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Hancock stumbles and mumbles as he is asked how many have died after having Covid Vaccine

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock was grilled by MP’s in the House of Commons on Thursday 25th March prior to the draconian, fascistic Coronavirus Act being renewed for a further 6 months until October 2021.

Two Conservative Party backbenchers demanded to know how many people have died within three weeks of having the Coronavirus vaccine, which left Hancock stumbling and mumbling throughout.

First up was MP William Wragg who asked the Health Secretary – “Does the NHS have data to suggest how many people have, sadly, died from Covid in NHS hospitals three weeks after receiving their first dose of a Covid vaccine?”

To which Hancock replied – ” Yes, the data on the impact of the vaccine, including side effects from the vaccine and the rare occasions when, sadly, people die after having had the vaccine are published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. If there are any data in this area that are not published but my honourable friend would like to be published, he can write to me and I would be very happy to look into publishing them.

“Essentially, we take an attitude of being as transparent as possible, because there are side effects to the vaccine as there are to all pharmaceutical drugs and we want to be completely open and transparent about those side effects, essentially to reassure people that the risks are extremely low.”

But then Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope interrupted Hancock by saying – “My right honourable friend answered a question from me on this very subject by saying that the data was not available. I cannot understand why crucial data, such as the number of people who have been vaccinated for more than three weeks, who are then admitted to hospital and subsequently die is not collected. Why is that?”

This left Hancock lost for words as he stumbled and mumbled the following response – “This data has been collated recently, it is in the so-called SIREN study from Public Health England. I am very happy to look into exactly the data that my honourable friends are looking for, and if we have it, to publish it.

“I think we have what has been asked for, but let us try to do this by correspondence to ensure that we get exactly what is being looked for. On the face of it, my honourable friend is absolutely right, it is exactly the sort of thing that we are looking at, but I want to make sure that we get the details right.”

You can see Hancock stumbling and mumbling in the video below –

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Dis gusted

Seems Hancock has had the vaccination and is suffering from one of the neurological side effects.
The answer to the questions would have been on the tip of his tongue if deaths were not Occurring
Instead we are treated to obfuscation drivel.

Derek Proudfoot

It’s all a huge lie. I hope they are stopped. This is utter madness. I’m getting constantly harassed to get the jab. No jab no pub no holiday it’s blackmail.