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Germ Theory – The clue’s in the title, it’s just a theory and has never been proven

The commonly accepted germ theory of illness spread by viruses is just a theory. It has never been proven. Indeed, there is significant evidence that it is wrong. 

The vast majority of people around the world believe that the healthcare system promoted by the agencies responsible for public health, especially the WHO, is firmly based on ‘sound science’. This system, known as ‘modern medicine’, is perceived to represent an ‘elite’ branch of science, which suggests that any other approach to healthcare and healing must be pseudoscience or quackery. This elitist attitude is inculcated into medical students during their training, as experienced by Dr Carolyn Dean, who explains in her book entitled Death by Modern Medicine that,

“In fact, we were told many times that if we didn’t learn it in medical school it must be quackery.”

In his book entitled Confessions of a Medical Heretic, Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD indicates that belief in medical ‘authority’ is misplaced. He expands on his discussion of the problems with ‘modern medicine’ by reference to similarities between beliefs, religion and ‘modern medicine’. He describes the medical establishment as ‘the church of modern medicine’ and justifies this description with the statement that,

“Modern medicine can’t survive without our faith, because modern medicine is neither an art nor a science; it’s a religion…Just ask ‘why’ enough times and sooner or later you’ll reach the chasm of faith.”

It will undoubtedly be a shock for people to discover that ‘modern medicine’ is not firmly established from the basis of true ‘science’. Laboratory experimentation is certainly used within modern medicine, but it would be a mistake to equate such experiments with ‘science’; as Dr Peter Duesberg explains in his book entitled Inventing the AIDS Virus,

“The transition from small to big to mega-science has created an establishment of skilled technicians but mediocre scientists, who have abandoned real scientific interpretation and who even equate their experiments with science itself.”

True science is a process; it is a process that involves the study of different aspects of the world in order to expand the level of human knowledge; it also entails the creation of hypotheses and theories to explain the various phenomena observed during the course of those scientific investigations. As the various studies progress and the body of knowledge increases, they may reveal new information or they may expose anomalies and contradictions within existing hypotheses and theories. In such instances, it is essential for scientists, in whichever field they study, to reassess those hypotheses and theories in the light of the new findings; a process that may necessitate revisions or adaptations to be made to prevailing theories. It may even be necessary to abandon a theory if it is shown to be unsupported by empirical evidence.

One of the main theories on which ‘modern medicine’ is based is the ‘germ theory’; a theory that claims microorganisms, especially bacteria and viruses, invade and infect the body, thereby causing disease. This theory, which is usually attributed to Louis Pasteur in the early 1860s, underpins a large and very significant proportion of medical practices; without it, most of modern medicine becomes redundant, which explains why the medical establishment refuses to recognise its fatal flaws.

The retention of the theory is not unequivocal proof that it has been fully established and represents truth. In fact, research conducted for the book, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, led the authors to discover that there is no evidence to support the assertions of the medical establishment with respect to the ‘germ theory’. The term ‘medical establishment’ refers to all of the people, organisations, industries, and academic and research institutions that practise, research, teach, promote and otherwise support the system of modern medicine.

It is a fundamental principle that the burden of proof lies with those who propose a theory. Yet in the case of the ‘germ theory’ that ‘proof’ does not exist; there is no original scientific evidence that definitively proves that any ‘germ’ causes any specific infectious disease. Although this statement will be regarded as highly controversial and even outrageous, its veracity can be demonstrated.

There are a number of sources that provide a corroboration of the assertion that the ‘germ theory’ lacks any original scientific proof. One of these sources is Dr M.L. Leverson MD, who, in May 1911, gave a lecture in London in which he discussed his investigations that had led him to the conclusion that,

“The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of these unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infectious and contagious disorders are caused by germs.”

Dr M Beddow Bayly also exposed the lack of any scientific basis for the ‘germ theory’; in his 1928 article published in the journal London Medical World, he states that,

“I am prepared to maintain with scientifically established facts, that in no single instance has it been conclusively proved that any microorganism is the specific cause of a disease.”

