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We can’t do this to Children! – Shocking 18th update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines released by UK Government / MHRA

The UK Government have released their eighteenth report highlighting adverse reactions to both the Pfizer / BioNTech and Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines that have occurred since the roll-out began on the 8th December 2020, and this may be one of the most important analysis of the shocking statistics we’ve ever done considering the fact the MHRA have officially given the Pfizer mRNA jab emergency use authorisation for use in children over the age of 12.

The U.K. Governments report (which you can find here) has collated data inputted up to the 26th May via the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme. At this point an estimated 14 million first doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 24.3 million first doses of the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine had been administered. There had also been around 10.6 million second doses of the Pfizer jab, and 13.4 million second doses of the AstraZeneca jab administered by this date, alongside 0.4 million first doses of the Moderna vaccine.

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As of the 26th May the MHRA had received 183,752 reports of adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab, and 695,214 reports of adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab, bringing the total number of adverse reactions to both jabs to a truly shocking total of 878,966. However the MHRA states that only 1% – 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported to the Yellow Card scheme.

The MHRA also had this to say on the reported adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines in the first report released at the beginning of February 2021 –

A high proportion of people vaccinated in the vaccination campaign so far are very elderly, many of whom will also have pre-existing medical conditions. Older age and chronic underlying illnesses make it more likely that coincidental adverse events will occur, especially given the millions of people vaccinated. It is therefore important that we carefully review these reports to distinguish possible side effects from illness that would have occurred irrespective of vaccination.

But we assume that they’re hoping you’ve forgotten they’ve said that as the MHRA now admit in their report that –

Adverse reactions are reported less frequently in older adults (over 55 years) than in younger people.

The MHRA also state within their report that –

All vaccines and medicines have some side effects. These side effects need to be continuously balanced against the expected benefits in preventing illness.

If that really is the case why on earth have they given an experimental gene therapy with no long term safety data, and extremely concerning short term safety data (as you’ll see within our analysis), emergency use authorisation for use in children?

Have they not read the report on the extremely short and small clinical trial which found 86% of the children suffered an adverse reaction ranging from mild to extremely serious after just a single dose of the Pfizer jab?

Have they not seen the statistics which show children do not suffer serious disease if they are allegedly infected with the alleged Covid-19 virus?

If you’re thinking of allowing your child to have the experimental Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” then we’re sure you’ll change your mind after seeing the frightening adverse reactions that have been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

We took a dive into the report and this is what we found…

(We used the data shown in the UK Governments Analysis Print of the Pfizer vaccine {which you can find here} + Analysis Print of the Oxford Vaccine {which you can find here}.)

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Are you aware that reports have been made to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme of people going blind after having the Pfizer jab? We doubt it.

Well we can confirm that as of the 26th May 2021 a total number of 38 people are now blind after having the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. As well as 151 people who have been left visually impaired, and 2 people who suffered sudden visual loss. In all there have been 3,032 eye disorders reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab.

But don’t even think about passing on the Pfizer jab to hold out for the emergency approval of the AstraZeneca jab for use in children because the number of people who have gone blind is even worse. There have been 209 reports made of people suffering blindness, 526 reports of people left visually impaired, and 4 reports of sudden visual loss, the total number of eye disorders now standing at 10,948. These are all adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine reported up to the 26th may 2021.

You’re probably wondering how on earth people could be going blind after taking a vaccine? Well one of the reasons is another extremely concerning adverse reaction that has been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, one which has seen an astronomical increase in the number of reports in the past few weeks – stroke.

But what does this have to do with people going blind? Well this helpful fact sheet provided by the Stroke Foundation in Australia provides the answer as to why. According to the fact sheet around one-third of stroke survivors suffer visual loss, and most sadly never fully recover their vision.

The reason strokes cause blindness is that vision depends on a healthy eye to receive information and a healthy brain to process that information. The nerves in the eye travel from the eye through the brain to the occipital cortex at the back of the brain, allowing you to see

Most strokes affect one side of the brain. Nerves from each eye travel together in the brain, so both eyes are affected. If the right side of your brain is damaged, the left side vision in each eye may be affected. It is rare for both sides of the brain to be affected by stroke. When it does happen, it can result in blindness.

