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An exclusive interview with Dr Mike Yeadon

DR MIKE YEADON has described how creating lethal pathogens that can kill at different points in time is “easy” and says this is being used for “mass global extermination”. He fears vaccine passports is the next step in the plan and is now looking to leave the UK.

Authored by Oliver May for The Daily Expose – 25th April 2021

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Dr Yeadon, a former vice-president and chief scientific officer of the Allergy and Respiratory department at Pfizer, who has also provided a simple explanation of why lockdowns could never have worked, went on to explain that there is “zero” chance of incessantly reported new variants escaping immunity.

The 60-year-old, convinced the UK reached herd immunity last May, is now looking to move to Florida, where he hopes to work alongside Governor Ron DeSantis. He has expressed his severe concern over vaccine passports, saying that not only do healthy people under 60 not need a Covid 19 vaccine, but that the introduction of certification could lead to a society whereby, without such a pass, you may not even be permitted to leave your house.

In a passionate exclusive interview with The Daily Expose, he also criticised former Conservative MP Edwina Currie for her “uninformed” scattergun comments on Good Morning Britain in which she said she would not want anyone unvaccinated anywhere near her.

Dr Yeadon said: “I know enough about biotechnology to know that you can easily create, shall we say, pathogens, which don’t look like they’re related to what you’ve done. And what’s even more horrifying is you can separate them in time, so an injection which will later make you ill or kill you can be separated by design in time from that event. So you might die a year later of liver cancer or something and you wouldn’t connect that. And if you can imagine making a smorgasbord of different pathogens so not everybody is going to die of the same thing, you literally could do away with big slices of the population if you want. And we could all be running around like headless chickens. This is an attempt on global depopulation.

“I think vaccine passports are a gateway to numerous things and it is my belief that it will be a gateway to mass killing, in the billions. And the reason I say that is many of the key players, including Bill Gates and his father and Boris Johnson and his father, have all been maniacal – and possibly correct – about earth being overpopulated. Even if we said to people can you stop having children, the population would only start to fall in about 100 years. If you got birth rates down below replacement, it would still take a century given each new birth will probably live out 100 years.

“I accept the argument that, if we are on the verge of destroying the planet, the ecosystem and its non-renewables and biodiversity, if these things are true then, I’m not saying I endorse it, I can see the argument of ‘do you know what, the only possible way to save the earth is to get rid of 90 per cent of the people and then it will be a nice place to live’.

“I think a group of people over decades have said to each other, ‘this is an awful task that has fallen to us, which is to rescue the human species and its planet and there is no other way of doing it except for mass extermination. And it’s not something that anybody would want to do but we have to do it and it’s got to happen in this generation and these are the technological advances required’.

“There are some clever people who have taken it upon themselves to basically do God’s work and to do a violent readjustment of the population of the world to put it into a position where, once it sorts itself out from this utter bloody disaster, will be a place where 500million people maybe will be living on the planet and they can have comfortable sustainable lives with plenty of space, plenty of room for the animals. I will not support what they’re doing but that would provide a justification for those who are doing it.”

Dr Yeadon believes the proof lies in the correlation between deaths and the rollout of vaccines which have been rushed through via an Emergency Use Authorisation. He said: “If you look at every regional health authority, they tick up on the same day, they peak at the same day and drop back in the same way and that’s because they’re sycned to vaccination. If it was the spreading of an epidemic, it could not possibly occur in Auchtermuchty on the same day as Aldershot. It can’t, it has to move.

“But the thing that moved was the vaccination squads. They started on December 8 everywhere in the NHS and then in the care homes, so that was the strong clue for me that what was correlating with the time and cause of deaths was not a geographical history and neither were the differences in timing, it was just the date of vaccination.

“Can it be stopped? I am not optimistic about the UK because as time has gone on there are fewer of me and most people have just put their heads down. I am fortunate in a number of ways, I have the breadth of a full career behind me and I love science and biology. There is nothing I can be fired from and I’m not doing it for money, so I can only be stopped if they arrest me or kill me.

“But I don’t fear for my life. It’s over anyway. This is not going to return to normal. It would be pointless. There is no way, with the amount of damage that has been done deliberately, would it then just be left. It would just be dumb. It would make no sense at all to have marched people up to the top of the hill and then say, ‘you can go back now’. And remember the drum beats for vaccine passports are very strong. And once that’s in then if they can transition an absolute majority that they already have who will be so delighted with their privileges, beeping their phones when they go in and out of shops, they are not going to pay any attention to someone like me who says, ‘excuse me what about the unvaccinated’?

“They will say, ‘well don’t you know, you’re the unclean people, you’re the ones brewing the variants, you’re going to kill us. Can you just go away or I might feel that I have to kill you’. I expect vaccine passport will come in and those who have already been vaccinated will whoop for joy, a large number of people yet to be vaccinated will rush to get vaccinated because they will see their horizons will be shrunk and they simply won’t realise they are being herded like cattle into a pen.

“I would fear next winter being an unvaccinated person in this country, there will be additional orchestrated events. They will need that in order to drive people to top-up vaccines. I’ve decided I’m not going to stop the fight, I’m going to leave the country. I’ll go wherever I have to because it’s not going to be safe for unvaccinated people indefinitely.”

Top-up vaccines is another thing that frightens Dr Yeadon, who highlighted the fact that these too will forego any further safety checks. He added that the driver for these will come in the form of new variants, which he says are barely any different from the original sequence.

“As soon as they started talking about it [new variants] I went to look at the source material and found that the variants most different from the Wuhan sequence are still 99.7 per cent identical,” said Dr Yeadon. “And I can assure you that there is zero – not just implausible, but zero – chance something that would escape the immunity of someone who was immune from natural infection or vaccinated. It’s absolutely impossible, no matter what they tell you.

“We know for example that Sars 2003 is 20 per cent different – not 0.3, 180 times different – and the immune system has absolutely no trouble in recognising the two as brothers. I have empirical evidence, theoretical evidence and yet, countering that, we are being told by Sage, politicians, people around the world that you need these variant vaccines. We’ve closed our borders, we’re smashing our economy and depriving people of their liberty over the theoretical concern about variants, which is a lie. And now we are making variant vaccines. I became terrified when I knew they were actually making them and not just talking about it – and when all the large medicine regulators of the world put out a joint statement saying that, because vaccine variants are so similar to the parents from which they’re derived, we will not require the manufacturers to conduct any clinical safety studies.

“I have spoken to eight professors in the UK whose discipline includes immunology and they all agree with my analysis in terms of the technical side of it. Three months ago my fear levels went into the red and I begged them, ‘people like you have go to start writing letters to editors and getting pieces into the papers that this b******t about variants is fake because people are going to believe it’. Carl Heneghan [director of evidence based medicine at Oxford University] said that the world is in such a sort of panic at the moment, anything he could say would not have any breakthrough power at all.

