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Heartbreaking – Two year old dies after having the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

We are devastated to report that a two year old girl has sadly lost her life after being given the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA Covid vaccine.

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The death was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the USA’s version of the Yellow Card scheme seen in the UK. Details show that the two year-old girl, from Virginia received a second dose of the experimental Pfizer jab on the 25th February 2021. But four days later on the 1st March the two year old was sadly admitted to hospital as she became gravely ill due to the jab.

The report made to VAERS which can be found here by searching for VAERS ID – 1074247, states that the two year-old girl sadly died just two days later on the 3rd March. The report also clearly states that the toddler had no other life threatening conditions, no birth defects, no permanent disability, and no pre-existing conditions.

The experimental Pfizer jab has not been authorised for use in children so we can only assume that she had been tragically offered up as a guinea pig by her parents to take part in the current trials being carried out across the US on children as young as 6 months old. Such as the one that started at Stanford Medicine on the 14th April 2021, in which they began administering shots of the Pfizer jab to children aged between two and five.

“We need to make sure that children are protected,” said Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, a paediatric infectious diseases expert who is leading the trial at Stanford.

If a two year old losing their life due to the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” is making sure children are protected then stop the world because we want to get off.

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Richard Noakes

How bloody silly to give a Covid shot to a 2 year old, what on earth did the parents expect?
Providing any safety against Covid in the body with an experimental test vaccine, with no previous history of years, but in actual fact since 8th December 2020 with so many adverse effects and deaths, from the test vaccine, should have been a warning that all is not well with test vaccines in general.
I refer to my approach to the problem of Coronavirus, or for that matter any Flu virus, use my salt water cure, it has killed nobody and I have been using it for over 26 years with complete safety and it costs nothing, being salt and tap water or if you can’t trust tap water, then bottled water.
If a kid gets a flu virus use the barrel of a hypodermic syringe (without the needle) to squirt the water up the baby’s nose into the baby’s head, but how often do you see a young baby with the flu anyway?
So now we have 2 ways to deal with flu viruses before they ever get to be Covid – you get the sniffles, or sneeze occasionally or think that’s odd and do my salt water sniffle and once is often enough to kill off any soreness in the head and the end of any virus impact, then and there.
If it takes a few days (2-3 minutes of discomfort) then you have a more progressive type flu in your head and it takes longer to kill it off – but that has to be a safer approach than an experimental test vaccine that could potentially give you a stroke, make you blind, give you a life threatening blood clot, kill off the blood platelets in your marrow bone and we won’t discuss the brain and what it could do there and anyway, potentially kill you, if not soon after the injection, but any time afterwards, because we just don’t know what the long term effect of these vaccines are – so if you have had a test vaccine, then you are a laboratory test animal and how it effects you, is on you, sort of thing and no comeback on the makers at all, because you have agreed to be a test lab rat, or for that matter, your baby, which had no choice in the decision you made for it.
I bet you the parents wanted the bravado and being the first couple to have “their” baby vaccinated with the test vaccine which begs the question, have they been test vaccinated to, or was it baby only and not them?


Those parents must have really hated that kid. So dam sad.


Really, both the parents and the pharmaceutical company should be in jail. In no possible way could this be in the child’s interest when their risk from the disease is so low it’s practically zero – and that’s without using the safe and effective treatments we’ve known about for a year.

[…] 🔎 | Medalerts (VAERS ID – 1074247) | TheDailyExpose […]


what about that field “hospitalized – yes, 17 days”, perhaps the baby had been ill for a while?

[…] The Daily Expose berichtet, ist der experimentelle Impfstoff von Pfizer noch nicht für die Verwendung bei Kindern zugelassen, […]

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If the trials on two-year-olds started in April how did she get it in February?


What. Is. Wrong. With. People?

Denise Hayden



Where to start?? What amazes me is that the same people shouting ‘these are not cases’ and ‘deaths within 28 days doesn’t mean they died of COVID’ buy into this twaddle. A single case, heartbreaking though it is, does not mean that is was due to the vaccine. The >100k deaths in the UK does mean that people are dying of COVID.

As an aside, the private identified above means that it is not part of the study (it would be identified as other, a lot of healthcare is private in the US) and the child has been in hospital for 17 days so must have been unwell anyway, prior to getting the vaccine.

This is not reporting. This is supposition and cherry picking of data.

Try again.


Yeah, it does not mean it was due to the vaccine. Guess what? It does not mean it was not due to the vaccine.

Also, the child had been in the hospital for 17 days. Got their 2nd dose on day 15. First dose would have been 3 weeks prior, before hospitalization.

I think you should try again.

Richard Noakes

Win, lose or draw the baby died – if the vaccine was the case, or not, nevertheless, why would anyone inject a baby which has been ill in hospital for 17 days, with an untested, experimental vaccine and expect a good result.
If the test vaccine did not kill the baby, to begin with, how could the baby deal with the horrid after effects of the vaccine, which even adults have problems dealing with and they know what to expect and are thus, that much more prepared for the pain, than that baby was?
It could not even ask for pain medication to manage the aching head, which moved down its face to the jaw and then covered its whole head in terrible pain, so I understand, from someone who had the test vaccine – AstraZeneca, just the first shot.
Not an adult, but a baby for goodness sake – even if it was dying, that sort of ending was beyond my understanding, or the medical personnel who agreed to give it the test vaccine, in the first place.
It could not defend itself, it was incapable of doing that, that was what its mother was supposed to be there for!!

[…] “The report made to VAERS … states that the two-year-old girl sadly died just two days later on the 3rd March. The report also clearly states that the toddler had no other life-threatening conditions, no birth defects, no permanent disability, and no pre-existing conditions.” Source: The Daily Expose  […]


This report has been deleted from the VAERS

[…] Heartbreaking – Two year old dies after having the Pfizer Covid Vaccine (April 18, 2021, link). […]

  1. How did a two year old get a covid vaccine
  2. How did she die, did she have a heart attack? Did she have a stroke?
Rchard Noakes

As mRNA vaccines are approved for emergency use only, I would have thought this was automatically a Crime Against Humanity by Pfizer, to conduct these trials on young kids in the first place.

[…] a two-year-old girl died after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, which was reported to the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System […]