We can confirm that as of the 26th May 2021 there have been 225 cerebrovascular accidents resulting in 12 deaths, 26 cerebral haemorrhages resulting in 6 deaths, 27 ischaemic strokes resulting in 1 death, and 22 cerebral infarctions resulting in 1 death, all reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the Pfizer mRNA jab. But the list is much more extensive as you can see below…

But again, don’t get your hopes up about the AstraZeneca jab because the list is much worse. There have been 791 cerebrovascul accidents resulting in 33 deaths, 127 cerebral haemorrhages also resulting in 33 deaths, 44 intracranial haemorrhages resulting in 7 deaths, and 28 haemorrhagic strokes resulting in 4 deaths, all reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine as of the 26th May 2021.

You didn’t think the list of strokes ended there did you? No, the list of strokes reported as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab is so extensive that it takes up two pages of the MHRA report. There have also been 91 ischaemic strokes resulting in 3 deaths, and 81 subarachnoid haemorrhages resulting in 4 deaths, reported as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab.

Are you also aware that people are going deaf after having the Pfizer jab? A total of 102 reports have been made to the MHRA of people suffering deafness as an adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab, as well as 19 reports of people suffering sudden hearing loss. The total number of ear disorders stands at 2,426.

But you won’t want to be giving your child the AstraZeneca jab if it is given emergency authorisation either as there have been 247 reports made to the MHRA of people suffering deafness as a result of having the AstraZeneca jab, as well as 44 reports of people suffering sudden hearing loss. The total number of ear disorders stands at 7,222.

You probably aren’t aware that the Pfizer jab has also caused hundreds of people to suffer seizures? Well we’re sorry to inform you that there have been 248 reports of people suffering a seizure, 6 reports of people suffering a psychogenic seizure, 9 reports of people suffering a partial seizure, and 12 reports of people suffering febrile convulsion (a condition usually only seen in young children in the unvaccinated population). All of these have been reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab.

If you weren’t aware the Pfizer jab has caused seizures you’re also most likely not aware that it has also left people paralysed. There have been 54 reports of people suffering paralysis after having the Pfizer jab as of the 26th May 2021. But don’t forget only 1% – 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported.

The AstraZeneca jab does not get any better though, so you still won’t want to hold out for this one for your child. There have been 1,003 reports of seizure suffered as result of having the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine.

As well as 239 reports of people left paralysed after having the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Now we haven’t covered every single serious adverse reaction because if we did you probably wouldn’t finish reading the report before the next update was released. So finally we come to deaths.

‘People are dying due to the Covid vaccines?’, we hear you ask. The answer is an unfortunate, and unnecessary yes. There have been 1,253 deaths reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines. This includes 4 deaths for the Moderna jab which has barely got going in the UK yet, and 24 deaths where the brand of vaccine was unspecified.

As well as 396 deaths reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer jab.

And 831 deaths reported as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab.

Now that you know this, will you still be allowing your child to take an experimental Covid vaccine?

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Derek Proudfoot

It’s becoming same old same old and people are not interested in these facts, even though they are shocking. People take the jab because they are forced/ obliged to by their employers. They cannot afford to lose their job. Kids, mortgage etc. All my family have been jabbed in Scotland and they can’t understand why I’m not taking it. My uncle is a retired hospital consultant and he’s very surprised at me. They were queuing up for the jab. They couldn’t wait to get it. I feel like I’m the only person in my whole family who is aware of what’s going on. Tis very sad. I can’t go and see my old mum in Scotland because I’ve not been jabbed.
Where is the police. Don’t they understand what’s going on? Sage, NHS England, government, BBC, all liars. And all these celebs and advertising on media just get the jab to save others. What a load of nonsense.
I’ve been researching all this last few months. I won’t line up for it.
Sorry I’m ranting on. It’s just getting too much.


same here in Australia – personally I find it horrific because the dreaded virus isn’t worth dreading since it needn’t be feared. The media have done such a great job of building up the fear. Just yesterday it was revealed from Dr Fauci’s e mails that the virus it not any worse than the flu. So my question is – ” why worry about having the jab?”


