be implemented under Hancock’s leadership is the reintroduction of the Liverpool Care Pathway. A decision which led to the premature deaths of the elderly, and people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

A decision which allowed the government and its circle of scientific advisors to justify the introduction of a new system of medical fascistic communism throughout the United Kingdom.

A decision which allowed them to manipulate you into believing thousands of people were dying of a new disease dubbed Covid-19, when really these people were being put on DNR orders, deprived of food and water, and pumped full of morphine and midazolam, leading to their deaths.

Midazolam is a drug that suppresses the respiratory system and can cause respiratory distress, especially when mixed with opioids.

Alleged complications of Covid-19 suppress the respiratory system and can cause respiratory distress.

If there was really a pandemic causing thousands of people to suffer respiratory distress due to Covid-19 why on earth would the UK Government need to order a two-year supply of midazolam, a drug that causes respiratory distress, in March 2020?

Why did prescriptions for the drug double in April 2020 compared with April 2019?

Why was that two-year supply of midazolam depleted by January 2021 at the latest?

Why was the law changed so that medical practitioners could certify causes of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief”, and without diagnostic proof of Covid-19 infection?

Why was the law changed so that deaths believed to be due to confirmed COVID-19 infection, no longer required a post mortem to be conducted to confirm so?

Is the coronavirus really so sophisticated that it knows to disproportionally target people with disabilities and learning difficulties? Because that is exactly what it did according to ONS data. Three in every five alleged Covid-19 deaths were people who had a disability or learning difficulty.

Was that really the fault of a novel coronavirus, or does it have more to do with the fact the CQC and Amnesty report found that DNR orders were being placed on people in care without the permission of the person or their family?

The CQC found that 34% of health and social care staff said they felt pressured to place DNR orders on the people they were supposed to be caring for.

DNR orders which are supposed to mean the person is not to be resuscitated if they happen to sadly die, not that the person should be euthanised by depriving them of food and water, and then feeding them midazolam for breakfast.

Euthanasia was committed across care homes last year en masse, and it was committed under the leadership of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. A health secretary hell bent on keeping up this charade and maintaining his new found powers for as long as humanly possible.

But he can only do this because of your decision to not question his actions.

Because of your decision to believe he is working for your best interests.

Because of your decision to comply with the restrictions he is so desperate to keep in place.

Because of your decision to look the other way when the crimes that have been committed by people with power throughout the past year do not directly affect you, because you have been able to sit at home and do nothing whilst you count the money that has been used to bribe you into silence and compliance in the form of the furlough scheme.

Matt Hancock has some serious questions to answer, it’s time you started asking them before it’s too late.  

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Fair enough, but how the hell can WE question his decisions? We have no powers at all to question these murderers.


The courts have agreed to issue warrants for their arrests , just 1 more little step so fingers crossed

Kim Thomas

Do you have a link to that Jean?


VIA GOOGLE OR CHROME, you can search for ‘BRAND NEW TUBE’s & there’s a video removed by YOU TUBE by ex👮‍♂️’s on this video’s scale of shocking behaviours by HANCOCK & GOV!


Amen. At last! 🙏


Look up The Bernician – he and a group of rights and law experts are taking Hancock, Whitty and Ferguson to court and it looks as if theey may just have a judge with integrity!


Check out a video on website of BRAND NEW TUBE by ex-👮‍♂️,Mark Sexton giving a statement & reports to Leamington Spa 👮‍♂️👮🏼👮🏿‍♀️ about these behaviours reported here, by Matt Hancock & Co! VIDEO ORIGINALLY ON YT but got taken down by YOU TUBE for violating their privacy & usage rules!


I’ve asked my local MP to comment on this article and cc B Johnson

Fay van Dunk

One hundred percent agree, but Hancock is a small cog in the chain of psychopaths who are breaking down societies to usher in a 4th Industrial Revolution aka Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. The programme includes depopulation as Schwab and Bill Gates has said. Johnson has signed up as has Hancock to this tyranny. The manufactured or computer produced Coronavirus was the stepping stone to induce fear into the population so they would comply with mass lockdowns and authoritarian rule. Up to now their plans are completely on track with mass mRNA gene altering injections into the majority of the British public and people are beginning to have adverse effects including death. Unless we wake up we are doomed. Stop complying, tear off your mask and demonstrate. Join groups of like minded people, don’t stay silent.


