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Dr Hillary says Government granting permission to hug “is a mistake” – The real mistake is thinking you ever needed their permission

It’s a sad day in the history of the United Kingdom. Millions of people are jumping for joy as they have been granted permission by the Government of the day to hug a loved one again. If you really haven’t hugged a loved one over the past year because the Government told you not to then we really do pity you. However Good Morning Britain’s resident GP Dr Hilary Jones is not happy. He has warned people that “hugging will pose a serious risk of spreading coronavirus”.

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Dr Hilary said that with coronavirus still spreading and with new variants detected, it could be a “mistake” to start allowing such close contact.

“If you are in hugging range and you’re touching somebody, and your face is right next to their’s, you are gonna be breathing the breath that they are exhaling.

“The virus is transmitted through aerosol droplets, so the risk is much higher.

“Professor Noakes, she’s part of SAGE, she’s saying that actually she’s worried, and that hugs should be selective.”

“They should be short, they should be selective… hug your children, hug your grandchildren, not promiscuous hugs we’re not talking about here, not hugging everybody, not getting too close for too long.

“Right now it might be a mistake, because we have got these new variants, we’ve still got 2,000 cases that we know about every day, probably a lot more that we’re not testing for, so it is still time to be cautious.”

How much money will it take to shut this Big Pharma shill up? Dr Hillary has spouted this kind of nonsense for over the past year, infecting the naive minds of breakfast television watchers and contributing to the pandemic of stupidity that has spread across the nation.

If somebody had said to you in 2019 that in one – two years time it will be against the law to hug a loved one, you’ll need permission from the Government to do so again (if you’ve been idiotic enough to follow the law), and Dr Hillary would be lambasting the Government for granting permission saying “it’s a mistake”, you would call them a lunatic…

Well welcome to 2021.

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Richard Noakes

This hug a person, suggests to me that the numbers of people not being vaccinated has risen and in an effort to get more people test vaccinated, the hug a person will start the Coronavirus surge rolling along again, so that more people are test vaccinated, through fright. QED.
Do my free simple salt water cure and keep safe, both before and after hugging…….



This whole thing just keeps getting more and more twisted by the day! Twisted, sick and dark.

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Ok, how many points do they take from your house if somebody gets knocked up ?

[…] Read More: Dr Hillary says Government granting permission to hug “is a mistake” […]

Des Gusted

He is just another lackey spouting propaganda to get his sinecure maintained