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So it begins – The Mainstream Media begin the assault on those who refuse the experimental Covid Vaccine

We have seen a coordinated pincer movement attack from main stream media and broadcasters over the past week, demonising anyone who has not had a Covid vaccine.

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By Clara Dee

Whilst these media outlets are undoubtedly doing the bidding of the dark suits in and behind government,  helping to push a totalitarian agenda designed to polarise communities, the danger of the current narrative cannot be underestimated.

Months ago it was bully anyone not able to wear a face covering. Now it’s the turn of anyone daring to refuse the Covid vaccine. This latest development has, however, leapt way beyond bullying, and all in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday’s Independent article (see here) plumbed the depths of evil and hatred and echoed a frightening past, a past where it was the accepted norm to marginalise sections of society and treat them appallingly. We all know what that led to and it was utterly horrific.

The article, which stated that those who have not been vaccinated should, amongst other things, be refused NHS treatment, retail service, and ought to lose their jobs, would have sat well at a Hitler rally of the late 1930’s.  I don’t say this lightly, but I do want to ask, “How have we managed to get back to there?” “Can someone please explain”?

In searching for answers to these questions I have had to face some uncomfortable possibilites. I am still toying with the relevance of each of the conclusions that I have reached, and I don’t know if all are valid, or if any one of them has had more impact than another. However, it does seem to me that (1) we have allowed this to happen, collectively, either willingly or unwillingly (2) we are still allowing it to happen, willingly or unwillingly, (3) some regular citizens are enjoying being a part of a dystopian and totalitarian regime, (4) huge swathes of the country seem too dumbed down for some reason, to even notice what is frog marching towards them, (5) history it seems can be forgotten and easily repeated,  (6) fear has been weaponised, and (7) fear turns some people into awful human beings capable of inflicting, and allowing to be inflicted, the worst kind of atrocities on people.

Points 5,6 and 7, for me, are the most frightening. My father was born in the early 30s and often told me what it was like to live through that, and the subsequent decade. He escaped dying in the early 40s after he was late to a cinema which was raised to the ground by a German bomb. If he had been on time I would never have been born, nor writing this. It’s not his stories of that ilk that I remember so much when I consider our present situation though. It’s his commentary on the Hitler regimes marginalisation of the Jewish and other communities that I remember. He talked alot to me as a young adult about how he couldn’t understand why people could be so evil to others, and often recounted how the stories of what was happening in the death camps was disbelieved due to German propaganda, and media bias at the time. Some of his remoter family served in the second world war and I remember him being proud to be related to those that he believed had taken an active part in helping to end heinous crimes, which, he thought, would never again be allowed to happen.

My father often remarked about that time in history as being the blackest. He would say he thanked the heavans that such atrocious behaviour would surely never occur again. He opined that people would not forget what had been done, and would never again allow themselves to be sold the idea that it is OK to unlawfully mistreat large sections of the population, and perpetrate crimes against them.

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My father died a relatively young man in 1996. He would now, I sadly feel, be turning in his grave. I am not being flippant or trying to use a phrase to create a reaction here. I know my father would be aghast right now saying to me “My goodness, it’s happening again”.

For those reading this that cannot see the correlation of 30s/40s Germany to our present dire situation, let me try to explain.

The media and this government are currently SELLING you, via propaganda, the idea that your life is worse because of anyone who has not taken the Covid vaccine. In doing so they are actively giving you permission to not only fear that population, but to hate them, and ergo treat them as worth LESS THAN YOU, for exercising their perfectly legal right to decline an experimental medical treatment.

In turn this provides you with justification for that population to be mistreated, abused, and gives you the opportunity to feel you are right to cheer on that they do not DESERVE to have the same benefits as you.

You are being encouraged to feel this way. Even if that means that a non vaccinated person starves, gets ill from lack of NHS treatment, or dies. Or even if it means that their children don’t get educated, or treated by a doctor. Or even if it means they get spat at, or punched.

