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James Corden says those who refuse experimental jab deserve a knuckle sandwich and should be excluded from society

James Corden of The Late Late Show has a solution for dealing with people who refuse to have the experimental Covid jabs… punch them in the face.

During a recent opener on the CBS program, Corden mocked people who would rather not have an experimental jab to protect them against an alleged disease of which they have 0.02% chance of dying from, saying that they should no longer be offered junk food or cash prizes as an incentive. Instead, the non-jabbed need a “knuckle sandwich” to get them to comply.

While ranting in his monologue, Corden started asking his presumed audience (or laugh track?) and team to come up with new ideas about how to force compliance with the plandemic agenda. Ian Karmel, the co-head writer of The Late Late Show, was then heard shouting out:

“The only thing we should offer people who don’t want the vaccine is a knuckle sandwich.”

A few minutes prior, Corden was going off about how upset he is that tens of millions of Americans are thwarting Beijing Biden’s plan to have 70 percent of America injected by the Fourth of July.

“Vaccination rates in the United States have started to decline,” Corden whined.

“Which means we’re on pace to fall just short of President [sic] Biden’s goal of having seventy percent of the country partially vaccinated by the fourth of July. Biden could end up just shy of his goal by three percent. See? This is exactly why you don’t set goals.”

Corden went on to “joke” that if free food from Shake Shack is not enough to bribe Americans into getting jabbed, “well, I’m afraid nothing will.”

After being presented with the violence idea by his colleague, Corden pretending to object to it, adding that he believes non-injected people should start being treated like second-class citizens and barred from participating in normal society.

“I think we should be done offering them things,” Karmel was heard shouting. “And we should start excluding them from things.”

“I think you are right, I actually do,” Corden responded. “But then how, the problem is there is no way to know that people aren’t lying about it.”

Karmel then interjected with, “Start bringing your card,” adding, “Let’s make that a normal thing. If you don’t bring your card, you can’t go to SeaWorld or whatever.”

In other words, if you refuse to modify your DNA with life-destroying poison in the name of “science,” then you deserve to be punished from living a “normal” life like everybody else.

All of this aligns with the authorities agenda to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on the planet, using force if necessary.

We wonder how much they are paying James Corden, it must be an awful lot for him to decide to make this career-ruining music video with Ariana Grande…

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come and try it you wee fat pr1ck !


Well, there is a German saying that goes something like this “Small lies God punishes quickly… but big lies take a little longer”. If you consider what has just been discussed at the German Corona Enquiry (Dr Fuellmich and co), thenI feel sorry for that man (of whom I had never heard before). The were quoting something from the Hale Turner Radio Show after getting post-mortem findings analysed by a specialist: .”… People think that only a minority of people get adverse effects from the vaccine; but based on this new research it means that everyone eventually will have adverse effects because those spike proteins will be binding to ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body. The mRNA was supposed to stay in the injection site but it does not! This means that the spike protein created by the mRNA will be in every organ as well, and we know that it is the spike proteins that do the damage. Worse, the viral RNA being found in every organ despite the vaccine indicates either that the vaccine does not work at all or the birus is enjoying antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), meaning it spreads faster in vaccinated people. THIS IS A GLOBAL TIME BOMB.

Truth Saves

YES. I read it partly too. I worry for the people who have taken it and worse of all the public who are still being pushed to take this experimental vaccine. Hal Turner Radio Show – Doctor on COVID Vax: “We Screwed-Up. We didn’t realize the Spike Protein is a TOXIN” Does this mean everyone vaccinated is manufacturing their own Spike Protein Toxins in their own bodies? this is the link if anyone’s interested


Spike proteins collect in ovaries and bone marrow according to Pfizer data from Japan if you watch the Dark Horse podcast where Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology says this is a very dangerous thing, as are all professional scientists and medical professionals not getting large bungs from the Gates of hell himself.

It was also found post mortem in all organs of an elderly man who died 4 weeks after being given the covid killer jab.

Let James Cordon have our share of the killer covid jab, he won’t be missed only by the ghost of his own morbidly obese ego.