Its not the virus that’s the problem its the ‘jab’.


Hold firm Derek because I don’t think it will be too long until this blows up in their faces.

Richard Noakes

To Derek Proudfoot,
We are all there with you, on your decision. There is a lot of news on “test” vaccines which have only been around for roughly 160 days and the few things we do know about them, have been reported in unrelated news items – now over 13,000 who have died from vaccines, world wide, within a short time after vaccinations, horrible side effects, blindness, strokes, paralysis and other things too, cattle that the vaccines were used on all died in Texas, the Geneva Convention (1947) says that test vaccines have to be tried on lab animal first, but that did not happen with “test” vaccines and of course, whatever the outcome of the vaccines, you cannot sue anyone for them – because they are “test” vaccines and have not progressed to being considered to be safe, or suitable for “human” consumption.
Other more worrying issues: Not surprisingly, everything the establishment tells us about covid vaccines has been a calculated lie. One of the biggest and most treacherous lies is that “mRNA vaccine shots stay in the arm and don’t circulate nanoparticles around the body.” Now we know that is a complete lie, as new research conducted in Japan shows that Lipid NanoParticles (LNPs) containing the mRNA code are widely circulated around the body after vaccination, reaching the brain, spleen, large intestine, heart, liver, lungs and other organs.
The study paper, originally written in Japanese and auto-translated into English, can be found at this link on Natural News servers (PDF).
Labeled, “Pfizer confidential,” the study is known as a bio-distribution study that uses luciferase enzymes and radioisotope markers to accurately track the distribution of Pfizer’s mRNA LNPs across the body. The first section is labeled:
SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT162, PF-07302048)
2.6.4 Summary of pharmacokinetic study
The study reveals how mRNA LNPs are distributed across the body, even affecting ovaries and testes, raising huge questions about fertility in those receiving mRNA vaccine shots. The following chart shows the mass of NLPs (in micrograms) found in each organ following mRNA vaccination. Notice how it attacks the adrenals?
Maybe download the PDF and see what it says for yourself, as I have done – link did not work yesterday but does today.
However, all said and done, do my free salt water cure, if you get even the faintest symptoms of getting a cold and keep safe that way and make sure everyone in your family has you written into their Wills, should anything happen to them!!


great points

Richard Noakes

To Derek,
I new I had this post somewhere, but I had not unpacked it yet:
“We made a big mistake with Covid-19 Vaccines”
Canadian immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle is a pro-vaccine scientist with a serious concern about the COVID-19 vaccines, and in an interview, said that new research shows “we made a big mistake” with the mRNA spike protein vaccines.
We didn’t realize it until now,” Bridle said. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen; we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”
It’s a toxin that can cause cardiovascular damage and infertility, he added.
As an associate professor on viral immunology at the University of Guelph, Bridle is not an outsider looking in: He was awarded a $230,000 government grant for research on COVID vaccine development. And, after looking at the data, he concluded that the spike protein doesn’t just sit in the shoulder muscle where it’s injected, but travels to the body’s organs, including the liver, as well as the spleen, bone marrow, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.
Lab animals injected with the spike protein developed cardiovascular problems and “Now, we have clear-cut evidence that the vaccines that make the cells in our deltoid muscles manufacture this protein — that the vaccine itself, plus the protein — gets into blood circulation,” Bridle said. “What has been discovered by the scientific community is the spike protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system, if it gets into circulation.”
Me: If mRNA particles were supposed to be part of the human body makeup, then they would have been there from birth, so now that they have been introduced from 2 years old upwards, I speculate what the long term effects will be on humans as a whole and if they will improve the lifetime span of humans or reduce it significantly.
From my point of view, I await the results of that with interest, because at 74, I am towards the end of my life “retired and all that” and it will be interesting to see how many of those who had the “test” vaccines, proceed me, at the and of my life, who with some concern, did not have to?
When anything new, or “test” comes out, it is always best to wait and see if the “new or test”, turns out to be worthwhile – or not?
Last time I had one of my salt water sniffles = today (just a wee bit sore, but OK now), yesterday (after shopping), all OK so far!! (smile)


yes well said – why would anyone have the mRNA injection knowing this research?


