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An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter “

VACCINES could cause “mass male infertility”, Anthony Fauci is a “dead man walking” and the inquest into the pandemic will leave “blood in the gutter” with reputations torn to shreds for their sheer “idiocy”.

Dr Roger Hodkinson says there is “sufficient evidence in the literature” to show the spike protein expresses in the placenta and the testes – and could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently stop men having children.

He also said no one should listen to the likes of Prince Harry advocating the jab because he has “nothing between his ears”.

Dr Hodkinson is a pathologist by training, with a wealth of knowledge in infectious disease, virology and evidence-based medicine, who was educated at Cambridge University and University College Hospital Medical School in London, before moving to Canada in 1970 and training at the University of British Columbia.

He came to notoriety for his speech to the Edmonton City Council on November 13 last year regarding their vote on extending mandatory mask orders, saying the response to Covid was “the biggest hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”.

And now, despite describing the vaccines as “incredibly smart theories”, Dr Hodkinson has issued another impassioned plea, calling for a halt to the rollout in order to carry out further investigations.

Bio: Dr. Roger Hodkinson - MedMalDoctors

By Stefan Schultz

He said: “I’m a serious evidence-based career pathologist who has done everything in pathology at national and provincial levels and I take evidence-based science very, very seriously. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m none of the above. But when I see certain things in the literature that could – underlined – have serious potential long-term sequelae, I think it’s my duty  to stand up and blow the whistle and say ‘hey, stop the train, have you seen this? It needs to be looked at. I hope it’s wrong but show me the data’.

“The data I’m talking about is well-described in the literature, that of the significant expression of the ACE 2 receptor in both the placenta and the testes. And more importantly, in the testes it’s the cells that actually produce the spermatozoa, the precursors, called spermatogonia. Clearly there is an excess of spike protein circulating as a result of an unexpected surge in some people who get the vaccine.

“And that circulation takes the spike protein everywhere, including the placenta of women who happen to be pregnant at the time, which is a one-time hit for that particular pregnancy, probably not for subsequent ones. But there is also potential for a hit on the testes, which of course is not a one-time hit, it could be a permanent hit.

“In a world where we know that sperm counts have dropped 40 per cent over the last 10 or 20 years – a massive unexplained drop in sperm counts – we don’t need some additional hits on male fertility.

“There have been disturbing reports, to be verified, of increased miscarriages following vaccination. I’m concerned about that for sure but I’m more concerned of the potential of male infertility which could be permanent. A lot of this is could, maybe etc, etc, it’s merely appropriate caution given the scientific literature.

“You cannot test for fertility in a trial that lasts six months. Last time I checked, pregnancy lasts nine months. And in order to test for sequential pregnancies and the need for longer-term fertility studies, it cannot be done outside of a two-to-four years window, which is the normal time frame for a new vaccine trial.”

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Over the past few days, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has described as “great news” the fact that all aged 32 and over can now book their Covid vaccine, repeating the mantra that it is both safe and effective. And the call to vaccinate children is growing louder, with Hancock saying last week: “I’ve been closely following the results from the clinical studies from Pfizer that show that the vaccine is safe and effective among children between the ages of 12 and 18.”

Dr Hodkinson said: “It is absolutely outrageous. Look, children are not dying of this condition, at least in my own province, they have been no deaths under 19 recorded at all. It is the same internationally.

“Children are not dying of this condition first of all, they are not even suffering from this condition. The vast majority just brush it off without even knowing they’ve got it. So it’s not a problem for children. And if it’s therefore not any more of a problem than a trivial cold for children, then why in God’s name are we subjecting them to an untested vaccine? It is not an emergency, it is not needed and it has potential complications on fertility and therefore it’s utterly reckless.

“It could be described as the single event in medical malpractice in medical history, because there is no informed consent. For them to say a single word with four letters without any qualifiers at all, to say that this is safe is a massive distortion of not just the English language but makes you extremely culpable in court, if they weren’t protected by statute for being sued as bureaucrats and politicians. Any individual physician who did that would be hauled before his college before he could spit for failure of informed consent.

“Vaccinating children is absolutely obscene – obscene. They are not at threat and you are putting them at risk.”