“We’ve been trained to think that if anyone raises any question at all about vaccines, you automatically think ‘anti-vaxxer’. I’ve spent my entire professional career in the industry that produces these things. I would say I’m extremely pro innovative medicines. I don’t have an anti bloody anything in my body except I’m anti unsafe medicines. Why have we got vaccines that clearly are much more dangerous than other public health prophylactic vaccines, because they are if you just compare the number of people that have died within a month with the number of reported deaths after all other vaccines – it’s like 10 times worse.

“There have been 10 times more deaths from within a couple of months of any covid vaccination than in the entire year for all other vaccines combined. Most vaccines are very safe but there are rare idiosyncratic responses including fatal ones and I’m afraid that does happen. You might just drop dead tomorrow going out to your car. But as long as the numbers are very, very small it’s tolerable, because there is a benefit to it. But what we have here is that, even if the people being given the vaccines were at risk – and a lot of them are not – anyone 60 or younger who is in good physcial shape and does not have serious prior chronic conditions is not going to be killed by this virus, they’re just not. It’s unethical even to bloody offer it to them. There is no logic to the statement that we need to vaccinate everybody in order to stop this, it’s just nonsense.

“Now if Edwina Currie is vaccinated then she is fine. She might sincerely believe what she’s saying in which case she’s just uninformed and nuts. I’m sure lots of MPs have just been given the brief and they’re not very clever. I’ve personally spoken to about 60. Several get it reasonably well but some of them are just embarrassing.”

Reports have surfaced in the past week that trials mean venues might be able to open to capacity audiences on June 21, in keeping with the Government’s roadmap – but only if people agree to Covid passports. Dr Yeadon believes that introducing such a system will create a two-tier society and one which can be tweaked at a moment’s notice depending on the Government’s wishes.

Dr Yeadon said: “There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Westminster will save the people. They are the tools of our destruction. They will vote vaccine passports through, even those who know these are horrible things. They’ll be told it’s temporary and get their pat on the shoulder. But of course they won’t be temporary.

“For example, you might even be told as from next month it will be illegal to leave your house without a valid vaccine passport. That’s how easy it would be. We are following “the science”, capital T, capital S. I’m not saying they will do that but they can exclude non-vaccinated people from civil society wholly and that is what is happening in Israel. Once this system comes in I cannot see a way in which it can be undone. They might say initially you can’t enter a sports ground or a large shopping complex, but then in a couple of weeks they might say, ‘as of Tuesday all large supermarkets will use vaccine passports on the door’, so that’s them out. And eventually they can say, ‘as from Wednesday week, all cashless transactions must be preceded by demonstration of a vaccine pass’ – so you can’t even fill your car with petrol. It could happen.

“The idea would be for me to be in America, educating and essentially immunising populations and politicians against what is happening, so that when they’re told next time that you need to lock down your businesses and your state, they won’t. That’s the goal. My preferred one would be to go and work for either Governor DeSantis or his scientific advisory team.”

Dr Yeadon has criticised his peers for failing to speak out against the problems he sees with following only one line of enquiry. He explains that the UK’s official figures of 4,395,703 positive cases and 127,000 simply cannot be believed due to the countless levels of contamination in testing and the unprecedented change in how deaths are certified.

He said: “I am disappointed that almost no one in the scientific community has said anything. What about recently retired professors, people who are not being paid by universities, why aren’t you saying something? Is it cowardice? Death certification has been radically changed in a way that has never been done anywhere for any disease. And we have never used PCR on an industrial scale and it is my opinion – confirmed by people who do this professionally – that it could never be done reliably. So whatever they tell you it’s a lie. You cannot run three quarters of a million PCR tests and not have cross contamination all over the place.

“Why were the doctors not complaining about the death certification? If you have a positive in this ropey test at any time 28 days up to your death then that is on your death certificate. It’s just not even logical. It’s like saying if you had biro on your finger at any point 28 days prior to your death, we’ll say you died of biro ink poisoning. It’s absurd. But they went along with it.”

And he has a message for those who no doubt once would have agreed that you cannot trust a politician but who know hang on their every word.

“If you spot an inconsistency, something you think, ‘that doesn’t sound right’, pursue it, because if you pursue it to a point where you think, ‘I’m not being told the truth’ – which you’re not – once you spot that, then the question would be, ‘if your Government has lied to you about one thing, don’t you think it’s quite likely it has lied to you about other things?’ I believe they are lying to you about everything.

“Let’s look at pubs; you can only take a drink outside and you can only pay for it outside. Hold on, have the supermarkets not been open continuously through this process? Sometimes it’s really busy and you might be in the shop an hour. Isn’t that an inconsistency? And why are we OK with that? I don’t believe that any outbreaks have ever been linked to a supermarket. And that is another odd one. That’s about the only place you meet. Surely all the outbreaks that aren’t linked to hospitals and care homes must be linked to common places of commerce and they are supermarkets and essential shops – there aren’t any others, none.”

And he uses supermarkets in his insight as to why lockdowns are pointless; in a nutshell, if you are full of virus, you feel very ill, so you would be at home, curled up on the sofa, in bed or in hospital. If not, you do not have enough virus in your body to be a threat of transmission. Indeed, a global study, cited by Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, to a court in Manitoba, found that asymptomatic transmission is close to zero in an outside setting, given it is about 0.7 per cent inside.

Dr Yeadon says: “We will lock down again. They will want to do it as early as possible, so October. 

But the reason why lockdowns could never have worked is combined with one of the other lies, asymptomatic transmission. The reason it’s a lie is that, in order to be a good source of infection, you need to have lots of virus in your body. If you’ve only got a little bit, the chances that you would infect another person is very low, even if you were close to them – maybe even if you kissed them – you just don’t have that much virus in and around your body.

“But if you had a thousand times more virus, maybe you could put a droplet on a person and they might inhale it or whatever. But if you have lots of virus you must have symptoms. You cannot have a situation where your body is growing huge amounts of virus in the airwaves and producing no symptoms and this is because the virus will attack you, it’s damaging your tissues, every cell it multiplies in and then escapes from is destroyed. It’s not just a theory, it’s inevitable you will have symptoms. And furthermore you need symptoms like coughing in order to propel infected droplets out of your body. They don’t come out when you’re just passively breathing. If you have lots of virus and it’s attacking you and making you ill and your immune system is fighting it back, which is also making you feel ill, those symptoms are called ‘I don’t feel well’.

“So if you’re a good source of infection, you’re symptomatic, you don’t feel well, you probably feel very ill, possibly bad enough to be in your bed and we’re giving you chicken soup and cups of tea every few hours. And if you’re a bit older you might be in hospital. But what you’re not going to be doing is dashing up and down the aisles in Sainsbury’s. Or sitting in the pub. You’re ill. So that’s the whole point. In the general community, almost no one who met the conditions to be pretty sure of infection was out there. It’s just simply not possible. You need to be full of virus, you need to get the symptoms to get the stuff out of your body but you need to be completely unwell despite those two things.

“And those things do not overlap, you can’t have ‘feeling fine out and about, looking normal but full of virus’. And we are trained to notice if someone has a cold or they look ill. We have known this stuff for tens of thousands of years. You can spot someone who is a respiratory threat to you. It’s very uncommon for people with good sources of infection to be walking about in the community and, even if they were there, you would usually avoid them. And as a result hardly any transmission occurred in the general population. And as a result shutting down the general population made f**k all difference to transmission. And that is why lockdowns don’t work and they never did. They never worked anywhere because lockdown isn’t really lockdown, it just smashes the economy.”