I had an emergency appendectomy with part of my colon removed. Within ten days of receiving the Pfizer vaccine I started feeling unwell.
My doctor tried to file an adverse reaction report online. The VAERS system wasn’t accepting reports then.
-New Hampshire, USA

Richard Noakes

To Cat – if you went to hospital after you started feeling unwell from your Covid vaccination, expect a big bill anywhere up to $500,000 from your hospital, according to reports I have been reading, online.

Richard Noakes

I thought I would query on Google, how many particles get injected with just one “test vaccine”, I mean, we should have some idea, right and multiply that by 2 for the full dosage?
The best answer was from Quora – I tried to ask why mRNA is still a “test” vaccine when it has been previously used in humans for ZIKA and SARS in 2003, but I needed to have a 300 rating to post my query, so that went nowhere, anyway, back to the number of particles and other blurb, I got from Quora – be sure to be sitting down when you read the rest of this post – OK?

Jim Woodgett, former Director of Research at Mount Sinai Hospital (2005-2021)
Answered May 5, 2021 · Author has 217 answers and 441.6K answer views
The SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein encodes a 1273 amino acid protein. Multiple by 3 to get the number of nucleotides and add some untranslated regions for directing translational start and aiding in stability it rounds to approximately 5,000 nucleotides. 1 nucleotide of RNA has a mass of (averaged) of 320 Daltons. So an RNA comprised of 5,000 nucleotides has a mass of 1600 kiloDaltons.
There are 30 micrograms of RNA in a Pfizer/BioNTech single dose (in 0.3 ml). That means there are about 11.3 x 10 to the power of 12 molecules of RNA per shot.
11,300,000,000,000 molecules of RNA (approximately). The Moderna shot typically uses more RNA.

(Me: I can’t translate that number into the written word, it is beyond my level of education or understanding – anyone else know, or is able to give an understandable translation?) still. lucky these particles are considered safe in the human body, even if the vaccine is a “test” one, after 30 years of lab testing to date.

Erwin Claassen, Wetenschappelijk Huurling at Waar Niet
Answered May 5, 2021
a shitload… dose is 100µg of mRNA (not all vaccines is mRNA), that is around 505.440. copies… more or less.

Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine?
You cannot.
You don’t have to listen to me, you don’t have to listen to Dr. Fauci or the CDC, or anyone in the government.
All I ask is that you don’t listen to “the internet.” Ask your doctor, the one who’s been taking care of you for years. Ask them any question you want to about it, even if you think it sounds stupid. My wife has been fielding questions for months now, she’s happy to answer.
(Me: I would not trust my doctor as far as I can throw a grand piano and he knows it)
Getting COVID from a vaccine is a 100% impossibility because the vaccines do not use whole, live viruses. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in fact, don’t use Covid Virus at all.
Most of the vaccines being administered right now are a relatively new technology called mRNA that we started studying in the early 1990s.
One of the most prolific categories of misinformation about the COVID vaccines relates to mRNA, how it works, and how thoroughly tested the technology is.
(Me: I never considered getting Covid as an option, it is what else mRNA particles will do to the body once they are all around it, which happens pretty quickly I would imagine x 2 the second dose, is it me, or do you think that is a stupid question for me to ask)
First, it’s important to know that this is a relatively new technology, not brand new. We didn’t just suddenly decide to try mRNA last year when COVID-19 started running wild. The idea has been around for almost 30 years and “has been used in human trials for a number of vaccines, such as Zika, and previous coronavirus threats, like the 2003 SARS outbreak” (well that is new info). In fact, much of the reason we were able to get a vaccine so quickly was because of the nearly 20-year head start SARS gave us.
It is true that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are the first mass-produced mRNA vaccines authorized for use with the general public.(Against the Geneva Convention protocols – missing “test” somewhere?)
The other big category of disinformation is about how mRNA vaccines work, specifically, the idea that they “change your DNA.”
Let’s be clear. That is completely, categorically, 100% false. The mRNA never even comes near the nucleus of the cell where the DNA is.
The way it works is “mRNA” or “messenger” RNA is injected into the arm with exactly that. A message. The message is an instruction.
Here is what the instruction tells our cells that it encounters:
“I want you to make a harmless piece of what is called a “spike protein.” I want you to make it JUST like this. The picture is the spike protein found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.” (See my post below: “We made a big mistake with Covid-19 Vaccines”)