The level of coercion, however, is also on the increase. The NHS app has now morphed into a Vaccine Passport and there are discussions taking place this week – including with football’s Premier League – to introduce them at domestic level. Royal Ascot could be used as a pilot for the scheme.

Nevertheless, Prince Harry, who moved to America for more privacy but who has bathed in the limelight ever since, appeared at a Vax Live event calling for people to get the jab.

Dr Hodkinson said: “If he had anything between the ears he might be worth listening to. Who cares what film stars and royalty say about this? They are all congenital idiots in my opinion.

“Let me just paint the big picture here for the contrast between vaccinations and other forms of therapies. If in fact this is an emergency as they claim, which I contest, but let’s take their word for it, they are using it to vaccinate people without an appropriately tested vaccine. If you accept that a potentially dangerous vaccine, for which there is growing evidence of danger, contrast that with the prohibition of physicians to prescribe ivermectin, or vitamin D for that matter.

“Here we have individual physicians relating to their individual patients who are traditionally expected to give a judgment for the patient to decide in full consent. But ivermectin has, on paper, enormous evidence of effectiveness, while at the same time, in contrast to the vaccine, shown to be incredibly safe, billions of doses over many years of use.

“So here we have an agent that, OK it may not be effective, we accept that, it’s still an uncertainty to a certain degree, but it may work and it is safe. So you can’t have it both ways. If you’re saying you’re vaccinating people because it’s an emergency, you should take the dogs off physicians to allow them to decide individually if an agent is potentially effective and should be used because it is safe. You can’t have it both ways.”

Dr Hodkinson does not believe many of the theories out there and says what is happening is nothing more than politicians refusing to admit that they are wrong.

“They are constantly trapped in a mistake of their own making in which they cannot admit they were wrong and therefore they double down on it,” he said. “It’s nothing more than that and they can’t fess up. And so they want to wrestle this to the ground – zero Covid and all that idiocy that from a scientific perspective is ludicrous. It cannot conceivably happen.

“This virus is everywhere. It’s in an aerosol in every aisle in every foodstore whether you are walking past someone or not. It’s the roulette game of life, you may get it, you may not. And if you get it and you’re under 65 and you’re otherwise well, it’s going to be nothing more than the regular flu, except for a small number of people who sadly are going to get a severe infection and some of them will die. It is really tragic and I’m not being callous saying this but it happens every single year with the flu. In fact children die of the flu every year.

“There is a greater risk of a teacher driving to school and dying of a head-on collision than there is of a teacher dying of Covid that she thinks she might have caught in the school. So do we take cars off the road? No we don’t do we. We live with the risk of a head-on collision every time we pass a car on the road. It’s part of the risk of everyday life. These Governments want to control every single risk of life. And this is merely one example.

“I do not think this is some big internationally coordinated conspiracy by the great resetters, not at all. Are they taking huge advantage of it? Unquestionably. And despicably so. But as to why it is being maintained, I think you have to look at a number of factors. The first way it is being maintained is because of asymptomatic testing showing a huge number of false positives, certainly when you start getting up to cycle thresholds above 35, the vast majority, 90 per cent, are false positives.

“That drives a graph in the morning paper that supports the hysteria in the population because they haven’t got any information to counter what’s going on. And the politicians use those graphs to double down on the idiocy that’s already underway.

“It’s now morphed from lockdowns into vaccines and then it will morph again into vaccine passports, all in lockstep. But the second reason the hysteria in continuing is the ruthlessly efficient international censorship of the three usual sources of information for the general public outside of Government and that is individual politicians, who have been kicked out of their party, at least in Canada, for daring to speak up, the journalists, mainstream media is corrupt internationally, at least in Canada, they have been bribed into silence by money being chucked at them by the bucketload – you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. But more importantly physicians, who are the most respected and best source for the general public for anything that is relevant to this issue.

“Listen, I’m in the game here and you cannot imagine how petrified – I’m using that word advisedly – how petrified physicians are in this country of their regulatory bodies, so-called colleges of physicians and surgeons. They have the ability to take away your livelihood by a click of the finger.

“It’s like the star chamber of the middle ages, you’re guilty until proven innocent, you have to fund your own defence and they have a history of winning or bankrupting you along the way. So the typical physician shuts up.

