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Don’t fall for the trap – The ‘Indian Covid Variant’ doesn’t exist, they haven’t even isolated the ‘”Original” Covid Variant’

Let’s clear up the “new variant” propaganda being spouted by the UK Government and the Mainstream Media once and for all…

The first “variant” of SARS-CoV-2 which authorities claim causes COVID-19 has never been scientifically isolated. This has been publicly documented via Freedom of Information Requests to the U.K. Government which can be found here.

And also in CDC documentation (page 43) in the USA, which states “no quanitifiable virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use”.

It still cannot be detected accurately via PCR / lateral flow testing.

PCR does not test for virus material, it is an amplification tool that detects RNA, which is similar to DNA. We all have it. If you amplify test material using PCR enough times, “you can find anything in anybody” to directly quote Kary Mullis, the creator of the test, and this is exactly what authorities have done by testing at up to 45 cycles.

Nobody in Brazil had heard of the Brazilian variant. As confirmed by an article in the Daily Mail which also managed to label the alleged Brazilian variant as “Super-COVID” in the same headline to the British public.

The Daily Mail confirmed that “on the streets of some of Brazil’s biggest cities, Brazilians who spoke to MailOnline appeared oblivious to the danger, with many claiming they had no idea there was a new coronavirus strain on the rampage”.

In Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, hairdresser Luciano Ferraz, said he didn’t know about the new variant of the virus. “I haven’t heard of that. No-one’s talking about it, not even on the radio”. So it’s just the UK Government, SAGE and the British mainstream media talking about it then? Almost as if they made it all up to try and scare you isn’t it?

 The Indian variant only reared its head AFTER the experimental Covid “vaccine” was rolled out. You only have to look at official statistics to see this.

No scientific evidence has been offered to confirm the existence of this new variant. We invite you to prove us wrong – email us at – there is no evidence of it’s existence other than in the mainstream media.

If you still believe the authorities narrative which has been portrayed in the mainstream media to the letter thanks to the millions of pounds of taxpayers money which has been given to the same mainstream media to advertise the fact we’re meant to be in the middle of a “deadly pandemic”, then you may need to question the following –

Your sight.
Your hearing.
Your misguided trust in media and government.
What it means to be intelligent and educated.
Your ability to use the internet.
Your ability to apply critical thought to these ever changing nonsensical rules.

If the Covid-19 causing virus exists then it must be one of the most intelligent viruses to ever grace this planet –

  • It has a tape measure which allows it to know if you’re stood less than 2m away from another person
  • It has a calculator which allows it to know if you’re in a group larger than 6 people
  • It has a calendar which lets it know the Government are enforcing mask wearing seven days after they announce it so it needs to become more dangerous if you’re not wearing one.
  • It knows not to get you if you’re sitting down in a pub, but god forbid if you dare to stand up without a face mask, you may as well dig your own grave now.
  • It knows not to get you if you’re at work or out doing your weekly shop, but gold help you if you dare to do anything that’s remotely fun, because it’s going to get you.

Do you not realise how ridiculous this all sounds? At this point, we cannot believe that ANYONE still buys into this, but this has of course been the finest display of propaganda and psychological warfare seen in decades, and we guess brainwashing runs deep.

And to the people who KNOW that this the biggest scam to have ever been foisted upon humanity, but are still wearing masks in shops and getting your children tested, ask yourself why? Fear? Apathy? Don’t want to rock the boat? Just want an easy life? Afraid of what your friends or neighbours might think? Afraid of upsetting someone?

We think we are way past that don’t you?

Think about the life you are providing for your children. How will you be able to look them in the eye and say you couldn’t be bothered to fight for them?

How long do you think these controls will continue for if you keep allowing it?

And when we hear people say, “if only people followed the rules, it would all be over,” that has to be the most idiotic statement ever made in the history of mankind.

This is continuing because YOU followed the rules. Because YOU complied. Because YOU showed the government how easily you can be controlled and manipulated, and how easily you rolled over and gave up your freedoms and happiness.

It’s very easy for people to shoot the messenger rather than look inwards. So shoot the messenger if you wish, but maybe try doing something that actually matters instead.

This ends when we all stand up and say no.

This ends when we all refuse to comply. This ends when we refuse to allow other people’s fear dictate how we live our lives.

This ends when we refuse to close our businesses for the umpteenth time, serving no purpose other than creating an enormous wealth divide and destroying livelihoods, families, forcing repossessions and suicides, creating a plethora of mental health issues, etc., etc. The list could go on forever…

Enough is enough.