Hi , I agree with the statement except for 1 thing , covid has NEVER been isolated anywhere , so why do people who know what’s going on insist on saying it ? , Matt Hancock and the government should be removed from the people’s building and tried for pre meditated murder


Dr Reiner Fuelmich,1,000 lawyers,10,000 Scientists and people from the medical profession are doing everything possible to address the ‘crimes against humanity’ in relation to genecide they use all their expertise and many of them have lost their income to stop what is occurring and have been blocked due to not being willing to violate their ethics and lie to the public (due to instructions from those above them). They are genuine protectors of peoples health, ethically and morally. It is of prominance what has occurred to the elderly to date and information and professionals coming forward and making statements which is our only hope.We have these professionals fighting for us, if there is no way to address government legally then we each have to refuse the vaccine at what ever cost and do what we can to legally address them. My heart goes out to those people who are parents and have children and those elderly people who many took part in fighting for our freedoms against the nazis. If you are a professional, whether you work in a nursing home, doctors surgery etc. and have seen something which is distressing you are able to contact certain sites and report them anonamously if needs be. please do so.


Hi Julie. I agree with you totally. Are the above in an unified, organisational attack on the lie-mongers or is it a more fragmented effort?


I wouldn’t call it fragmented. I would call it a sustained attack on all sides in line with the principles of Sun Tzu and the Art of War.

Happily. 🙂

Kelly Pappas

It is very organized. They formed a year ago and bringing lawsuits of Crimes against Humanity and going for damages in different countries. They basically just want to get into a court of law and expose this SCAM for what it is. These psychos will be taken down. i have no doubt. If we all stand together we are unstoppable!
Go on Bitchute and look up Reiner Fuellmich and all of the numerous interviews with so many people fighting this. It is a very united front.

[…] Read More:Corruption, Deception, Genocide – The legacy of Matt Hancock […]


I think you will find, Daily Expose, that this ‘virus’ IS a very clever and sophisticated ‘virus’ I mean if I didn’t know better I would believe that this was all fabricated, but obviously it’s not because those echelons of our masterful government have told us it is real. I am in awe of how this ‘virus’ will only target elderly, obese and physically / mentally disabled people with intent to kill but leave young healthy adults with a bit of a cold and children with nothing!
It will only attack somebody in a car if they are having a driving lesson but will steer clear of somebody in a private hire taxi?!
It will only attack somebody in a restaruant if they are standing up without a mask but will avoid people who are sitting down without a mask?!
It will only attack somebody standing at the bar in a pub but will not attack if that somebody is siting at a table in the pub?!
It won’t attack a person who is in a working environment all day but once those same people step outside it is waiting to attack hence why our government ordered us not to mix outside?!
It won’t attack somebody in a large supermarket where hundreds of people gather, but will attack more than 2 or 3 people in a small shop?!
It won’t attack actors, celebrities, game show contestants as it realises they need to do this vitally important work, but it will attack people who attend school plays etc?!
It won’t attack football match attendees, downing street attendess, news room workers etc but it will attack wedding attendees, funeral attendees and church attendees?!
It is too dangerous to book an appointment and visit your doctor in their surgery as it will be there waiting to get you, but you can book an appointment to go into your doctors surgery for the ‘vaccine’
So you see, it’s an absolutley super intelligent ‘virus’ and don’t you dare say it’s not!!
I’m sorry for ranting guys but i’m so fed up of the whole contradictions, i could honestly write pages of them.

Thank you Daily Expose for always seeming to write my thoughts in your articles.


It was all so ludicrous, it was like someone making all the rules and regulations weirder and weirder, patiently waiting for us to finally wake up to our corrupt governments and greedy, killer Big Pharma and say,”No, we do not consent to this deception and psychological warfare against Humanity.”