It is clear that evidence to support the ‘germ theory’ remained conspicuous by its absence many decades after it had been proposed by Louis Pasteur. However, the situation has not been rectified; the germ theory of disease remains unproven with overwhelming evidence to demonstrate that it also remains a fallacy.

Despite the authoritative nature of the assertions of the medical establishment that ‘germs’ cause disease, there are no explanations for the mechanisms by which microorganisms produce the wide variety of symptoms in varying degrees of intensity that are claimed to occur when a person becomes ‘infected’. This represents an immense knowledge gap, although not the only one we discovered.

It is claimed that ‘germs’ multiply within the cells of the host and that this can precipitate an excess level of ‘cell death’ that is said to be an indicator of disease. It is commonly assumed that it is the ‘germ’ that caused the cell to die; but this is a mistaken assumption. There are genuine reasons that cells die after they have been subjected to the preparation procedures used in laboratory experiments; as explained by Torsten Engelbrecht and Dr Claus Köhnlein MD in their book entitled Virus Mania,

“This phenomenon is particularly virulent in bacterial and viral research (and in the whole pharmaceutical development of medicines altogether) where laboratory experiments on tissue samples which are tormented with a variety of often highly reactive chemicals allow few conclusions about reality. And yet, conclusions are constantly drawn – and then passed straight on to the production of medications and vaccines.”

This explanation exposes the fundamental error in conducting laboratory research without an adequate understanding of the living organism that is the human body, as they further state,

“Another important question must be raised: even when a supposed virus does kill cells in a test-tube (in vitro) … can we safely conclude that these findings can be carried over to a living organism (in vivo)?”

The assumption that a particular ‘germ’ causes a particular ‘infection’ is solely based on the claim that certain antibodies have sometimes been found in samples extracted from some people exhibiting certain symptoms; in other words, there appears to be a correlation between symptoms and antibodies.

However, antibodies, which are proteins, are described as particles that neutralise ‘pathogens’ and help clear them from the body, which means that they are defined solely within the context of the ‘germ theory’. But this explanation is highly problematic. A strong and fully functioning immune system is claimed to be able to destroy all invaders; ‘infectious agents’ should not therefore be found within the body of a person with a strong immune system. Yet so-called ‘pathogenic’ microorganisms have been found in the bodies of healthy people. One explanation for this situation is that some pathogens can exist in the body in a ‘dormant’ state. But a strong immune system should not permit the presence of any pathogen, even in a ‘dormant’ state.

In an interview conducted in 2005 for the online German newspaper Faktuell, Dr Stefan Lanka referred to his studies in molecular biology and made the bold claim that,

“In the course of my studies, I and others have not been able to find proof of the existence of disease-causing viruses anywhere.”

The following research paper was written by Dr. Milton J. Rosenau, M.D., in 1919.

Most people, and even most doctors, are ignorant of Dr. Resonau’s experiments. Dr. Resenau conducted experiments during the height of the Spanish Flu epidemic. He wanted to establish the means by which influenza was spread. He took 100 healthy volunteers who agreed to be exposed to the Spanish Flu. They were exposed to influenza under controlled conditions but none of them contracted the flu.

Dr. Rosenau explained that his medical team “proceeded rather cautiously at first by administering a pure culture of bacillus of influenza, Pfeiffer’s bacillus, in a rather moderate amount, into the nostrils of a few of these volunteers.” None of the volunteers came down with the flu.

He next obtained the extractions from the lungs of recently deceased flu victims. He then lined up 19 volunteers and used an atomizer to spray the suspensions of the flu extractions into the noses and into the eyes, and back into the throats of 19 volunteers. None of the volunteers contracted the flu.

