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April Fundraising Campaign

We can’t believe how much support you have shown us since we started to report the facts that the mainstream refuse to. We do it for you and you alone.

We want to increase our daily exposés and bring you more of the facts that the mainstream refuse to – but to do this we need your help. We rely solely on your support to grow and fund our investigative reports. We’re continuing our March Fundraising Drive campaign (where you helped us reach 45% of our target) into April – in the hope that you, our readers, can help us to reach 100% of our target and support us in our mission to report the facts that the mainstream refuse to.

Every month by paying your TV license you are donating £13.33 to the BBC who spread propaganda on behalf of the authorities and lies. Why not donate that to ‘The Daily Expose’ instead who are committed to bringing you the facts that the mainstream refuse to. You can donate today via PayPal or if you hate PayPal you can just donate by card. No matter how large or small your donation every one will help us to bring you more of the facts that the mainstream refuse to.

If you can’t donate then that’s fine, please show us your support by following us and sharing our reports on your social media.

Buy us a coffee!

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Last edited 2 months ago by RT

Thank goodness for this website. You’re doing the best work in uncovering what these devils are up to.
Just donated and praying that more readers will do so – pronto!
Thank you for your hard work – it’s much appreciated.


Just donated, again, but keep getting Donate popups etc, really distracting. Why not set up paid user accounts and stop the constant donate prompts please?

[…] urgently need your help!Please support us in our April Fundraising Campaignto help us to compete with the mainstream media andbring you even more of the facts that the […]


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be your own bank
come and join the silverbacks


Have tipped you 10 BAT from Brave browser

Sarah VeganGarden

Where’s my previous comment gone? Surely not deleted?! That would be ironic. In my previous comment I suggested you put up an About Us page with some details of who you are, a bit on your backgrounds, and maybe a bit of basic info like how much money you need per month. I notice your April fundraising target has percentages but no figures. What does 100% represent on your target? More transparency, please, and maybe then people will be more comfortable donating. People got stung by Brian Rose. We don’t need a repeat of that.
Thanks for all your hard work. I admire what you do, but I’d appreciate some transparency. Cheers!


is there another way to donate rather than crypto or PayPal?


As if they havent all read the reports, or their bureaucrat advisors .Maybe rheyre just saying ,since everythings personalised ,and no politicians or real celebrities have had any adverse reactions ,then we ,all in it together, are safe as long as we play the game .