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The silence from BBC, ITV, and Sky News is deafening after 1 million people marched for your Freedom on April 24th


On Saturday the 24th April 2021, over one million people gathered in London to march for their freedom, your freedom and your children’s freedom. Meanwhile the mainstream media remained silent throughout, except for a select few that have perpetuated barefaced lies.

If you were not in central London on the day of the event, or you are somebody who believes the only real news is what is reported on the BBC or Sky, then you could be forgiven for not even knowing that one million people marched through the streets of London against the medical tyranny that has infested the United Kingdom.

Or maybe you are one of those who has seen the select few reports in the mainstream media which describes the event as just “scores of people attending” or “no more than 10,000”. If you are we can reliably inform you that you have been lied to. Because the event that took place in London on the 24th April 2021 was possibly the largest protest the United Kingdom has ever seen in which millions from all walks of life attended.

People who have never protested in their lives were compelled to attend the march for freedom, and it doesn’t matter what they believe, they were all there united for one thing – your freedom. Because they can see the lies and suffering that has been lumbered on the British people over the past twelve months.

But of course you cannot just take our word for it, so please read on as we show you how many people attended the march for your freedom in London on the 24th April 2021. As well as prove to you that you are being lied to and manipulated on a monumental scale by the mainstream media.

BBC news remained silent throughout the day and still remain silent now. But a couple of their reporters did not, but only on Twitter of course. The two reporters in question work for the ‘Disinformation’ department of BBC news, which is rather ironic considering the fact they spent the duration of the 24th April posting disinformation and misinformation all over social media.

The first reporter in question is Marianna Spring, who bills herself as an “award-winning specialist reporter covering disinformation and social media for BBC News”. Marianna posted that “a few thousand anti-lockdown protesters” marched through London and added the caveat that they were filled with people who had “fringe beliefs” and believed “online conspiracies”.

Here’s a short video of the number of people marching through Oxford Street on the 24th April 2021. This was just a snippet of those that attended.

Does that look like just a few thousand to you? Well Marianna’s colleague Mike Wendling seems to think so. Mike is the editor of the BBC News team investigating “disinformation”. We wonder if he will investigate himself considering the fact he was adamant that just 5,000 – 10,000 people at the most attended the march for freedom. He also described those attending (over one million people) as “not very mainstream normal people”.

Here’s another video of the march for Freedom on the 24th April 2021 which proves Marianna Spring and Mike Wendling, members of the BBC News “disinformation” team, are talking complete and utter rubbish.

The complete lack of mainstream reporting on the largest protest the UK has ever seen says it all. As does the lies and smear attempts by those that did mention the event. It proves that you cannot trust a thing the mainstream media has to say, they are clearly in the pockets of the authorities and will only report on what fits the agenda of the day. To report that one million people were marching through London for your freedom and against the medical tyranny that has infested the UK would have woken far too many sleeping lions from their slumber.

This is all the more evident from the fact that the Extinction Rebellion activists manage to make front page news for smashing the windows on the HSBC building in Canary Wharf, right at the same time as Boris Johnson and other world leaders announced there “green revolution” in response to the “climate change crisis”. A crisis which will be used as the next event to impose tyranny on the ordinary working man and woman once the COVID-19 “crisis” has run its course.

One million people march through London for your freedom – not a peep from the mainstream Media.
Half a dozen weirdo’s smash some windows – headline news.

But it’s not just the BBC “disinformation” team that have attempted to smear the people who attended the march for your freedom on the 24th April, there are those who have fallen hook, line and sinker for the psychological warfare unleashed by the authorities over the past twelve months who have also perpetuated the online abuse.

For instance one Twitter user, who’s display photo adorns a face covering, and Twitter tag includes #RejoinEU, wrote –

“These people protesting in London today make me sick! All the work and sacrifice we have done to keep people safe being thrown out of the window! If they don’t believe in masks, vaccinations and lockdowns then send them to India to help out. #COVIDIOTS”.

We wonder if they felt as sick during the Black Lives Matter protests last year, or the Extinction Rebellion protests? We doubt it.

Luckily another Twitter user was on hand to show them exactly why the current restrictions are unjustified.

And to also put them right on the current fear propaganda being reported in the mainstream media on events in India.

BBC, ITV, and Sky news should hang their heads in shame. Especially the BBC considering the fact they are funded by the very people that descended on London on the 24th April to march for your freedom. It is only thanks to people like Ben, of Dissent Media that a slither of the general public are able to hear about what’s really going on.

Ben, who bills himself as an “honest journalist” attended the march for freedom himself and was able to broadcast to the world the actual event that took place in London. He was able to do this because he is not tied down and censored by those in charge at the BBC or Sky News who are all working in collusion with the authorities to lie to the British people in order to enforce medical tyranny.

This is Ben of Dissent Media’s take on the march for your freedom.

On Saturday, the 24th April 2021, one million people descended on London to march for your freedom and the mainstream media remained silent. Please help spread the word and share this article everywhere.

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