Dr. Rosenau then obtained material and mucous secretions from the mouth and nose and throat and bronchi of live persons who had the Spanish Flu and transferred that to 10 volunteers by spraying the infected phlegm directly “into each nostril and into the throat, while inspiring, and on the eye.” None of the volunteers got sick.

Next, Dr. Resenau’s team used cotton swabs to transfer infected “material directly from nose to nose and from throat to throat, using a West tube for the throat culture, so as to get the material not only from the tonsils, but also from the posterior nasopharynx.” None of the 19 volunteers who received the infected swabs got sick.

Dr. Rosenau explains that “[o]ur next experiment consisted in injections of blood. We took five donors, five cases of influenza in the febrile stage, some of them again quite early in the disease. We drew 20 ‘c.c. from the arm vein of each, making a total of 100 c.c, which was mixed and treated with 1 per cent, of sodium citrate. Ten c.c. of the citrated whole blood were injected into each of the ten volunteers. None of them took sick in any way.”

Dr. Rosneau was not done. “Then we collected a lot of mucous material from the upper respiratory tract, and filtered it through Mandler filters. While these filters will hold back the bacteria of ordinary size, they will allow ‘ultramicroscopic’ organisms to pass. This filtrate was injected into ten volunteers, each one receiving 3.5 c.c. subcutaneously, and none of these took sick in any way.”

Dr. Roseneau thought perhaps that influenza was passed by direct human contact. So he had 10 volunteers engage in social contact with persons known to be infected with influenza.

The volunteer was led up to the bedside of the patient; he was introduced. He sat down alongside the bed of the patient. They shook hands, and he got as close as he conveniently could, and they talked for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, the patient breathed out as hard as he could, while the volunteer, muzzle to muzzle (in accordance with instructions, about 2 inches between the two), received this expired breath, and at the same time was breathing in as the patient breathed out.

This they repeated five times, and they did it fairly faithfully in almost all of the instances. After they had done this five times, the patient coughed directly into the face of the volunteer, face to face, five different times.

After the volunteer had had this sort of contact with the patient, talking and chatting and shaking hands with him for five minutes, and receiving his breath five times, and then his cough five times directly in his face, he moved to the next patient whom we had selected, and repeated this, and so on, until this volunteer had had that sort of contact with ten different cases of influenza, in different stages of the disease, mostly fresh cases, none of them more than three days old.

We will remember that each one of the ten volunteers had that sort of intimate contact with each one of the ten different influenza patients. They were watched carefully for seven days—and none of them took sick in any way.

After failing to transmit influenza to any of the volunteers during his many experiments, Dr. Rosenau concluded that he did not know how influenza is contracted –

“As a matter of fact, we entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned any thing, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”

Rights and freedoms have been lost and willingly given away to the state on the basis that a “deadly” pandemic is sweeping across the world due to a contagious new coronavirus. A contagious new coronavirus that only exists in the world of germ theory. But the clue is in the title, it is just a theory, and evidence suggests that it is wrong.

Terrain theory is also just that, a theory. So in truth nobody really knows, all we can do is look at the actual evidence and come to our own conclusions. The problem is the germ theory has been widely accepted as fact and used to commit crimes against humanity and the largest power grab in our life time.

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Yes I’ve read Mendelssohn’s opinions decades ago along with other expert ” heretical ‘ views and I’m sure they’re actually just really far to polite .

Richard Noakes

I would not place my life on the line, based on the theory above that we cannot catch Coronavirus outside or inside, with someone who has an infection.
So far as I am cncerned, there are only 2 ways that we can get an external illness and that is through breathing it into our head, or lungs or from an injection, like from a test vaccine for example.
Not everyone gets the virus which is circulating in the air, for a variety of reasons, a lot like playing Russian Roulette with a pistol with 2 chambers loaded in the case of Coronavirus.
I recommend my free salt water cure, which I have been doing on myself for over 26.5 years, I never get a virus for very long and I am never ill and neither should you be either – I am 74, a Type 2 Diabetic and cannon fodder if I had a test vaccine, for a quick trip to the morgue, which simply is never going to happen.
I have had my orders to phone in for an appointment, the letter says the vaccines are 100% safe (forgot to mention they are test vaccines) and forgot to mention informed consent – Duh!! not happening….much laughter!!
Do this instead:
Covid is what Coronavirus becomes, if left untreated during the 10 to 14 days of self isolation.