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Authored by Oliver May for The Daily Expose – 25th April 2021

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Richard Noakes

I am 74 and towards the end of MY life. I might have another 10 years tops, give or take. I don’t care when I die, because death is a necessary process of living and I give my simple salt water cure to anyone who will listen and do it, as an alternative to test vaccines, about which we know nothing of future results – because there are not any.
My salt water cure, will save your life from Coronavirus, or any virus, without ever needing to consider an experimental test vaccine, which these are.
However, it is your life to deal with, as my life is mine and whichever way you jump, for or against test vaccines, at days end “on your head be it”.
My salt water cure costs nothing to prepare and do, its effects are immediate, if you have a virus in your head, so you don’t need to go anywhere for some unpleasant test, shoving long cotton buds into your head, to see if you have Coronavirus and you can murder the virus in your head, quickly and efficiently, so you never get the Covid, it will naturally become, by otherwise doing nothing, irrespective of if you have been vaccinated or not.
You will have read how to do my simple salt water cure, so I won’t repeat it here, if not, then you need to look through earlier comments I made, or ask the editor where to look for them – and better yet, what do I get out of my advice to you – absolutely nothing.


Joe F.

You get something which is good karma–and that is everything.

Richard Noakes

Re: “But if you had a thousand times more virus, maybe you could put a droplet on a person and they might inhale it or whatever. But if you have lots of virus you must have symptoms. You cannot have a situation where your body is growing huge amounts of virus in the airwaves and producing no symptoms and this is because the virus will attack you, it’s damaging your tissues, every cell it multiplies in and then escapes from is destroyed. It’s not just a theory, it’s inevitable you will have symptoms. And furthermore you need symptoms like coughing in order to propel infected droplets out of your body. They don’t come out when you’re just passively breathing. If you have lots of virus and it’s attacking you and making you ill and your immune system is fighting it back, which is also making you feel ill, those symptoms are called ‘I don’t feel well’.
Me: It is over 26 years that I had these symptoms, thanks to my salt water cure and I have totally forgotten the above feelings – so now you know what “I don’t feel well” means and why you should have done my salt water sniffle, days earlier and avoided these symptoms altogether and the Covid, which is about to occur in your body.
Seriously, waiting 10 to 14 days of self isolation, feeling like this, so that you will get Covid and make the virologists who serve up the test vaccines happy, does seem a rather high price to pay, when you really don’t have to.


Ted Reese

There is NO overpopulation crisis. Capitalism is entering its final crisis since automation is abolishing the source of profit (capital’s exploitation of labour). As more capital becomes surplus (unprofitable to reinvest), more labour becomes surplus. Automation brings the prospect of unprecedented mass unemployment, anyway. As far as the environment goes, ‘overpopulation’ is not the issue – what we produce with is. It is possible to make most things out of mycelium and hemp and other fibrous plants, but there is little labour exploitation involved in this and so little profit. Same reason we moved away from emissions-free nuclear. The planet can only be saved through decommodification.

This study concludes the planet could cope with at least 92 billion:

On automation:

On the environmental question:

Joe F.

I agree that the planet could accommodate many, many more folks.

Anyone who has traveled the slightest bit understands that Earth is largely unpopulated. I went with a friend to Newfoundland some years ago. Other travelers will smile when I say he and I rented a car with the plan to “drive around the whole province” in 3-4 days. Of course, during that short time, we covered only one small portion of Newfoundland.

Think about this, people. Newfoundland is about twice the size of California (I believe), and it has only about 500,000 people. Its largest city has only 200,000. It’s a place I’d describe as vastly empty–as, indeed, is most of the world, outside the major population centers.

A Russian friend and I used to talk about this. She always said Russia is unbelievably empty–most of it simply barren of people.

So, no, I don’t buy the ‘overpopulation’ argument, and the idea that these beleaguered eugenicists just “have to” kill us all off. Also, they know that the whole global warming thing is a con–a less successful one than the coronavirus, to be sure.

No, it’s about power and control–as it always has been. The effort to dominate the world has been tried again and again. It’s nothing new.

And, no, they don’t care about preserving the earth or its animals and plants. They have been spraying chemtrails for decades now, and destroying plant life via gmos.

Joe F.

Correction to the above: I meant to say Nova Scotia, not Newfoundland.

We did drop in on Newfoundland, but did not attempt to drive around it. The land mass we failed to circuit was Nova Scotia (it’s all coming back to me–at least, I hope it is).

Nikki H

“Anyone 60 or younger who is in good physcial shape and does not have serious prior chronic conditions is not going to be killed by this virus, they’re just not. It’s unethical even to bloody offer it to them.” I completely agree.
But also, it’s all lies. Covid-19 is an umbrella name for flu like symptoms it is not the so called virus!
The virus is SARS which has been around for years. This whole thing is mass manipulation and a way to control the population. It’s heartbreaking and wrong!

Richard Noakes

As Dr Northrup explains here, “In 2013, I was one of Reader’s Digest Most Trusted People in America, and now, in 2021, I am one of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’, along with Sherri [Tenpenny], those of us accused of 70% of the disinformation about vaccines on the internet – which is an astounding fall from grace, until you understand who is determining what grace is.”

That “who” is Big Pharma and the world’s largest corporations, which have been weaponized by the Globalists to bypass the world’s legal systems and to commit a litany COVID crimes against humanity over the past 14 months, not the least of which are the so-called “vaccines”.

In this short video, Dr Northrup, who unlike Clif High is a physician and was a clinical assistant professor of OBGYN for 25 years corroborates Clif’s report last week of miscarriages and other reproductive dysfunction in both men and women.

Disturbingly, she also corroborates what Clif said about these problems being seen in non-vaccinated women working in proximity to vaccinated people, all but confirming his most serious concern, that the synthetic spike protein antibodies shed by the vaccinated could conceivably lead to the complete sterilization of the human species – including the unvaccinated.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny has described the spike protein antibodies produced by the COVID injection as “Absolutely deadly.” According to her, these injections and their synthetic spike proteins have so far been found to do the following, usually by Day 19 after exposure:

• Attack your lung tissue and break it down.

• Attack your pancreas: Cause diabetes in non-diabetics and aggravate diabetes symptoms in diabetics.

• Cause adverse reactions in 27 out of 55 of the tissue types exposed to the serum.

• Cause anaphylaxis, probably from the polyethylene glycol.

• Inhibit your anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages, sometimes resulting in a deadly cytokine storm.

• Attack your astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, which are two different kinds of brain/nerve cells; attacking by two different mechanisms, through the inner mitochondria membrane and through the neurofilament protein of the motor neurons, leading to uncontrolled seizures.

• Cause debilitating fatigue by attacking your mitochondria and the intracellular antigen, GAD 65 inside of your mitochondria.

• Cause autoimmune disease in roughly 48 weeks.