It’s been going on for decades. It wasn’t just CV19 (Sars-Cov-2) that was man-made in a lab, but EVERY virus from, and including, HIV/AIDS to Ebola, Sars-Cov-1, MERS, Zika, H1N1 Swine Flu et al – and not just human diseases either but animal too, such as Foot and Mouth Disease that led to millions of cows, sheep, chickens etc. being slaughtered after being PURPOSELY infected with diseases by vaccine by Big Vet Pharma such as the Pirbright Institute in its previous role of “Animal Disease Control”. Why? To wipe out farmers, their farms and livelihoods and cause food shortages to raise the prices we pay. And where did all the money go? To the 1%. As always.

Big Pharma is not in business to cure people or they wouldn’t make much money. Their business model is to keep us sick and make billions off us but now there are 7.7 bn of us, that’s too many, they say, half a billion is optimal, so they’ve upped their game to genocide starting with the elderly and disabled. Only 7 more billion to go. Rise up now before it’s too late.

Don’t believe me?
Look up the “Georgia Guidestones”.

Mike Cross

I am an 81 yr old retired chemist/chemical engineer. I knew this pandemic was a dangerous scam when I first looked into it. In march 2020 I found a report in a specialist periodical that said the coronavirus had two sequences stitched into it, one from ebola and one from HIV…ie. gain of function in a lab to create a bioweapon via the furan cleavage site. I am very wary of ALL modern vaccines like the MMR which are designed for political/medical convenience and max. profit. Under no circumstances will I gave this genetic experiment injected into me. I was already supplementing my depleted vitamins and minerals based on my own logical research and increased the range of supplements following guidelines from…the most trustworty and information source (so far until they are corrupted/intimidated!). I am confident that my immune system is optimised for my age. I may have had the virus in April 2020 and received no support from local GPs, useless & cowardly or national NHS 111 just told to self isolate. I am planning to get a T cell test. Since April 2020 we have had an O2 cylinder and masks set up in our bedroom as if we were hospitaliesd the NHS would have killed us via ventilator. My logical research tells me that the vast majority of the world’s population are suffering significant malnutrition by mineral and other deficiecies and the disgusting toxic modern junk food The complex vital hormone VitD is the most critical and it’s deficiency compromises all immunity and many major functions. The fact that this simple upplementary solution has been deliberately ignored cnfirms the conspiracy is REAL …ditto Ivermectin. I witnessed the Liverpool path way euthanasis when a wonderful old friend was starved into dementia and death in a hospital.

[…] Why are so many of those pushing the “science” and the politics lying? Matt Hancock even lying to his Prime Minister. 2021 Jun 21 Daily Expose Corruption, Deception, Genocide – The legacy of Matt Hancock [40] […]


We need to send this to the Police to investigate surely

  1. You are a great man. Where you are in trying to solve all these problems going on in the world is very high level. It’s been six month’s now since I worked out everything. (the big one). This information for my own safety needs to get to my prime minister or someone with direct access. That’s my sole focus. It can be any responsible leader throughout the world as I assume they then have access to others. I haven’t worked this out yet and will spend a day contacting people I see as suitable to magically come together and finish what I started over 4 years ago now. The problems are far worse than you are aware of. Possibly even it’s too late to save humanity. This information though is very powerful though if it gets to the government. Everything nearly revolves around hiding the BIG ONE There is No conspiracy. It’s the same problem that humanity has always had. The last 20 years with the internet and phone gives that access to everyone the world over whilst hiding at the same time. And a system that protects the bad guy’s and attacks those who believe what information they consume when there is no opponent to report on the current reality. In my case, the amount of information is too big, the evidence is endless only matched by the cover up of the crime making belief some people reality and not interested in knowing different. I’m not looking for any believers, as I only have proof and evidence to show. All your concerns are covered, along with solving mental illness, Autism ADHD etc. Disorders, Psychopathy, How the bad guys communicate, abuse, child abuse, women abuse, manipulation, emotions, the Human SOUL right up to THE MEANING OF LIFE, What the daily 1 trillion webpages of needed each day since 2003 (biggest cost in history) are to cover up mostly the one thing there trying to hide… That the BIG ONe. everything else is more nothing. Good luck if you decide to make contact, then pick something of interest to you, can go through proof and evidence then on to help me with the little problem I mentioned earlier. There is a huge incentive both monetary and happiness there for anyone who wants it. I’m 24/7 available to anyone to look at proof and facts only