Our immune system sees that spike protein and knows it doesn’t belong, so it builds antibodies to attack it, just like if you had actually been infected. In doing so, it learns how to destroy that protein. And most importantly, it REMEMBERS. So the next time it sees that same protein, this time on an actual virus, it knows exactly what to do.
The reason you get 2 doses is that researchers learned during clinical trials that your body does ok with one lesson, but 2 lessons REALLY sets it in stone.
It learns the lesson so well that 9 out of 10 times, it will be able to take out the virus before it infects your body, and in the VAST majority of cases where the virus does manage to infect an immunized individual, it will fail to cause serious illness, even in the more at-risk portions of the population.
The final category of disinformation is about how thoroughly tested the vaccines are. And this one worries a lot of reasonable people and fairly.
What it is important to know is that these vaccines have been tested just as thoroughly as any other that hit the market. How then did they get it done so quickly?
It was not by skipping or shortening steps.
What Operation Warp speed allowed the pharmaceutical companies to do by removing bureaucratic roadblocks was instead of being forced to do Step A first, then Step B, then Step C, it allowed for a lot of multi-tasking. In other words, we still needed to complete steps A through I, but we didn’t have to wait for step A to be done while we worked on step D or G which had no need for information from Step A. We were able to test a number of factors simultaneously, and in doing so accomplish 3 years of work in less than one.
It wasn’t that we didn’t run all four laps of the relay race. It’s that all four runners were allowed to start at the same time.
This allowed for complete and thorough testing to be done in record time allowing for human trials WAY faster than we had ever been able to get to human trials before. And in the case of Pfizer and Moderna, those human trials proved the safety and efficacy of their Vaccines sufficiently to gain emergency use authorizations from the FDA.
That’s it. Years from now, we will look back at this as a massive achievement. And years from now the success of this effort will probably lead to problems, as people use the success of this effort to try to cut corners with the development of other drugs or therapies.
But the bottom line is that the development of this vaccine is a massive success story. The vaccines are safe, they are effective, and the sooner we get to herd immunity by vaccinating the vast majority of the population, the sooner we can get back to normal.
The one thing I’ll tell you, from my experience having had both doses of Pfizer.
I have one major side effect to report.
A MASSIVE weight off my shoulders.
Me too: my free salt water cure to murder Coronavirus before it is allowed to become Covid, in your head – gargling, or anything else is a waste of time and won’t protect you.

Kevin Richards, Masters Microbiology and Immunology, Cornell University (1987)
Answered December 30, 2020 · Author has 290 answers and 395.2K answer views
Have mRNA-based vaccines been used prior to COVID-19?
Originally Answered: Has mRNA been used as a vaccine before Covid?
No – although mRNA vaccine technology has been in the development stage for about a decade, this is the first time a vaccine has been created using the technology.
(The idea has been around for almost 30 years and “has been used in human trials for a number of vaccines, such as Zika, and previous coronavirus threats, like the 2003 SARS outbreak” – above – funny it was not reported on how effective those tests were, back then?)
And its dangerous to say the least. Animal testing was skipped over in favor of human trials – something NEVER done for conventional vaccines. This is a dangerous precedent to set for future vaccine safety trails. (We heard that all of the animals in Texas died, in a public hearing)
There is a reason the FDA takes 5–7 years (sometimes decades) to approve vaccines for human distribution – safety.
Quora (Quora does not like me, won’t let me sign in again)

Me” We didn’t just suddenly decide to try mRNA last year when COVID-19 started running wild. The idea has been around for almost 30 years.
How reassuring, so why has it taken 30 years to produce a test vaccine and why is it still in the “test” phase?
Oh, silly me, the vaccine makers can’t be held accountable for their test vaccines or how many are affected, or killed by them – so that’s OK then.