• Cause mutant strains of COVID, in what Dr Tenpenny describes as “A perfectly-designed kill machine.”

Worst of all, there is no “off” switch to stop the cells’ manufacture of these spike protein antibodies, once the messenger RNA (mRNA) in the COVID shots instruct the cells to start making them. Therefore, this mRNA may not only be a runaway train of adverse health consequences for the vaccinated but it may also lead to the mass sterilization of the unvaccinated.

During her speech at Clay Shaw’s Health & Freedom conference in Tulsa, Dr Northrup warned those who wished to remain unvaccinated about the potential hazards of being exposed to the bodily fluids of those who are.

In this video, Dr Northrup says, “My feeling on this is there is some kind of bioweapon; some kind of bioweapon that the body is now secreting, transmitting, as it were, as you said, Sherri, from somebody who’s had the shot.

“Because, as we know: this is not a normal immunization. This is something that causes the body to make a synthetic protein against a SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. It is a synthetic protein that’s never been seen and the body begins to produce this as a factory. It doesn’t shut off.

“I’ve had people say ‘Well, maybe, you know, in two weeks, this will stop.’ There is no way this is going to stop, because it’s made your body into a factory for a synthetic protein that’s never been seen before, that theoretically can be in your saliva, urine, feces, sweat, seminal fluid, blood, flatus, maybe.

“And so when you’re around a person, then I think this is coming out of their bodies and possibly adversely affecting the most delicate hormonal system. I mean, to get pregnant and stay pregnant is an enormously complex system and we know that that spike protein antibody cross-reacts with syncytin 1 and 2, and those are proteins absolutely essential for the placenta, for fertilization, for maintaining a pregnancy.

“We now have women who are miscarrying, they are unable to get pregnant, they’re having heavy bleeding. We don’t know why. But my feeling about this is that something is being produced by the body of a vaccinated person that is possibly adversely affecting others and it is of great concern to me.”

Me: I thought this was interesting, in view of the above earlier blurb and I have posted it here, bearing in mind I am against experimental test vaccines, or for that matter, the yearly flu shot, which I have never had for over 26 years, because there has been simply no reason for me to have one, as I have described above.

The experimental test vaccines were released on 8th December 2020, which is roughly 150 days ago and nobody can predict, forwards, what their ongoing effects will be on the human body, or if they will protect you from Covid Variants, since Covid-19 was replaced by more advanced variants almost immediately, which begs the question, why are people still being vaccinated for Covid-19, to the exclusion of all else, so perhaps the above blurb might go some way to explain the reasons why, depending on your point of view.

Live long and be happy (hopefully)


Richard Noakes

I think that the above Mike Yeadon’s blurb was done by a computer, which translated a verbal interview into text which was placed above, because there are spelling errors (airwaves = airways, etc), which shows the text was not proof read, the overall presentation and main points should have been set out in one page and not carried along for longer than that, I sort of fell off my chair when it sent me to sleep “boring and repetitive” etc, otherwise take from it whatever you can.

Richard Noakes

Re: Why is it we have annual boosters with the flu jab due to mutations if mutations are so minute as to not affect immunity?
Me: You have to have annual boosters, because Covid-19 test vaccine injections were for Covid-19, but every 10,000 Covid infections, one results in a new variant, which your first 2 vaccine shots won’t have little, or any effect on.
It is theorized that test vaccine shots only last up to 6 months, before they start to lose their protection and booster shots are necessary to boost immunity against new variants, each new vaccine shot having millions of mRNA particles, which go wherever they may in your body, supposedly to protect you from the next Covid vaccination, but nobody knows for sure – unless you accept that virologists have been experimenting with Coronavirus strains since it first appeared in 1974 and they have had the past 47 years of experimentation to prepare for this pandemic.
For those of you who want a better understanding of the mechanisms of Coronavirus and Covid, read on
You have to separate Coronavirus from Covid, because one is a virus and the other Covid, is the disease you get after 10 to 14 days, if you leave the virus infection untreated – like if you don’t use my salt water cure.
So let’s go back to the Coronavirus itself. The droplets are about 0.12 microns in size and are too small to see in the air, where they float around in clouds in the air currents and any one of those droplets, if breathed into a persons (or animals) head, potentially, could be the beginning of a severe infection, in the warm, wet and humid areas inside a person or animals head and Coronavirus can switch from one to the other, because we are all animals, like it or not
My take on that is that the inside of a persons skull is covered with a fleshy layer, covered in turn with a skin covering and what the Coronavirus droplet does, is strip the skin off the flesh, inside the head and grow the infection inside the flesh itself and then, over a period of 10 to 14 days, or longer, it transports itself down into the body, using the 1 liter of snot or mucus the head produces daily (the engine oil of the body) which passes down the back of the throat, without any of us being aware that is happening constantly, whether we are asleep or awake (the infection in your head continues to grow exponentially, eventually attacking the brain bulb and brain stem)
If you did my salt water cure, you would have discovered immediately that there is a hole in the upper part of your throat, parallel with your nose and ears, above your throat and while you might not have any Coronavirus symptoms, in your head, if that hole is sore, then you have an infection which is going down into your body, which, if caught soon enough, you can kill off with a couple of mouthfuls of salt water which you swallow, down into your body, at the same time as you do my salt water sniffle until you don’t experience any soreness and you have murdered the Coronavirus before it ever gets to be Covid..
So you cannot catch Covid. You have to catch Coronavirus first and it has to be allowed to mutate, as above, in the fleshy parts of your inner head (attached to your nose) over 10 to 14 days, before it becomes Covid of any variant, in your body.
Irrespective of if you have been vaccinated or not, you will still get all of the Flu symptoms, over the 14 days, when it might be Coronavirus, or not – you only find out if you are protected if the flu symptoms go away and nothing else happens – if you get Covid again, then you had a Covid breakout infection, which your vaccine shots did not protect you from and off you go again – will you die this time, horribly or not?
I gather that a person dying from Covid sounds just like a fish which has been taken out of its water environment – gasping its life away.
Masks have holes through which air passes so that we can breathe 0.05.microns, of air, however you could probably get around 100 x 0.012 microns of Coronavirus through one 0.05 Microns hole which does not help much if you breathe it into your nose and out of your mouth and back again in your nose, because of the mask material, or if you wear glasses, into your eyes as well – another entry point.
It has been suggested that if masks were made of material with 0.012 Microns hole sizes, or smaller, we would be unable to breathe and we would suffocate, which suggests to me that masks are a way of scaring people into test vaccines (so they don’t have to wear masks afterwards), but you tell me what you think?
I know a lot about these things because I have been reading heaps of medical stuff on sites and places other than this one, because this interests me and I have mountains of time to do that, being retired, given that I probably don’t have THAT many years of life left to me anyway, so why not help those whom I can, even if my point of view is met with some skepticism.

