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Facebook DELETES 120,000 Member Group Where People Posted Stories Of Alleged Adverse Covid Vaccine Reactions

Source: Facebook
The group had over 120,000 members and was growing rapidly.

Facebook has deleted a popular and rapidly growing group on its platform where members would share stories about alleged negative COVID-19 vaccine side effects.

The group, “COVID-19 VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES”, had over 120,000 followers when it was removed from the social media platform, and was gaining more than 10,000 followers per week.

The shutdown of the page follows the announcement by the tech giant of new restrictions that limit what users are allowed to post about COVID-19 vaccines.

Under the new rules, the following claims are now banned on Facebook:

  • Claims that “vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against”
  • Claims that “COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured”
  • Claims that “it’s safer to get the disease than to get the vaccine”
  • Claims that “vaccines are toxic, dangerous, or cause autism”

Additionally, Facebook are adding fact-check labels to all posts regarding coronavirus and vaccines. These labels state that vaccines are safe and direct users to sources that Facebook have deemed “authoritative”, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Source: Facebook
Facebook are actively fact-checking posts about COVID-19 and directing users to “authoritative” sources.

Not only is Facebook censoring what users can post about the coronavirus and vaccines, but it’s also aggressively promoting pro-vaccine content from health officials, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and United Nations (UN) agencies by:

  • Posting messages at the top of the newsfeed via its “COVID-19 Information Center” which “make it easier for people to see where and when they can get vaccinated in just a few taps”
  • Giving $120 million in ad credits to “help health ministries, NGOs and UN agencies reach billions of people around the world with COVID-19 vaccine and preventive health information”
  • Partnering with governments to create WhatsApp helplines that “share timely vaccine information over WhatsApp”

Facebook is not the only big tech platform censoring any content that questions the narrative, as Twitter also bans “harmful misleading” posts about vaccines.

The Daily Expose can speak from experience about the war on free speech and reporting the truth, as we are constantly targeted by Twitter with account warnings and limitations.

For those who believe that the vaccine is completely safe and has been introduced for the people, take a moment to question why these big tech platforms are going to extreme lengths to censor the victims of coronavirus vaccine adverse reactions.

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The group has moved here:

Austrian Peter

Thanks Kev – I will use this site.


Scrub that – that group doesn’t seem to be functioning, at least not in the way the old Facebook group did.

Try this group instead, back on Facebook:

“Dave’s secret group”.

Last edited 13 days ago by Kev
Austrian Peter

Methinks they do protest too much


Here’s a recent (last 24 hours) example on the current FB group – in what way exactly is this person “protesting too much”? How much should someone with blood clots in the lungs following C19 vaccination be allowed to complain, do you think?

“Hello… first of all thank you for letting me join…
I received my 2nd Moderna vaccine on 4/3 and by the 6th I started having problems… I thought it was just the small side effects… it got worse and I could not catch my breath… on the 17th I cried myself to sleep.. the next morning I wished I was dead it hurt so bad! Went to the ER and was immediately I was admitted to ICU with lungs full of blood cloths… the next morning I had to have a procedure when they put tPA into my lungs to break up the clots… 4 days in ICU, medications… tests…. the doctor who performed the procedure that broke up the clots told me to be sure to report it to the vaccine report website … he believed the vaccine was the cause… the other doctors say they don’t know why all of a sudden I got blood clots… Now I get to try to recover from this… not fair!!!!”

Austrian Peter

I wasn’t referring to the victims, I was speaking of the pro-vaxxers.


Unfortunately deliberate ambiguity is a trolling technique I’ve seen many times: it makes responding tricky, wastes bandwidth, and the troll can claim to be the injured misunderstood party.

I’m pleased to see you’re ‘on our side’. 🙂

Austrian Peter

I certainly am. My weekly Letters to my American readers might encourage you:

[…] Daily Expose article […]

[…] Facebook deletes 120,000 member group where people posted stories of adverse covid vaccine reactions […]

[…] Facebook elimina 120.000 membri del gruppo in cui le persone hanno pubblicato storie di reazioni avverse al vaccino covid […]


[…] Facebook deletes 120,000 member group where people posted stories of adverse covid vaccine reactions […]