I hope that Attorney Dr.Reiner Fuellmich & his Team. Get them too. I hope they get them too. I hope that they get them too. Justice, Love, Peace of mind.Drag their arses thru the mud, Bastards. Blessings to Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & his Team.

Kerry Bishop

Bring it on Corden, day, date and time, you can forget Im a woman and I will even allow you the first swing, believe me you won’t get a second in by the time I finish with you, just because you are an idiot doesn’t mean you should force your ignorance and idiocy on others ….


cool Kerry…my kinda woman…. big mouth C list celebrities have no right to bully or incite bullying which is much more dangerous ….


Kerry, you’d be doing him a favor….has he ever been that close to a passionate woman?


Well said..give him one for me.. never heard of him..but wouldn’t want to know him.




Oh how crass! of you James Corden!! The music video, no mask wearers, no social distancing, that sure as hell is a good way of spreading covid!

Linda Begley

Why is anyone listening to HIM? 😡


Well Ariana sold her soul to the devil by taking part in the Manchester Arena false flag so it’s no surprise to see her pop up promoting this shit.


@Noddy. Glad to see someone is paying attention to treasonous Mays terrible false flag events.
The Bill meets Casualty with all the wobbliness of the props on the of the Crossroads Motel.
Ariana Grunty or whatever her name is, like the rest of them are of the tribe England and Wales evicted and banned for 350 years for being pure parasitic murderous child abusing evil.
Now they are in control from the throne and by being the only species mugs are allowed to vote into number 10.

The specimen of the tribe they want as PM is pre selected long before any election and no hoper candidates of the same tribe (e.g. Starmer Corbyn and Miliband) are placed in as “opposition” to give the illusion of choice which ensures the puppet masters always guarantee they get a subservient traitor of the tribe in place to perpetually screw us over.

Last year marked the 750th anniversary of that very necessary and well earned expulsion and hey presto up pops the fake pandemic and killer vaccines concocted by the very same tribe slung out and banned. .


I punched James Corden full in the front of his head, missed his face by a couple of feet….

Sally Snyder

He’s busy fighting his own irrelevance.


And trying to find the courage to bust out of the closet he’s wedged in perhaps?


They get paid sooo much to be good patsies they’re basically like drunken sailors

[…] Read More: James Corden says those who refuse experimental jab deserve a knuckle sandwich and should… […]


Have you never noticed. That those who make an irreversible bad decision in life are never happier than when they see others do the same – they want others to share their misery it makes them feel better

John Wayne said
“life’s hard – even harder if you’re stupid”

Gary H

What can i say, I’m embarrassed to be British? At least there’s one thing I’ve got right. I’ve never liked this creep! Boot him out but don’t come back here


I doubt his ancestral home is England Ireland Scotland or Wales


Get to the back of the line! There’s a queue to punch him.

Kim Thomas

Four British Airways Pilots have died in 7 days. George Michael wouldn’t be happy with James Corden and his globalist friends.


What an insidious little slug! How dare he and other so called ‘celebrities’ dictate what a person should do! Well I dictate that him and his ilk should slink back to their miserable little lives which are controlled by their masters, and inform him that WE WILL NEVER CONSENT!!


😉 👍

Lula Mae

Bring it on big boy jackass


How does my vaccine status effect you if you’ve already had the vaccine. Surely the fact that you’ve already had it should mean your protected irrispective of whether I have had it or not.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nathan

How does my vaccine status effect you if you’ve already had the vaccine. Surely the fact that you’ve already had it should mean your protected irrispective of whether I have had it or not.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nathan
Mike Mikeson

Knuckle sandwich? Even when trying to be tough tubby’s still can’t get his mind off food. Also, he may just have the most punchable face in the history of television

Phil Thompson

I would love this guy to come to me with the vaccine syringe in his hand, and tell me if I don’t take it, he will deliver his “knuckle sandwich!” Has a transversely aligned syringe ever been successfully removed from the rectum of an unconscious celebrity? Could be an idea for a new TV show!


Corden went on to “joke” that if free food from Shake Shack is not enough to bribe Americans into getting jabbed, “well, I’m afraid nothing will.”

I’ve no idea who this guy is, but if he’s the one from the picture he looks like he’s been getting far too much food from “shake shack” himself (whatever that is).