Richard (smile)

eileen Bailey

i don’t think you are helping people… neither is mike yeadon.. people want the truth…scientific truth not fear mongering. a virus cannot exist outside the body..never mind pass from animals to humans.. go and read germ theory v terrain, or watch videos on it, germ theory was just that ..a theory…we have the science to prove it is not true..

the last pandemic that killed millions was rockefeller with his horse concoction that killed millions of soldiers who had to have the ‘experimental vaccine’ more died from rockefeller than in the war, it was also given to the general population… autopsies proved that they died from bacterial pneumonia… no autopsies are allowed now…i wonder why? look at rockefellers agenda 21 and you will see we are following it exactly with another ‘experimental’ vaccine.

at that time stringent testing was done and scientific experiments carried out and the result was no one can ‘catch’ a disease…

Richard Noakes

Flu shots, as above are because each year, the flu shots the years previously, won’t work on the latest flu viruses and that is why each year, the next flu shot is that much more stronger, to deal with the yearly Flu, which in turn has become more resistant to the Flu jab.
The problem this year is that you don’t know if the flu jab you get, is not for Covid, after all, you can’t trust whatever the label says on the bottle and why in any case, have a flu shot when Coronavirus will kill you anyway, if the flu you get is coronavirus and you don’t have your 2 vaccine shots, but then, nobody knows for sure if the test vaccines are safe or if they work.
It is summer in America and Europe and Coronavirus won’t be floating around in the air, because it will dry up pretty quickly, so in all probability it is “in” peoples heads, waiting until the winter colder weather begins, when it will start over again, as Covid

Colin Cronin

Whilst i have respect for Mike Yeadon’s views and the fact that he has stood u to be counted, One thing puzzles me with his views on the booster jabs. Why is it we have annual boosters with the flu jab due to mutations if mutations are so minute as to not affect immunity?

eileen Bailey

its all fake and phony…. people get flu and colds as a response of the body dealing with toxins… remember wuhan china had just switched on 5G when ‘a virus’ starting killing people… it would be very inconvenient for insurance companies and governments if 5G was to blame especially as many countries were busy polluting everywhere with 5G…..far better to blame ‘a virus’. Did you realise areas where DDT were sprayed became centres for a virus called ‘polio’… I could go on but I am sure you get the message.

Governments blame viruses instead of taking responsibility for polluting our air with formaldehyde etc (and then injected it in to us in vaccines) not giving us free clean energy that is available and has been since Tesla…not even taught in schools but edison who stole some of his invention is… just shows you who controls history and education doesn’t it? aids outbreak… look into it… 9billion dollars they have in their ‘fund’… what is there was no such thing? what if like smallpox, people were getting sick from the ‘cure’..the vaccine? smallpox vaccine had to be banned so many people in Leicester etc got smallpox from the vaccine..

[…] Authored by Oliver May for The Daily Expose – 25th April 2021 […]

Sarah VeganGarden

Blimey, Dr Yeadon, I really WISH I thought you are being paranoid. You aren’t.
It’s 1938, do we leave Germany now or is that just silly over-reacting? The people who chose to stay in their homeland really regretted that decision later, but they could not have known it at the time.
Now it’s 2021, do we leave our homeland now or is that just silly over-reacting? And this time, where is the kinder-transport? Where can we go? Who will give us safe haven?

Richard Noakes

Re: Now it’s 2021, do we leave our homeland now or is that just silly over-reacting? And this time, where is the kinder-transport? Where can we go? Who will give us safe haven?
Me: Go where all of the Muslims came from, when we gave them safe passage into our country and our lives, after all, we accepted them without any issues, so why wouldn’t they accept us now and our different Christian religions and values to theirs, which we would continue to practice in their country, irrespective of Shari Laws – right?

Richard Noakes

Re: We did drop in on Newfoundland, but did not attempt to drive around it. The land mass we failed to circuit was Nova Scotia (it’s all coming back to me–at least, I hope it is).
Me: I understand that the only “free” land left on this planet, not owned by anyone, is 19%, goodness knows where that is – the rest of the world is owned by 81% of the people, or corporations and Bill Gates and they probably want more land and less of us, who have no future use, to expand their wealth, or land control – because we are redundant and computers have replaced us and the work we once did and there is no need for any of us, anymore – or the land which we occupy that they want or don’t want us living on.
Back in the 1990’s a new form of living together, was introduced “Competition”, where everyone was expected to compete with everyone else, to work for less money and get more competition and lower prices throughout and while the concept was a good idea in itself, it did not take into account that the big fish would overpower the small fish and eventually have and control market monopoly, as has happened since – large chunks of Government were sold off to private enterprises and the work they carried out was using sub standard materials, instead of the high quality materials the Government used and paid for, out of the public purse, in an effort to screw as much out of the cost structure to put more money into their private company pockets, while at the same time they wrote off their income tax through legal loopholes and had subversive companies invest their new wealth in offshore schemes which earned even more non taxable wealth for them.
You will remember that a whistleblower dropped a huge bundle of documents from a Scottish firm trading in the Bahama’s which detailed who the wealthy people were and who was on the fiddle and how they wrote off their taxes through this firm and concealed their wealth.
As I recall it went to the newspapers and then, after a bit, it sort of fizzled out and nothing else as happened, or been reported since.
Part of the factors of extreme wealth is that these people can buy anyone, to perpetuate and improve their sales marketing strategy, so that after a time, through “lobbying” or “bribery”, they can control the politicians and the Law, to an extent, because they, themselves, are above the Law and thus they now control the multitude of which we are just a few who don’t have any rights, to speak of, anymore.
Politicians pass new Laws about which we know nothing or the background for them to make us “better”, but what are they and what are the “new Laws” bottom line, if we don’t know what they are and at days end, sure, we are part of the machine now and our use, or uselessness, is in the hands of these few and we are only as free, as the way we choose to live our lives and not get caught out by this Law or that one.
Which begs the question, who paid our leader, Boris, 300,000 UK Pounds to do up his residence, if not from kickbacks from “lobbying”, or put another word on it, “bribery” and where are the documents kept for public consumption of how much was paid in “lobbying”, or where was it all spent, to the last Pound coin?.


Richard Noakes

To: Nikki H 1 day ago
“Anyone 60 or younger who is in good physcial shape and does not have serious prior chronic conditions is not going to be killed by this virus, they’re just not. It’s unethical even to bloody offer it to them.” I completely agree.
Me: Unfortunately they are. It does not matter how old you are, the state of your health, your religion, race, colour or creed, or if you run around on 4 legs or just 2 and have a skin covering or a fur one, or wings, because we are all air breathing animals on this planet.
This virus is deadly and it is continuing to evolve daily as it tries to and does evolve and beat test vaccines, which eventually will not be able to control the virus at all – this is not about the virus, this is about the future of all animals which live on land and breathe the air, both human and every other land based species, as this virus has already skipped from bats to humans and can go from one to the other at will.
Experimental Test Vaccines are one accepted way of beating Covid and others caused by Polio, Whooping Cough, in its day Smallpox, now Malaria and a heap of other diseases which vaccines saved us from, without a doubt.
You cannot catch Covid. You have to catch Coronavirus first and let it mutate in your head, to become Covid in your body, 10 to
14 days later, while you self isolate.
My salt water cure has saved me from any external illness for over 26 years, I am never ill and the advantage of it is that it is free and anyone can do it with 100% success, to the extent I stake my life on it and I stand up and give my real name here, without fear or favour, because I totally believe in my cure against Coronavirus and any external virus that much (but not Covid – too late then) – when I could have hidden my name, by using a false name, or identity and if I did that, why would I need to hide who I am, if what I had to say was not totally true, as I firmly believe,
All I “suggest” is, that when you get the Coronavirus as you eventually will, now you have a backup plan to try first, before you submit to a test vaccine, or for that matter, any vaccine – which should always be as a last resort and never the first one.



