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When is enough, enough?

Source: The Daily Expose
The vaccine has been touted as the “savior” of the pandemic.

Surprise, surprise: The UK is being held captive once again in “one last heave” in the apparent battle against the Coronavirus. Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the planned June 21st ‘Freedom Day’ would be delayed by another 4 weeks – being pushed back to July 19th – due to the Indian variant, which is now being called the ‘delta mutation.’

We have seen over the past year with the lockdown, the British public following the “rules” set by the government, WHO, and so-called health experts, being told that we must socially distance, mask up, and stay indoors. Hands, face, space has been plastered all over the news, adverts, and it has become a cultish mantra that no one stops to question – for questioning the science and stepping out of line will leave you vulnerable to verbal assault from the self-titled ‘SS’: The public who have taken it upon themselves to police on behalf of the justice system.

Time and time again, we have watched as the government taunt us with the freedom carrot, dangling it before us, patting us on the head, promising us that if we behave and be good, we can sit in slightly larger bubbles and eat indoors once again. Only for our leaders to shove us back into our cage and tell us it’s in our best interests that we wait a little bit longer before we can go into non-essential shops again.

Of course, this is all entirely backed up by science, science touted by the likes of Dr Hillary who sits pride of place on Good Morning Britain, and guidance from overseas with Dr Anthony Fauci, whose emails show that his funding of gain of function experiments was merely just a coincidence…right?

If it’s not mainstream science backed by the science gods then it is false: We have seen so many scientists and doctors speak out against the restrictions forced onto the masses, only to be ridiculed and dismissed, their reputation torn to shreds by the media.

But when the science gods say it, then it must be true. We are told that we must wear a muzzle when heading indoors, yet the ‘experts’ forget to tell us that face coverings are actually unsafe and ineffective. You won’t hear about surgical masks offering zero protection against influenza, or that the penetration of cloth masks by virus particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.

Yet the love for the muzzle continues to grow as face coverings have latched onto mouths like facehuggers, implanting little fear eggs into the bodies of those who comply. For many of us, it is easy to realise that the mask is simply a symbol of control, a sad statement that screams “I am good and I do what I’m told.” It is used as a constant reminder that the ‘deadly virus’ exists, lurking around every corner, that it could get you at any time, especially when you are shopping at Tesco’s. For many, it has become a source of satisfaction, another virtue signaling tool in the arsenal, to show others that you are just following orders and will not hesitate to call you out for failing to cover up your smile.

The same people who praise the lockdowns that have ‘flattened the curve’ and saved a few people from suffering from a snotty nose, but magically forget about the 25 likely child suicides during the first 56 days of the first lockdown, compared to 26 child suicides in the 82 days before the lockdown. They pay no attention to the 7.9-9.6% increase in the number of deaths due to breast cancer due to the cancellation of cancer treatments throughout the pandemic. They ignore the 49% increase in calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline in the first four weeks of lockdown one.

It has been made clear that the Covid deaths are more important than those that have taken place during the country’s ‘sacrifice for the greater good.’ The deaths which take place within the magic 28-day period of testing positive for Covid-19 – even if for a completely unrelated reason – are then lumped into the fearmongering figure that is flashed across the TV screen. We would like to point out that there is a difference between dying of something and dying with something, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that they have been fiddling with the statistics…

The largest focus of the past six months or so has been the beloved vaccine, which has been painted as the ‘key to freedom’, the gateway to the ‘new normal’ so that you will no longer have to wear masks indoors and can socially distance a little bit less. Soul sucking celebrities who have no shred of credibility have towered above us peasants preaching how getting vaccines will save lives and we can hug our granny again if we roll our sleeves up and get injected with an experimental vaccine that has caused over 717,250 adverse reactions as of June 2nd, with total deaths from the jab being 1,295.

Yet the deaths caused by the vaccine fall on deaf ears: The majority seem to ignore the 135 cases of cerebral hemorrhage reported as a reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine as of June 2nd, and the media continue to be complicit in holding the jab on a pedestal, treating it as the savior of the pandemic. Of course, the vaccine wouldn’t be dangerous, that’s just crazy talk – you’re a conspiracy theorist!

But the tables seem to be turning ever so slightly as the Freedom Day delay has hit a nerve with those who have been compliant and have followed the guidelines from the very beginning. People are questioning why we must enter another lockdown even after they have been vaccinated, continue to wear a mask, and socially distance: “But the vaccine was supposed to stop the pandemic, not imprison us!”

The hashtag ‘#ImDone’ was trending on Twitter yesterday and it summarised what the public was starting to feel, that after getting the jab and doing what they are told they won’t be allowed out on June 21st. It seems like people are starting to open their eyes, even if just a little, to see that what has been happening over the past year has been an opportunity for the elites to steal our freedoms – it has been a game for them to see just how far they can go, how far the public can bend before we break.

Whilst we remain hopeful that more people are waking up to this mass deception that is the pandemic, we will likely watch in horror once again as the majority stumble along like zombies into their homes and wait for Boris to give the green light on removing restrictions. If we allow this to continue the cycle of lockdown will soldier on as new ‘variants’ appear out of thin air and act as the key to lock us in our cells.

When will people stop being sadomasochists and refuse to take anymore beatings from those at the top who bark orders, the same elites whose rules don’t apply to them, after all it is “Do as I say, not as I do.”

When is enough, enough?

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Paul Hayes

Its tyranny,subjugation of the meek.rise up people of Britain take back your country,from this nazi regime.




biggest fraud ever perpetrated ! CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY !

Austrian Peter

AND this is what it is really about:

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Des Gusted

“the gateway to the ‘new normal”.
Don’t do as we do, do as we say, get your official govt issue Oija board and you too can follow the seance


I’ve engaged in ‘conflict resolution’ at every scale, the equation for which; never changes.
There are four stages to all conflicts: visual, verbal, physical, death.
The key to successfully accomplishing resolution with minimal suffering relies upon accepting the truth of this equation. Thus, acting accordingly with recognising the stage of the conflict one is engaged in. Verbally engaging one who is stabbing you repeatedly, is not an appropriate action.

Since the first lockdown, the party with which the people of this nation are in conflict with, has killed tens of thousands by their actions. Hundreds of thousands are already set to die also.

No matter how many ‘millions take to the streets’ in protest, it’s inappropriate thus impotent. And the architects of this agenda know it, is why they allow it.
Only when the appropriate action is taken, will there be any hope of this agenda being stopped.
Government has made itself the enemy of the nation.
It is nothing more than appropriate that this enemy is defeated by the nation.


The invasive agenda must be defeated, yes. But not by “the nation,” but by the people freeing themselves.


They allow the protests so that they can later blame them for spreading whatever ‘variant’ they’ve just cobbled together, which also turns the sheep further against the enlightened. It’s certainly been planned and running to a definite timescale.


You guys are doing great work on the Plandemic/Waxxine front. I do hope you’re looking at the information, primarily shared by Dr.’s Cowan, Kaufman, and Stefan Lanka, that suggests that “virology” itself is fraudulent science, and that purification, isolation, and nucleotide by nucleotide sequencing has never been shown for ANY virus, nor has transmission from any organism to another or infection of a culture in a lab. This is probably the biggest open question in the world now.

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[…] The article read out during the video was an opinion piece I wrote for The Daily Expose, which you can read here. […]