“It’s not just the colleges who may censor you, it’s the institutions in which you work who can deny you privileges. At least with the college there is the chance to contest the decision. With institutions that award you privileges to operate for example, they have a hotline directly to the ministries and it wouldn’t be recorded, it would just be “get this guy” click. And you’re done. You’re done. You don’t operate any more.

“But this is the classic situation of politicians honouring that most important principle in politics – never apologise, you simply morph it into something else and you move on. They got themselves into this hole immediately because of that idiot at Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson, who’s not a physician or an epidemiologist, he is a theoretical physicist, he was notoriously wrong by an order of magnitude in his predictions from previous epidemics and no one internationally did due diligence on his latest idiocy based upon largely the things that were going on with the elderly in Milan.

“They all assumed it was Armageddon coming. With the speed of modern communication the media picked that up, the media gorges on crises and that basically landed on every premier and prime ministers desk the next morning with the demand of their No2 that something must be done that is visible that I’m doing something because Armageddon is coming.

“So they did all this stupid stuff for which there is no evidence in the medical literature whatsoever for effectiveness and when it was shown not to be working they simply doubled down on it, again and again. It’s the classic situation as I said of politics playing medicine, which is an extraordinarily dangerous game.

“But I don’t think it [the virus] was an intentional leak by the lab in Wuhan, it’s certainly a consequence of Gain of Function research that Anthony Fauci directly funded. It’s a made-in-USA virus. So they dug themselves into this hole and rather than admitting it and apologising and getting back to normal like they are in Florida quite effectively, most jurisdictions are simply doubling down on the idiocy and hoping it will go away because it always does in the summer when the sun comes up and we all start making vitamin D again.

“But they will claim they rattled it to the ground because the cases were dropping. The classic fallacy trap is of course that just because B follows A doesn’t mean that A caused B and they will claim credit for the disappearance over the summer.

“That is why we are in this ongoing mess is because they didn’t put their big pants on and say ‘I was wrong’ and just doubled down on it.

“Look at Fauci, if one mask doesn’t work, well maybe two or three or perhaps 10. If you wear 10 I guarantee you will not get Covid because you will actually be dead of hypoxia. Let me tell you explicitly: masks don’t work. Period. Period. Nothing works. Nothing could work. Nothing did work. And nothing will work. It should be life as normal with personal responsibility used to control it in the usual way.

“When you are standing behind someone lined up in a food store, you don’t tap them on the shoulder and say ‘hey excuse me can I suck the snot out of your nose’? We don’t do that do we. We behave responsibly. We get it, we pass it to our family, we get herd immunity the natural way. You don’t need the Government involved in this mess whatsoever. Protecting the people in nursing homes should be the only thing that’s done. And there are way to do that without vaccination even for older people.

“But that guy [Fauci] is corrupt. He’s an idiot and corrupt. He has his fingers in the pie in various patents and so on. And he is trying to dodge the bullet which is getting closer and closer to him. There was one interview that he gave in which he looked straight at the camera and said  in very precise lawyered words: “We did not pay for Gain of Function research in the Wuhan lab”. He is wriggling off the hook in prime time television.

“But they’re going to get him. He’s the walking dead right now. He should be jailed. Head in the sand. These lockdowns are killing people. Quite apart from the quality adjusted life years lost, with all the depression and near suicides and bankruptcies and all the tragedies of people not attending funerals and weddings cancelled and school closures and so on and so on, this is the kind of stuff that you go to jail for in civil society.”

And he added: “It’s not even a conspiracy theory as to what’s in the vaccines. These are incredibly smart vaccine theories which are being used and they may well be incredibly successful in other future vaccination programmes. The science is remarkable and I take my hats off to them.

“But it’s a new technology and these adverse events that are being recorded not least of which by the way the deaths shortly following vaccination, which have taken off remarkably.“The deaths that are being reported are an order of magnitude greater than previous vaccine programmes and that should get people’s attention. We are trying to save people here. But it looks like we’re actually killing people.”

Dr Hodkinson also ridiculed the fearmongering over variants, with the Indian and Yorkshire version both being ramped up seemingly ready to kill off any hope of the full opening here in the UK on June 21, saying: “Our immune system is so unbelievably efficient and these variants, only the nucleic acid sequence varies only about three per cent from the original version, so the reality is that the rest of the virus is going to be attacked by the immune system whether it’s a variant or not.