Re: “…as this virus has already skipped from bats to humans and can go from one to the other at will”.
Me: Does that mean that you believe in the official story of the virus having skipped from bats to humans – whithout any artificial gain-of-function work
as claimed by french noble prize winner Luc Montagnier and various others ? Sorry – I´m not a native speaker – so I might have missed some of what you wrote – thanks

Richard Noakes

Why the World Should Be Alarmed About India’s New “Double” and “Triple” Mutant Covid-19 Strains
The San B
Apr 26 · 6 min read
The world needs to re-brace itself for the deadliest strain of the coronavirus until now.
Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

As I write this, Delhi stands at a positivity rate of 31%, i.e., every third person who tests for the virus has it. The true figure of people infected with the virus might be even higher; everyone I know is either infected or has a family member who is infected and needs urgent oxygen and ventilator support, plasma, Covid-19 medication, and Covid-19 detection tests— which are critically low in supply. The healthcare infrastructure has completely collapsed in Delhi and is slowly collapsing pan-India too. While all this sounds like a replica of the situation in 2020, there are some concerning differences in the virus strain, the severity of the symptoms for all age groups, and the pace at which the virus is spreading.
What are the “double” and “triple” mutant strains?
According to media outlets, the double mutant strain, called B.1.617, is an amalgamation of two Covid-19 variants L452R and E484Q. The L452R (California variant) binds more effectively to human cells, while E484Q reduces the effectiveness of Covid-19 antibodies (and is also the UK and South African variant).
The triple mutant strain evolved from the double mutant strain. Very little is known of this strain except that it will carry forward a similar nature as of the double mutant one, i.e., being even more highly infectious than any other strain and responding even more poorly to the immune response of a human body with Covid-19 antibodies.
Why are the “double” and “triple” mutant strains concerning?
To understand the impact of the double mutant strain, let’s take the example of the worst-hit city in India and my hometown, Delhi.
There have been four main Covid-19 waves in Delhi, including the current one, where the increasing number of infections has overwhelmed the hospital infrastructure, resulting in several deaths. To understand why the current wave is the worst the city (and country) has ever seen before, I’m going to use the following parameters:
New daily active cases: During the last pandemic wave, the new per day Covid-19 cases in Delhi peaked at 8,593 on 11th November 2020. During the current pandemic wave, new Covid-19 infections have crossed the 9000 mark on the 11th of April. On April 24th, the total number of new cases in Delhi was 24,103. The actual figures are underreported because of delays owing to testing centers being overwhelmed by the large number of samples . Between 1st-15th April, the total number of active Covid-19 cases rose by a whopping 417.32% in the national capital.
Covid-19 deaths per day: In the previous wave, at its peak, Delhi reported less than 100 Covid-19 related deaths per day. Currently, this figure stands at 318, i.e., 13 deaths per hour. This will be further exacerbated by the fact that the city hasn’t even reached its peak of active infections and the death toll is expected to be much higher in May. Crematoriums around the city are overwhelmed, with many reporting to having to wait for five hours or more to burn their dead.
Source: S News

Oxygen Crisis: At the time of writing, 25 critically ill patients have died in Jaipur Golden Hospital due to the lack of high-speed oxygen. Another hospital has refused to take new patients to make sure that oxygen supply continues to those who are currently admitted. The city is suffering from an oxygen shortage so bad that it has had to borrow oxygen from other states and the center has had to divert industrial oxygen to hospitals. India is also exporting oxygen from other countries on an emergency basis. There is a fight among people to get this vital gas, and those who can’t acquire it end up with someone they love dying.
My own experience: Approximately one out of three people in my circle of friends and relatives is infected with the new mutation of the virus. The last time the number of infections peaked, this figure was approximately one out of 40 for me. In the 2021 wave of Covid-19 infections, even if one person of a family unit contracts the virus, there is a high probability that the entire family will get infected. This wave is more infectious, with even vaccinated folks of all ages showing mild to severe symptoms. Unlike the last wave, no one I know personally has been asymptomatic in this wave. Add to this the oxygen shortage crisis faced by the city, several people I know have succumbed to the virus because they couldn’t get healthcare on time.
What can you do to prepare for the “double” or “triple” mutant strain?
As we’ve learned from the spread of the virus in 2020, there’s no such thing as an isolated country. Given how scattered the Indian diaspora is in the world, the new double and triple mutant strains will reach the shores of other nations soon. Here are a couple of tips and pointers that can help you prepare when B.1.617 and its mutation hits your country:
Be stringent about sanitization and wearing masks: There is no such thing as paranoid when the double or triple mutant cases start showing up in your country. Assume it’s everywhere because the pace of spread is much faster than the earlier coronavirus wave that the world saw. Wash your hands, sanitize them often as a habit. The N95 masks are your survival gear; wear and remove them carefully. Take a shower after you come back from overtly crowded places. Avoid going out unless necessary.
Don’t wait for a test to tell you that you’ve contracted the new mutation: By the time we understood what the portfolio of symptoms of the new mutant virus was, the infection had spread to all corners of the country . If you experience any of the classic coronavirus symptoms of fever, dry cough and, low oxygen saturation levels, along with new mutant associated symptoms such as red eyes, body ache and rashes don’t wait for a test. Assume you have the virus and reach out to doctors or medicate yourself accordingly. Strictly monitor your oxygen saturation levels using a Pulse Oximeter device.
Be okay with the fact that your vaccine doses will lower in effectiveness, but will keep you out of the hospital: I cannot stress this enough — please vaccinate. The vaccine doses will keep you out of the hospital, out of the race to get an oxygen cylinder or a bed, and keep your loved ones safe. However, vaccination does not guarantee that you won’t contract the new mutation — what it does guarantee is that you won’t die. Encourage everyone you know to vaccinate because the new mutation is adversely impacting non-vaccinated people the most.
The vaccination program in India could not keep up with the rapid pace of infection; 17 million out of 1.5 billion people have gotten both doses of either Covaxin or Covishield. This is worsened by the fact that there is vaccine hesitation in the nation, further driving down the vaccine intake.
Be mindful of your mental health: The collective mental health of the nation has taken a toll because of the speed with which people are dying, the rising rate of infections, and the fight for limited oxygen and healthcare supplies. When this happens on your side of the world, remember to take mental health breaks from social media and bad news that trickles from every corner. Even if you’re infected, don’t panic, as stress and panic can reduce the effectiveness of any medication. I know it’s difficult, but try and keep calm — focus on the recovery rate and that you too can be a part of that percentage of people who have recovered.
A little about me…
I’m a yogini who is completely enamored with the idea of experiencing different dimensions of life. I write on an odd range of topics: from spiritual awareness, meditation, and mental health to politics, travel, and comedy (including all the weird shades of genres in between). They call me a researcher in my day job.
Popular articles and poems that I’ve written until now:
1.   5 Mediation Myths Busted
2.   I Tried Chloe Ting’s Two Week Shred Fitness Challenge
3.   I Am Not Afraid of Death
4.   I Loved Shards of Glass (Poem)

I would love to read your thoughts and comments on what I write. You can contact me on Instagram at @thesanb and Twitter at @thesabh
Me: Just off the press. My point above, precisely.