Richard (I just had to put in the above in () sorry about that!!)


These injections have killed more than 13,000 people that we know of. It is generally accepted that those reported numbers represent a small fraction…less than 10%, of the real number of fatalities. There have been more adverse events recorded than in the past 20 years combined. A lot more. How can you think they are safe? There are many world class virologists who call this a leaky vaccine and believe the variants are a direct result of the injections. In addition, in Britain, fully vaccinated individuals now make up the majority of new covid hospital admissions and fatalities.

Richard Noakes

Interestingly, the Quora post I referred to has been taken down, since I used it – in one of the posts I read and saved, it appears that Bill Gates, his wife and kids and other Elites, have refused to take the “test vaccines” – if I find the post again, I will let you know where to look for it.
Let’s see: Bill, his wife, kids, elites and me too!!


I read the Chairman (?) of Pfizer didn’t take his own vaccine, he never wanted to be seen as queue jumping apparently. 🤣🤣🤣

Richard Noakes

I am not opposed to test vaccines, as they appear to work in the longer term, however, what else they might do to the body is an unknown factor and that, to me, is a much scarier issue and what their long term impact will be on those who have been “test” vaccinated.
Coronavirus Achilles Heel: A Coronavirus is a virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. It can lead to pneumonia (4)(5). Most Coronaviruses are not dangerous. Some types of them are serious, such as MERS and SARS (6). The name comes from the crown-like appearance the virus displays. Mercola
1 heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm water, (can be cold) cup a hand and sniff or snort the whole lot up, spitting anything which comes down into your mouth – no reaction fine, blow out your nose, flush away, washing your hands afterwards, you don’t have a virus .
A reaction, you have a virus – retain the salt water in your head for as long as the soreness lasts (2-3 minutes) then blow out your nose, flush away, washing hands afterwards and do this treatment 3 times a day, morning, noon, night, or more often, until the soreness goes away, when you have killed off the virus in your head and you won’t get the disease it will become, as I have done these past 26.5 years and to this, I add those virus related diseases which remain unknown to us, but are delivered by a virus, as in (unspecified) air pollution. Simple.
Try it, if you are satisfied with the results, pass the cure along, if results are not excellent, there are still the untested, trial vaccines to fall back on.
I never have Flu shots, or this vaccine either. No point doing the above salt water cure and then having vaccine shots too – like Duh!!
About 26 years ago, I read the report from a posh Research Center in America, where the author suggested, in his research paper, that his experiments with Salt Water cured flu type colds and he in turn referred to the Swedish or Norwegian Army (I think), who had barrels filled with Salt Water, attached to a hose, out of the bottom, which soldiers used to flush out their heads, when they thought they were getting a cold – and their troops never got colds.
I have been doing it ever since and neither do I, from any virus related “thing”.
There are weak salt water spray preparations you can buy from your local chemist, to clear your head. To my way of thinking, (as above) you need a stronger salt water solution to wash out your inner head and no spray is ever going to be enough to do that, which is proof of safety concerns, regarding salt, as above.
If you are allergic to salt – don’t do as I suggest!!
Virologists are not interested in the head, they are only interested in Covid, once it is in the body (10 to 14 days of self isolation later), but I say, time then to kill off the Coronavirus in the head, before it ever gets to become Covid in the head and body, which makes total sense to me, because never getting Covid or whichever new variant it has become like Duh!! and “my” salt water cure is free and easy to do and 26.5 years never ill, against test vaccines.
It comes down to choice. Yes or No, as simple as that. Your life, your choice!!


That is very interesting thanks!