Do you see this? Do you see where you are. You are being sold this lie, and recruited into the hate brigade. If you go along with this you will be one of those people that you learned about in history lessons. You know the ones that that did nothing and made you ask “why did they go along with it”, or “How could they just let it happen”.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Whatever your views on the Covid vaccine or any other vaccine for that matter, its time to remember your history. If it’s the non vaccinated today, tomorrow it could easily be the overweight, the alcohol consuming, the smoker’s, non heterosexuals, the benefit claimers, the disabled, the over 60s, those with more than 2 kids, those without blond hair, those without blue eyes……

It’s gone far enough. 1930s and 40s German history should never be allowed to rear its head again, except in those history books, written so we could LEARN to spot how it all went wrong.

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GF (Gordon) Newman
This piece above is worth reading for anyone who might be persuaded by the mainstream media’s vile proaganda. They ought to consider just what ‘informed consent’ means. Most remain ‘blissfully’ uninformed.

Anjela Kewell

This article needs to be printed out and handed to every single person who sees fit to abuse those who do not conform. We were very badly verbally attacked in Lidl a week ago. Another customer, masked up badly, demanded, yes demanded, that we tell him why we were not wearing masks.

naturally we decided to ignore him as we didn’t want to create unnecessary conflict. He became louder and more aggressive. In the end I said he had no right to ask us anything. He was not in authority. He called us ‘murderers’ and asked the shop assistance to have us removed from the premises. We stood our ground quietly. The shop assistance explained it was not Lidl policy to remove anyone from their shop unless they were creating a problem. The aggressor then said he prayed we would become seriously ill and die. He to.d us we were ruining the lives of all around us and he was going to report us to the police.

I was seriously shaken by this encounter, very fearful that as he took our picture we would see our faces all over the town and facebook. For a couple of days I expected trouble. There was none and Lidl management were very supportive. However, we realised this vindictive and sinister government were creating apartheid and worse. Their psychopathy seems to have seeped throughout all of Westminster and the media. It will now get far worse before the tide changes. We must do everything we can to show the road of travel.

Austrian Peter

The same thing happened to us in the early stages of the scamdemic. I verbally attacked my assailant as is my wont and he backed off. I carry a letter from my local health office saying that wearing masks is voluntary!

It was also in Lidls – I have had no problem elsewhere. I will never wear a mask or submit to experimental gene therapy on orders from government or anybody what ever their status.

The government now admit that they have gone over the top with their PsyOps:


He will very likely become seriously ill and die, ironically.


they can stick the death shot where the sun dont shine

Austrian Peter

I wish people would start looking at the bigger picture and start publishing articles about the actual characters orchestrating all of this. The royals, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, George Soros and similar cretins etc, as well as these secret societies of theirs, as well as the adrenochrome harvesting on children that goes hand in hand with child trafficking involving all the cabal tentacles like the CIA, FBI and many more as well as the popes, Vatican’s etc.

Don’t forget about other truths and lies. Our real history like WWII.

There were also never any dinosaurs. There were giants in the world. The world is flat. What is really beyond the Antarctic, that surrounds us?
Our origin is being hidden from us as well as who knows how much technology from our ancestors that is being hidden from us.

In regards to flat earth.
Has anyone ever heard of a flight over Antarctica from one southern continent or island to another on the opposite side, straight across the centre of the south pole? I very much doubt it.
Also, does someone know of a ship that has sailed all around the edge of the Antarctic, and if so, how far did it have to travel? 69,000 miles?? With the earth circumference supposedly being 24,900 miles.

Last edited 28 days ago by Kobus
Neil Marshall

No treatment, not paying my tax or NI.

[…] het volledige Engelstalige artikel in The Daily Expose d.d. 23 mei […]


They lie to us now, what makes you think they didnt lie about ww2 and Hitler?

He was fighting the same forces we are fighting now, he lost, and here we are. But that final red pill is just too difficult for most to swallow, so they revert back to repeating the same propaganda regarding Hitler which was and is put out by the current power structure that won the war.

By all means call out this sinister covid plot for what it is, but leave the last person who actually put up a real fight against the shadowy figures out of it.. it is unnecessary to make these analogies and combine the two, and you are also unwittingly doing the work of the people you are fighting now.

General Patton – we fought the wrong enemy.