The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage as Coronavirus in the warm, wet areas inside your head and before it gets to become Covid in your head and lungs, 10 to 14 days later.

If Coronavirus is not treated with my free salt water cure, which flushes out the nasal cavity, to kill it in the head, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid!!

I want to clarify my free, salt water cure, so that there is no misunderstanding.

We know that if an airborne Coronavirus particle lands on a flat surface, any household cleaner will quickly destroy it, because the Coronavirus is about 0.012 in size and is covered by a weak membrane, which it is easy for the household cleaner to penetrate and kill the Coronavirus, much along the same lines, as washing your hands frequently with soap, does.

The Coronavirus is lighter than air, it is lighter than the fine mist rain, you probably have experienced and if you have ever watched a Mosquito when it is raining, the force of the droplet blows the Mosquito out of the way and the Mosquito never gets wet, same as with Coronavirus and of course, Coronavirus is so fine we cannot see it in the air.

Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!!

My free salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with test vaccines, or what they do, because virologists are not interested in Coronavirus in the head, (whereas I am) virologists are only interested in Covid, in the body.

Treating Coronavirus with my free salt water cure, by flushing out the nasal cavity, kills Coronavirus, before it gets to be Covid.

By mixing one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm or cold water, cupping a hand and sniffing or snorting that mugful up into your nose, you flush out your nasal cavity.

If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection and you can tell how advanced it is, by the area of soreness you experience and although you may not know it, Coronavirus likes to get into your sinuses and when you sniff the salt water up into your head, you can feel the salt water clearing your sinuses, sometimes, right back to your ears.

When you do my free salt water snort or sniffle to flush out your nasal cavity inside your head, , you quickly discover there is a hole, roughly level with the middle of your ears, inside the top of your throat and that is sometimes sore, as the Covid begins to move down into your lungs, so washing that out, as indeed you will, also is great and the salt water, will come down into your mouth, with your infection in it, so spit it out and flush it away.

As long as you experience soreness in your head, continue doing my salt water nasal cavity cure until the soreness goes away, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity, when you have cleared Coronavirus in your head and you won’t ever get Covid in your head or lungs, because salt does not differentiate between Coronaviruses or which Covid they will become and by murdering the Coronavirus in the nasal cavity in your head, naturally, you stop that Covid from evolving.

When the soreness goes away, after 2-3 minutes, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and this is what I have done for over 26.5 years and I am NEVER ill and there is no reason, you should ever be ill again, from virus related things, like me.

You can swallow a couple of mugfuls of the salt water and if you have Covid in your lungs, the salt water will kill it there too – you will experience a burning sensation in your chest and that is the salt doing its thing there too.

What we have done, is to use a natural salt disinfectant, to kill Coronavirus, whenever you get it, (in the nasal cavity in your head), which you will, irrespective of if you have had test vaccines, or not, in just the same way that you would use a household disinfectant to wipe down your kitchen areas to kill off Coronavirus particles, which might reside there.

When the Coronavirus is dead, so is the Covid it would otherwise become.

There is absolutely no reason to ever agree to a test vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter and the questions of how safe they might be for you.

I have been using my above salt water cure, as I have discussed it here, for the past 26.5 years and I am never ill from external viruses or illnesses – nor do any of you need to be either.

Cost Zero!!


John Fugazzi

Again, there is a cost to it, albeit minimal so not free.

Richard Noakes

If you get clean water out of a tap, that is free and if you use a little salt from a container of the stuff you bought for your cooking, that is free too, but that said, if your life is not worth anything to you, why split hairs, take your mRNA vaccines and live or die, without considering my advice at all John.