[…] Read the rest of the interview here: […]

eileen Bailey

you cannot catch a virus.. germ theory v terrain..lots of evidence out there.. viruses dont have a digestive system, cant exist outside the body

gary lessard

you want to get people aware of what is going on go to, everyone against to Covid-19 fight and corrupt government is on there it is easy and people will be able to reach easier. Hope to see you on there! Be safe!

gary lessard

[…] By Oliver May | The Daily Expose | April 25, 2021 […]


The Satanic pedovore globo elitist filth, their presstitutes and simian like political cutouts have unleashed their genocide caper on the sheeple who are duly grateful all the way to the graveyard. Yes, the covaids was an intelligence test from day one and the livestock that didn’t “get it” then certainly don’t get it now as the smarter ones lie sleepless at night and try to imagine (too late) the course of the poison now destroying their immune system.
Onward to Ouch Witz…where the joke is on all of us as the 5% psychopathic elitist garbage drive the ovine herd to the gaping maw and their inevitable doom. Will the uninjected uninfected remaining 5% that are not psychopaths and sociopaths stand a chance in the dystopia almost erected around us as the 90% livestock embrace their death “jabs” and brief “new normal” interval before their “liquidation”?
Pfizer macht frei,mein Schnucki$!
Same as it ever waZ

Richard Noakes

Much laughter – well put!!
Well, I will survive Coronavirus, which means I won’t ever get Covid, but I am 74 and at the end of my life, so even when I am in the 5% that make it afterwards, I don’t have “THAT” long to live, unless the scientists come up with a cure to extend my life for another 75 years……, what I now know, the body and capabilities, down there, of a young man and females galore who want nothing else (should I mention I had a Vasectomy 35 years ago) better not, no point spoiling the fun and yes, in answer to your unspoken question – can’t put an this dog down, yet.

eileen Bailey

having read two articles on Daily Expose by mike yeadon i find it hard to believe he is not aware of the following from Dr Stephan Lanka who went to Supreme Court in Germany and proved with science that there was no isolate for measles and in doing so showed there isnt one for any other ‘virus’ either.


Returning to Koch’s Postulates: No Isolation, No Purification
Lanka continues:

“… a virus has never been isolated according to the meaning of the word isolation, and it has never been photographed and biochemically characterised as a whole unique structure. The electron micrographs of the alleged viruses show in reality quite normal cellular particles from dying tissues and cells, and most photos show only a computer model (CGI – computer generated images).”

So What Does All This Have to Do with COVID?So to bring this back to the current plandemic, all of the same assumptions and lack of evidence are in play when it comes to COVID:

“Individual molecules are extracted from the particles of dead tissue and cells, they are misinterpreted to be parts of a virus and are theoretically put together into a virus model … The consensus-finding process for the measles “virus”, in which the participants debated in order to determine what belonged to the virus and what didn’t, lasted for decades. With the apparently new China Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV, meanwhile renamed), this consensus-finding process lasts only a few mouse clicks.

With only a few mouse clicks as well, a program can create any virus by putting together molecules of short parts of nucleic acids from dead tissue and cells with a determined biochemical composition, thus arranging them as desired into a longer genotype which is then declared to be the complete genome of the new virus … in this process of theoretical construction of the “viral DNA”, those sequences that don’t fit are “smoothed out” and missing ones are added. Thus, a DNA sequence is invented which doesn’t exist in reality and which was never discovered and scientifically demonstrated as a whole.”

So basically, mainstream Chinese scientists who work under the same theory as mainstream Western scientists invented a new theoretical model for SARS-CoV-2, and proclaimed a novel coronavirus, but all without the electron micrographs to actually back it up.

Our lack of understanding about viruses, disease, the immune system, terrain theory and much more is exploited by Big Pharma to push dangerous medical interventions such as vaccines. Here’s what Lanka has to say about the danger and ineffectiveness of vaccines:

“[A] concoction consisting of dying tissue and cells from monkeys, bovine foetuses and toxic antibiotics … is being used as a “live” vaccine, because it is supposed to consist of so-called “attenuated” viruses … [this] toxic mixture full of foreign proteins, foreign nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), cytotoxic antibiotics, microbes and spores of all types is being labelled a “live vaccine.” It is implanted in children through vaccination mainly into the muscles, in a quantity which if it were injected into the veins would immediately lead to certain death … The verifiable facts demonstrate the danger and negligence of these scientists and politicians, who claim that vaccines are safe, have little or no side-effects, and would protect from a disease. None of these claims is true and scientific, on the contrary: upon precise scientific analysis, one finds that vaccines are useless and the respective literature admits to the lack of any evidence in their favour.”

Richard Noakes

You cannot catch Covid, you have to catch Coronavirus first, allow it to remain in your head untreated for 10 to 14 days, so that it can become Covid in your body – THEN – treat it and you, if you are young enough, then into hospital with a ventilator and oxygen to keep you alive, injected with test vaccines to save your life, etc.
Scientists say that the chances of getting a virus outside are impossible, but my experience of flu type viruses, which Coronavirus is, is that I can go for a walk, meet nobody and come back feeling, after a few hours, well, unwell (you know) and after I’ve done my salt water treatment, discovered that I had acquired flu type symptoms and I’ve just murdered that virus, before it could get a hold inside my head. No Coronavirus or Flu for me.
When you think about Coronavirus droplets in the air, compare them with droplets of rain, when the rain is “hard” you can see the droplets as they fall past you. If you go out when the rain is like a fine mist, you don’t get that wet, but the rain is still falling, right, so Coronavirus droplets are a lot finer than even the lightest rain (and drift in clouds of virus) and invisible and they float in air currents and if you pass through a cloud of them, you get whatever virus they are carrying.
Have you ever watched a Mosquito when it rains, in hard rain, the droplets push Mosquitoes aside as they pass, because Mosquitoes are light too, lighter than heavy rain drops – it is only when there is really fine rain that Mosquitoes could be picked off, because their body weight increases and they can’t support the extra rain weight with their wings.
Unfortunately, this Flu Coronavirus is a really bad one and if you don’t have a backup plan, like my salt water cure, then your Goose is cooked, because it is inevitable that you will catch a dose sooner or later and the present advanced Coronaviruses in India are double and treble infections, where 2 different viruses or 3, have bonded together to form 1 and that can run rings around the Covid-19 injections which are still being given out – for an obsolete Coronavirus, which has been passed by more virulent contagions, on which Covid-19 vaccines won’t have much success.
In one scientific blurb I read, I understood that the way these vaccines are delivered is different from anything before (well rMNA) and a “module” is injected into the body and scientists or virologists can plug in different packages into that module, to deal with a variety of different diseases, or anything else they deem appropriate.
You show me a scientist who develops a cure for something and you can bet your bottom dollar that the military will want to weaponize it, for whatever nefarious means they have in mind – probably why, as I understand it, Sars was first discovered in 1974 and billions of dollars have been given to the scientific community to find a cure for it (so we are told) and now 47 years later, this is the best “they” can come up with, these “Experimental Test Vaccines” – sure, like I came down with the last shower.
You read that Smallpox was eradicated, until all that remained was in an American Laboratory in a test tube. The Scientists could not decide if it was ethical to destroy the virus or not, so they split the sample in two and sent the other sample to Russia, to share the responsibility of that decision.
Someone defected from Russia recently and mentioned that Russia had weaponized their sample and had gallons of the weaponized Smallpox, whereupon, the Americans got hold of their sample and weaponized theirs too, so now there are thousands of gallons of weaponized Smallpox out there, for use on us, just the same way as this Coronavirus is being used on us, bearing in mind it was released from China onto an unsuspecting World
I might be”old”, but I’m not that silly.