“But what is unconscionable here is that every time you turn around they are using a statistic the wrong way. For example, imagine I’m a doc visiting you and you’re granny in a nursing home and you’ve got Covid, proven, let’s accept it was accurate. You have symptoms to go along with it.

“So I say ‘hey granny, you know what, your risk of dying from this is three or four times greater than it is with the flu. And you’d say ‘that sounds bad’.

“Next day I walk in to see granny and I say ‘hey granny, looks like you have Covid but let me give you some assurance here. If this was the flu you’d have a 99 per cent chance of surviving and with Covid you have a 96 per cent chance of surviving. Granny would say ‘hey doc that doesn’t sound too bad, can you let me go now’?.

“It is exactly the same statistics which get warped to maintain the narrative. Their job should be to assuage concern not to amplify it.

“It’s not just lesser lights like me. You’ve heard Jay Bhattacharya say publicly as one of the most esteemed epidemiologists in the world from Stanford “lockdowns have been the single biggest mistake ever made in public health. It is that scale of stupidity that is going on.

“When the history of this madness is written, and there will be hundreds of books on it over the next few years, reputations will be slaughtered. There will be blood in the gutter because of the obvious insanity of what’s happening on a scale that’s never been seen before.”

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Dave Brown M.D.

Dr Roger Hopkinson….. a highly credentialed ( medically ) red blooded soldier of courage and truth who has gone to bat against these heinous crimes against publicly expose the details of these despicable criminals of humanity . Thank you Roger .


Hes only one of Hundreds of Drs who are silenced by the corrupt classes who are pushing tbe pandemic hoax to get rich and take control over every aspect of human behaviour. They are evil greedy liars and mass murderers who believe killing and sterilising others is good for them .They know its good for their finances Less people to have to share assets amongst

Last edited 2 months ago by Annonymous

superb analysis the only point i would add is that THIS IS A CONSPIRACY, IT IS GLOBAL…this is not simple incompetence. It’s clearly all connected to ‘The Great Reset.’

Diane McWalter

Yes, David, it’s been in the works for decades, but kept very quiet.

Diane McWalter

I believe COVID was developed in a lab for the express purpose of ridding the world of older people. Older people are much more aware of what is going on in the world today with George Soros and his One World Order. So, it’s best to have a younger, clueless population of sheep who will soon find themselves classed as peasants while the elite become the new royalty. Soros has been planning this for decades and his minions have been well paid to do his bidding. When people have too much wealth, they quickly develop a ‘god complex.’ Many people who know Soros have already said he thinks he’s god. We’re getting to the point that we have nothing left to lose.


It’s not just George Soros — there is an entire “Cabal/Secret Combination” of about 3,000 who also want to implement a NWO — a great Re-Set. Also, Soros is not the only one with a psychopathic god-like complex — there are several others.

Gary Rowe

Gates schwab musk etc


Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT!

[…] Dr. Roger Hodkinson zegt dat er “voldoende bewijs in de literatuur” is om aan te tonen dat het spike-eiwit tot expressie komt in de placenta en de testikels – en ongeboren baby’s kan doden tijdens lopende zwangerschappen en mannen voorgoed kan beletten kinderen te krijgen, schrijft […]

[…] Read More: When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there wi… […]

BS…. go Bk in time. Many scientific researchers were testing this virus in several in universities abs research labs, many of them challenged as to why they were researching the viruses. They stated that it could be biochemical warfare. Then OBAMA, Fauci, & Gates etc… moved the research overseas. This was done long before Trump. The Clinton’s were of the worldwide human trafficking ring through the Clinton foundation. That’s why she had to return 100’s of millions Bk to her foreign donors. Trump was calling out all of the swamp elites … Your WAY base. Obama, Fauci, Bill Gates, Top GLOBAL ELiTES like George Soros must be arrested for genocide. Research why many world leaders & CEO are all stepping down. Our world economy will collapse. We’re all screwed.


I identified Covid-19 as a bio-terrorist attack by April of 2020. Everything I’ve deemed as credible since then has merely confirmed that initial conclusion.