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John Gallinari

Look at this site for all the currently identified varients of novel coronavirus. I am confused by the conflict between your article and the family tree of varients.

aNoN 5

One is fiction 🤣 And it’s not this article


There is a way of using PCR type tech to ‘discover’ variations on a theme. NONE of them are actual biochemical isolates. All of them are recombinations or realignments of short fragments of code that are NOT proven to be from a specific virus.
Those who own and run biotech can define and determine the official definitions, methods or tests to both assert something and then use the assertion as a basis for proof.

This site along with most all others is feeding narrative identity in fear-seeking answers, and so it will hold a legion of conflicting ‘answers’ because that’s what fear does to the phished mind.

Discernment and discrimination are FROM a true or honest connected presence. Not from fear running off with a misidentification.

aNoN 5

How have I never heard of you? You’re legitimately more on point than any publication in modern times. Outstanding work. And not just this article. 🔥🧘🔥


Because website that give the truth are BLOCKED FROM GOOGLE and DERANKED.


What’s going on in the UK is an AGENDA driven CRIME SPREE bordering on GENOCIDE!!!! But I’m INSANE???




The BS Indian Variant fake news is to cover themselves once the VAXXED people get covid again. They have to have a reason why the VAxx does not work.. changing covid to a mutant version is the way to do it… they have fucked up again,. One day they say the VAXX does not help with Indian variant.. NEXT day it is suddenly 97% effective. They worked out they cant say they VAX does nothing or no one else will take it. PURE CON

aNoN 5

The part that has me scratching my head is that the vaxxed are producing pretty much the same spike protein that’s part of the “CoViD model” being tested for… So of course they test positive a lot. Them being CoViD positive is presumably a misdiagnosis, and if they’re getting sick from it, it’s probably because those proteins block ACE-2 receptors from performing things like oxygen transfer to cells which could lead to mitochondrial dysfunctions, shutting down organs and processes vital to the human condition.


Look for scientific evidence of substance in the S or spike protein so as to know we are dealing with something real and not an artefact of a model – assigned as a spiked narrative 😉

raymond pisani

i said it before & i’ll say it again no one came up with a vaccine for SARS[covid 2] & that’s a decade ago all of a sudden within a matter of 6 months Big pharma sees billions $$$glittering in their eyes so much so they went from on e shot to 2 shots & now a perpetual shot at what cost to governments globally PERPETUAL BILLIONS OF $$$ it takes between 5 & 10 years for clinical studies of any drug or vaccine before it is approved by govt health dept’s all of a sudden these health dept’s are approving these vaccine without any clinical trials so as to be seen doing something did they have a VACCINE for the BLACK PLAGUE or any other virus of time gone past NOOO Big Pharma are playing GOD with the lives of humanity so WAKE UP ALL

aNoN 5

Sadly, these are the VaXxeS they came up with for SaRs-CoV-1. It just proved deadly in animal testing from cytokine storms, autoimmunities, and viral priming… So they skipped the animal trials this time to avoid that problem 👀🤦


Cowan and Kaufman go into the ferret study recently. It was not as I had read before.
What we know is that toxic proteins and other ingredients, are injected as bioweapons sold as power to protect against weaponised fear. Much of the rest is conjecture that is ripe to trigger more fear and division in terms of psyop or the ongoing action of the primary psyop.

The need to be right in defining the wrong as an identity set against wrong, is still being phished.

There are lies that multiply by deceit, that deliver unto evil, often under the belief we are ‘saving ourselves’.
The only place a lie can be released of a falsely invested identity is in our own heart. Merely shouting wake up! is itself a kind of mind hijack that can spread fear as contagion, such that a must share this! hijacks the mind to dissociate from the heart.

[…] Read More: Don’t fall for the trap – The ‘Indian Covid Variant’ doesn’t exist, […]


For science see Stefan Lanka and Project Immanuel, or Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman on uncovering the narratives that operate to hijack and replicate not just the lie, but the shifting lies of truth’s evasion.

For common sense just recognise that fear and guilt are the leverages of manipulative intent and so when ANY narrative assertions are framed in triggers and incitements to fear and guilt – don’t take the bait, enter the frame, react emotionally! – Or you will play out the role you wanted in someone else’s targeting of your hopes and fears for their agenda – while thinking you are freely engaged in your own.

[…] Read More: Don’t fall for the trap – The ‘Indian Covid Variant’ doesn’t exist, […]

[…] Laten we voor eens en altijd opheldering verschaffen over de propaganda van de Britse regering en de media over de “nieuwe variant”, schrijft […]