eileen Bailey

you obviously did not look at germ theory v terrain or you would know that flu and colds are the result of your body getting rid of toxins that we breathe in and chemicials in our food and water etc. You are so fond of your own opinions you wont even look at the truth under your nose. no covid..i.e. corona-sars-2 was not released on us by was patented by lord pirbright who is a rothschild at pirbright institute in surrey uk and richard rothschild holds the patent for test kit, bill gates wife also a rothschild gets the dna samples at BGI genome lab in wuhan china.
there is no such thing as coronavirus in the air… viruses are inert substances in the body and cannot exist outside the body… its people like you spreading fear over smallpox etc that really are a menace and dont help anybody.

[…] Mike Yeadon’s warning: ‘Vaxpasses’ could put us under total control. Read an article on Dr Yeadon’s chilling prediction at The Conservative Woman and another at The Daily Expose. […]

Richard Noakes

Re: Re: “…as this virus has already skipped from bats to humans and can go from one to the other at will”.
Me: My premise is that we are all air breathing animals on this planet, whether we have 4 legs or 2 or have wings, or live underground, “we” humans are just the dominant species at the moment on land, but in the sea, we are part of the food chain, because animals (fish) more powerful than us, will eat us.
Therefore, Coronavirus will skip from one type of animal to others at will, as has happened with the Mink in Scandinavia and the Gorilla’s in an American zoo and other air breathing animals and as has happened in the past with other short term diseases.
I believe the Russians have produced a vaccine which is for use on the other animals – however – as one species on this planet, that does not mean we should see animals as a threat, because they are not – we are our own threat, because we are an intelligent species and can communicate between ourselves, as is happening here.
So when this Coronavirus skipped from bats (or from the bio-lab in Wuhan to humans) or was deliberately used to infect Chinese to spread this infection and disease to the world, that was not something that could ever be stopped from evolving and destroying us, one way or another and I don’t see test vaccines as the solution – I believe my salt water cure might be, by tackling Coronavirus before it gets to be Covid – as the virologists and those in power want it to do.
I personally think that humanity is in the fight for its life and I offer a choice, where there was not one before, vaccines or ?
It is a matter of personal opinion in what you believe in and if you don’t think that Coronavirus and Flu viruses are not a viral infection, then that is your choice, as I believe they are, otherwise, how could they get in your lungs and head in the first place and why do “we” have to wear masks outside?

richard Noakes

Bill Gates and his wife are separating and getting divorced, according to today’s New York Times and scuttlebutt has it that Trump and his wife have separated too.
Many of you probably think I have too much to say and I should shut up, but conversation over issues, such as these, is how we have evolved and in any forum, like this one, you always get a few who speak up and many who say nothing.
Recently, I did not respond to several posts deliberately and I deleted them and then a few days later, the same posts appeared again in my post box, which I thought was “interesting”, so I replied to them, this time around and here we are again.
You could say I think outside the box and there is one in every crowd and hey, “that’s me”.
I have been doing my salt water cure on myself for over 26 years and I am never ill, from external illnesses and this Coronavirus came along and now with these test vaccines and I thought why not share what I know works, with the rest of you out there, because I can and at days end, if only one person does what I suggest for themselves then I have saved one person more, than if I had remained silent and saved none.
If there is a life after death, which I doubt and I were asked then, why I had not shared my salt water cure and tried to save many, what could I possibly say to justify myself, had I done nothing?
I don’t matter. I am one voice amongst the many and what I say does not matter, if nobody believes me, but if the vaccines are the only possible way of surviving Covid and beyond the financial means of the multitude, then at least I have provided those who hear and those who listen, with a simple way of saving their lives, where vaccines, so the politicians tell us, are the only option.
Before computers came along, the only news we ever got was what the telly and the newspapers told us was true – now with computers – we get to hear and read far more than ever before and make out own informed decisions on right from wrong.
You must make your own decisions on what you do to keep you safe and all I am trying to do is put in my 2 cents worth and give you options where none existed before, other than test vaccines.

eileen Bailey

Mike Yeadon remember was vice president of pfizer… a company that committed massive fraud and deception not once but many times..who falsified trials to get drugs through that should never have been given a license… drugs that cause suicide and that is still being sold today.
I wonder why?

He keeps talking about people doing Gods work for Him by depopulating with their evil experimental vaccine… almost as if to excuse them… something i find extraordinary as i am sure yeadon is well aware of the following:

We are nowhere near close to an overpopulation problem.
Take the world’s population. Let’s say around 7.2 billion because it’s close enough, and makes the math easy.
Let’s say there were an average of 4 people per household. Some larger, some smaller. Let’s say 4 on average, worldwide.
That means 7.2 billion/4 = 1.8 billion households would need to exist.
Let’s say that each person lived in a house (no condos, apartments, mobile homes, etc.), and each house was on a quarter acre lot. That’s a decent sized lot. Again, some larger and some smaller, but let’s say this is average. An acre is roughly the size of a football field. So, 4 houses on a football field is not crowded.
With 1.8 billion houses/4 per acre = we would need 450,000,000 acres of land for all the people.
Alaska is 365,000,000 acres. Texas is 172,000,000 acres.
An area about 2.5 times the size of Texas would house the entire world’s population.
Throw in some roads, offices complexes, shopping malls, etc., and the entire world’s population would fit within 3-4 times the size of Texas, or about 2 Alaskas.
The rest of the planet would be entirely empty of all humans. Plenty of space to grow crops and raise animals.
Not even close to a real problem.
It is all a manufactured “problem” because certain people are psychopaths and want to control the world and own all the resources, including human resources.
That is the ONLY real threat we face.

i am sure the over 7 million pounds mhra gifted from bill gates didn’t affect their getting a temporary licence due to a fake pandemic. that would be a criminal matter wouldn’t it? certainly an ethical one and lets not talk about others getting £48 million and some double that…


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