Richard Noakes

A part of the spike is broken off and ejected into the blood stream, where the T-Cells attack it and form blood clots, which go to the heart or the brain.
There are more mRNA particles injected into the body, than there are red blood cells in the body, as has been reported.
How silly is the human body that it takes so many particles (but let’s say 11.5 Trillion, Trillion particles per vaccine shot) each with the same message, “make a spike protein like this”, for the T-Cells to attack and kill either each spike or each broken off spike, from the cell it is in and when does the body go into melt down, because the broken spikes are a part of a never ending supply, supposedly copies itself repeatedly, not counting the probability that each spike is toxic in the body (as reported above) and how the body will deal with that toxicity as well?
Is that when a new blood clot is not noticed until the said body dies from it?
So, just because someone gets a blood clot and the hospital makes it go away (not counting the hospital cost in America of around $500,000, per new blood clot), probably by blood thinners, does that mean the same thing won’t happen again, to the person with the first blood clot, or to anyone who has had one or two test vaccines, but at some undefined point of time in the future?
Someone should get those test vaccines and inject Bill, his wife and the Elites with both test vaccines – we will leave his kids out of it, because whatever their parents were responsible for, was not of their doing.

Richard Noakes

Um – if you include Europe (the EU) and America, then the total number of deaths, world wide, because of these “test” vaccines, for Covid-19 and the technology which has now been around for 30 years and tried in other pandemics including ZIKA and SARS 2003, but on humans (results not reported, see below, my posts), then at the moment there are over 13,000 who have died unnecessarily, not counting the many after effects which have immobilized thousands and what about them?
But lets take a moment to consider what all of that means?
It probably means that someone’s father, or mother, or close relative, has died and those dead people won’t be coming back, so those families are in mourning, not counting the hospital costs and funeral expenses which they probably have to factor in and if a bread winner is now dead, how will they be able to do that?
Probably lose their home and all of their assets, just to begin with.
Thing is, if you have the test vaccines and good for you if you do, or have done, this could be something your family has to look forwards too, should you later be one of those who died from the safe test vaccines, which won’t kill anyone and are new from 08.12.2020 as the virologists would have us believe (See my other posts, this page)
Better yet, when someone says you must have the test vaccines, ask to see their card to show they have been fully inoculated, first, before you refuse outright.
Refer to my free salt water cure and rely on that to keep you safe, as listed here – rather than talk about it, I thought I should post it here and have “everything” together on the one page.
These test vaccines have been around for say 160 days tops and no expert can convince me of their safety, with such a short time available and no background info, except lies and outright dishonesty, by the virologists who think the ground shakes when they walk anywhere – they are so important.
Important at contradicting themselves, it seems – go stuff for the Geneva Convention procedures, I would hope.

Stephen Yuill

For various governments to speak about vaccinating children with this experimental mRNA toxic soup, indicates just how sick world governments have become. Children have virtual 100% immunity from this mild flu-like illness. Even the vast majority of adults have about 99.9% recovery rate. The “vaccine” has been pushed by the Pharma industry from the beginning. But governments are so filthy corrupt in the pockets of Pharma, its gone forward regardless. Not to mention the Globalist crowd waiting in the wings to bring us a cashless society and other horrors. Here in Canada our dishonorable prime minister has a major distraction from his and his government’s corruption and incompetence over Covid19, the media jingoism over the Residence Schools controversy.

Bobby brown

Can you guys put a link to the actual reports so we can individual cross reference with the information you’re giving out here? It would be greatly appreciated

peter spakman

even if you are in favour of vaccination , don’ t you think that a fair waiting time is needed to find out any averse effects the vaccination might have!!??!!


More on Adverse Reactions to the Covid-vaccines.

LATEST UPDATE OF VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) DATA:

As of 28 May 2021 (the latest available) the number of deaths associated with the three vaccines given to Americans are:

TOTAL 5165

As to thrombocytopenia we have:


The VAERS data has been presented in a way that makes it essentially useless, unless repackaged.

Repackaged, readable VAERS data can be downloaded from

The VAERS people are throttling the data. For example, data from December last year is still being released. It is becoming more and more noticeable. I wonder what is really happening?

[…] Avertizare din Germania privind măștile: „Respirăm deșeuri periculoase. Unele conțin substanțe toxice și cancerigene” Latest VAERS Data Show: 5,165 Deaths Reported Following COVID Vaccines We can’t do this to Children! – Shocking 18th update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vacci… […]

[…] increasing and similar information is being reported by many other countries including the United Kingdom as well as Israel, where more cases of myocarditis – inflammation of the heart – are being […]

[…] is the shocking 18th update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines released by UK Government from […]


Are the yellow card reports confirmed?