John Fugazzi

Do you not get a water bill then? Had to buy the salt in the first place too so still a cost to that too.
Also, the suggestion of drinking salt water isn’t going to be any good for you. It won’t even touch the lungs either and even if it did, you’d effectively be trying to drown yourself. Not very clever is it?

John Fugazzi

I look forward to the articles questioning the theories of relativity and evolution


Of course you’re assuming that virology is normative,


Germs and bugs and viruses are such a strongly engrained ‘belief’ in our society that they’re nearly impossible to challenge. Whenever I tell people that the coronavirus isn’t real and viruses and germs don’t exist they become emotional and get angry. Like their faith is being insulted. People’s belief in the Coronachurch is strong. David Icke said all symptoms of illness are actually our bodies detoxing one thing or another and we’re electrically sensitive and can pick up on other people’s bodies doing that and that’s how we have ‘colds’ and coughs and the like.

John Fugazzi

What a load of horse 💩


Have you never made a test slide at school and actually watched over a series of days as the bacteria grew? You can actually see these things. I have NO frickin idea why DX have gone this route, I presume to sabotage any future coverage of midazolam by jacketing it with “germs aren’t real.” Disgusting.


Yes, you’ve got around a quadrillion tiny buggies in and on you. Terrain Theory does not deny this.

Richard Noakes

Well, we have to have a common theory that everyone understands, so that we get the concept, rather than having nothing, to be able to do that and put it all down to spirits wishing us well, or dead.

You believe in whatever you believe in and I will believe in whatever I believe in, but this I can tell you, without a lie, I am NEVER ill from viruses, these past 26.5 years, from my simple salt water cure, which is 26 years longer than mRNA vaccines have been available – which in turn, is probably for longer than many of you have been alive, so far.


[…] The limited trials carried out did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]


So you’re saying microscopic organisms (bacteria, visues, fungi spores) don’t exist, or if thewy do, they’re unrelated to disease? Can you explain how animal tests manage to reproduce symptoms using viral samples and bacteria? This is ridiculous, and you have just tanked the tnire credibility of your website, which is irresponsible given the midazolam information.


No, that’s manifestly not what he’s saying. Read again.

John Fugazzi

Strange though that they constantly refer to germs with quotation marks, giving the impression they don’t truly believe in germs.


Germ Theory holds that pathogens invade from without, not that microbes don’t abound, in the body, and play distinctive roles.

[…] When the Covid-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorisation the authorities did not have a clue as to whether they would work. The limited trials carried out only measured whether or not a vaccinated person suffered serious disease if infected with Covid-19, they did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]

[…] ‎Toen de Covid-19-Gentherapie ”vaccins” toestemming kregen voor noodgebruik, hadden de autoriteiten geen idee of ze zouden werken. De beperkte proeven die werden uitgevoerd, maten alleen of een Gen gevaccineerde persoon al dan niet een ernstige ziekte had als hij besmet was met Covid-19, ze maten niet of een Gen gevaccineerde persoon nog steeds besmet kon raken met Covid-19, en ze maten niet of een Gen gevaccineerde persoon het ‘angst virus’ nog steeds kon verspreiden in overeenstemming met de ‎‎gangbare geaccepteerde kiemtheorie.‎ […]

[…] The limited trials carried out only measured whether or not a vaccinated person suffered serious disease if infected with Covid-19, they did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]

[…] The limited trials carried out only measured whether or not a vaccinated person suffered serious disease if infected with Covid-19, they did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]

[…] They did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]

[…] They did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]

[…] When the Covid-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorisation the authorities did not have a clue as to whether they would work. The limited trials carried out only measured whether or not a vaccinated person suffered serious disease if infected with Covid-19, they did not measure whether a vaccinated person could still become infected with Covid-19, and they did not measure whether or not a vaccinated person could still spread the virus in line with the mainstream accepted germ theory. […]