[…] Read More: When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there wi… […]




You consistently state that you do not believe in a conspiracy, and then without skipping a heart beat you tick all the boxes of the conspiracy theorists. Lol

Truth Saves

Many conspiracy theories are true although not all of them. What we see today is any form of truth outside of the general dialogue of things being labelled a conspiracy theory and case aside


I have several people in our area going to get the kill shots. Good luck to them. It will raise the IQ of the planet in the long run. Sadly for those who are close to these people much sadness is in our future. Too many people afraid to do any thinking with their own minds anymore.


Totally agree with Dr Hodkinson. When Ivermectin was kicked into touch by the powers-that-be , I was convinced that this virus was primarily political not medical in nature.

Not about saving lives but achieving political and social engineering objectives.



Lisa Franklin

Fauci is a despicable criminal. He is a front man for those in the shadows though. Whether they be illuminati or the jesuits.If Fauci goes down his masters will throw him to the wolves. He will probably be bumped off like Epstein.

Truth Saves

hes only one of the puppets. they are many. the root will still be there even if you just get the leaves


We’re watching biblical prophecies… as in “days of Noah.” Neo-cannibalism, neo-barbarianism, new-sorcery, “sorcery” in the Greek should be translated “pharmaceuticals.” Man-made Vaxs aren’t Medicine but bio-warefare Against us for 4GREED. I’ve found so far only one translation that gets to the truth. “for your merchants were the princes of the earth, and the ethno-linguistic nations were deceived by your pharmaceutics [drug sorceries, witchcraft].“ SOMB REVELATION 18:23 prophecy being fulfilled “the kings are being deceived by Big PHARMA.” proceeding the coming of Messiah. It’s far past time to repent… with Ministries of Franklin Graham & John Hagee leading others to take the vaccines it’s obvious the deceptions are deep.


this is the doctor talking last November:

[…] Interview BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON MAY 23, 2021  […]

[…] An exclusive interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, … […]

Wendall Peters

Thank goodness for doctors who still have integrity, and moral courage like Dr. Hopkinson. It is obvious this Covid vaccine hoax is a conspiracy of the highest order. Hopefully many doctors who are refusing to step up and tell the truth will have a change of heart and help to demolish this house of cards.

[…] THE DAILY EXPOSE • MAY 23, 2021 […]

Ellapen RAPITI

I have the greatest respect for brave doctors like Dr Hodgkin’s for standing up for the truth to protect society from the evil designs of Dr Fauci, big pharma, corrupt governments and the shameless main stream media. What a disgrace that medical institutions had the audacity to gag physicians, who dared to speak up. Vaccinating children or for that matter any against a disease that has a 99.9% recovery rate with a a dangerous Vaccine is a crime against humanity.
I hope all those guilty will be tried Nuremberg style. This crime must never be allowed to be brushed under the carpet.
The public must stand up against this diabolical abuse of Human rights and the rights to freedom of speech. I salute you for publishing this article.

[…] britische Alternativmedium „The Daily Expose“ veröffentlichte am 23. Mai ein Exklusivinterview mit Dr. Hodkinson. Bereits in diesem Interview, noch vor Dr. Bridle seine […]

[…] Britse nieuwsportaal The Daily Expose publiceerde op 23 mei een exclusief interview met Dr. Hodkinson. Reeds in dat interview, voordat Dr. Bridle zijn bevindingen publiceerde, verklaarde Hodkinson […]

[…] como resultado de un aumento inesperado en algunas personas que se vacunan”, explicó de acuerdo con The Daily […]

Dr Frank

Thank you
Dr Frank Heininger MD
Orthopedic surgery

Truth Saves

This is all too painfully true. What does it take for these people to wake up?. I’m so tired of this world. They destroy us out in the open but we are so blinded to see.

[…] světové lékařské kapacity, jako např. kanadský lékař dr. Roger Hodkinson či francouzský virolog a laureát Nobelovy ceny Luc Montagnier, […]

[…] When the history of this madness is written,  . . . […]

[…] Story: An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, r… […]


[…] – An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, r… […]

[…] Pathologe Dr. Robert Hodkinsons befürchtet, dass die nach der Impfung im Körper massenhaft produzierten Spike-Proteine auch an den ACE […]