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Coerced – Why has Vaccination against Covid become Vaccination for Freedom?

Do you know anyone who has had one of the experimental Covid vaccines? If so, ask them why they had it. We bet the answer isn’t “because it will protect me from Covid-19”. We bet it was more along the lines of “because it will give me back my freedom”.

Thousands upon thousands of people are taking an experimental vaccine because they believe it will allow them to leave the country for a holiday in the sun, or attend a summer music festival, or simply be allowed to enter a hospitality establishment currently deemed non-essential by the Government.

And if they haven’t taken it yet they’re most certainly excited to do so, not because it will “protect” them against Covid-19 but because they might possibly get the life they once knew back.

Can you imagine how future generations will look back at this moment in history? Just as we look back now at the events that took place during 1930’s & 40’s Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler and the acquiescence of the German people to fascistic, authoritarian rule and condemn the atrocities that took place.

The future generations will wonder how the birthplace of democracy, the United Kingdom surrendered its freedoms without thought because a man, in a suit on the television said they “must stay at home”.

They will laugh at how the people of the United Kingdom seemed to possess the memory of goldfish as the same man in a suit on the television told them they needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve” repeating the mantra for a further twelve months and counting.

They will scoff at how easy it was for a dictatorial, nanny state to buy the rights and freedoms of the British people by offering a furlough scheme disguised as “protecting jobs” when its real purpose was to delay their unemployment to ensure their docile compliance.

And they will shake their heads in amazement at how it took just twelve months to condition the British people into attempting to buy back the rights and freedoms they gave away without a whimper, by taking an experimental “vaccine” without thought.

They will do all this thanks to the benefit of hindsight, and they will commend those who had the foresight to see the events of 2020 and early 2021 for what they really were.

The question is, what will the future generations have to say and think about what happens next?

Individual freedoms should not by granted to the people by the Government of the day, or the Scientists which have stolen the keys to the United Kingdom. Yet somehow we are in a situation where a grandmother refuses to hug their grandchild, or a mother refuses to see their son. All thanks in part to the 24/7 propaganda of fear that has been played on every news channel, scattered across the front page of every newspaper, sounded from every radio station and been littered throughout every ad break.

But also thanks in part to the conditioning which begins at a young age of every person in the United Kingdom, in which they are taught to obey and respect authority without question.

And the lack of questions is the reason people are excited to take an experimental vaccine because it might give them back their freedom. Not because it might protect them against Covid-19. (Source)

Because if they were to ask the correct questions they would know that the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus only kills 0.2% of those it infects worldwide. (Source)

They would know the majority of deaths in the UK have occurred in people over the age of 85.

They would know the number of people under the age of 60 to die with Covid-19 in the UK is in the lower hundreds and not thousands. (Source)

They would know that A&E attendance was 57% down compared to the previous year during the first national lockdown, they would know that the number of occupied hospital beds was 30% down compared to the previous year during the first national lockdown, and they would know that the NHS essentially had a holiday during the year of the deadly pandemic compared to the previous five years. (Source)

They would know that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine are only authorised for emergency use in the UK meaning that the manufacturers are not liable for any injury or ailment that occurs after administration of their vaccine.

And they would know that the current rate of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, as per a Government report released on data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 7th March 2021, currently stands at 1 in every 166 people.

They would know that people are losing the ability to see, developing Bell’s palsy, suffering brain damage, and having strokes due to blood clots amongst hundreds of other types of adverse reaction.

They would also know that women are losing their unborn children after having either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, and they would be aware that people are also dying.

Some of you won’t believe us, well we’re sorry but this is fact, and you can see for yourself here, here, and here. This is all sourced from the Government’s own data.

Now that you know this do you really believe it is justified to have given up 12 months of life as you knew it? Do you really want to live in a world in which you can only be free if you take an experimental vaccine?

Whether or not you agree with an individual’s choice to vaccinate themselves is irrelevant. No person should be forced by government regulation or societal pressure to receive any medication or treatment, including vaccines, against his or her will. This is the very foundation of freedom.

You do not need to be told by a governing body when you can walk out of your own front door. You do not need to be told by a governing body whether or not your business is essential. You do not need to be told by a governing body when you can hold the hand of a loved one, and you certainly do not need to be told by a governing body that you must take an experimental vaccine – to protect against an alleged disease which statistically kills less than 0.2% of those it infects, of which the majority are over the age of 85 – in order to go back to some semblance of normality.

Critical thought is fast becoming a forgotten trait, but every single person in the United Kingdom should be questioning why vaccinations against Covid-19 have become vaccinations for freedom.

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My 81 year old friend had it because his doctor told him that it would protect him from the worst effects if he caught Covid. It hasn’t however, stopped him meeting me (unvaccinated) and having a romantic relationship, I’m glad to say, so I think he got it because he trusts his doctor. 🙂

Last edited 29 days ago by silverlady
Chika Adikea

Yeah a couple of my friends who got the vaccine categorically told me they did so to be able to ‘travel abroad’. Its not because it will protect them from the so-called covid. I think it’s crazy and ridiculous and I am disappointed! They know the evil the government is perpetrating and yet they support that evil by accepting the vaccine. I ask them what if they are not alive to do this travels?
Why would the government make vaccination mandatory if they have no evil agenda? They want to turn us against each other and make people believe that those who haven’t had the vaccine is a threat to them. What about the patients in the hospitals or even in care homes who refuse to take their treatment or medication, would they be breaking the law?
For me, I am not taking the vaccine, pronto.

Ian Usher

Another fantastic article.
I think you hit the nail on the head in that critical thinking is a vanishing trait.
People in general are selfish, and just want their own life to “get back to normal”. Those who suggest we all get vaccinated for the “greater good” are most likely more concerned about their next holiday in Malaga.
I wrote a book with the subtitle ” Questioning the narrative: An exercise in critical thinking”. I got “blocked” by Amazon Kindle. I’ve just re-submitted… maybe 3rd time lucky… but it seems to me that thinking critically isn’t to be encouraged any more.


Anyone who thinks they’ll be able to travel needs to think again.
Their “vaccine” or, rather, monster shot will not become a magic ‘passport’ as they think. There are reports right now that since the shots don’t provide protection against catching this annual flu and spreading it wherever you go, such passports will be useless.

I agree about the selfishness angle, and the ignorance of so many cowed people who are fine with endangering the rest of us by cavalierly carrying this thing around in their bodies and passing it on to others. (No-one can prove otherwise, unfortunately, and Pharma aren’t telling – and won’t.) Worse still is the utter refusal to educate or inform themselves.

I guess they don’t know that far from being protected from anything, they’re being bombarded with filth and chemicals that are likely programmed to kill them off prematurely as quickly as possible. Hence the frail and elderly being targeted for the first shots – how’s that for cynicism and blatant inhumanity? Disgusting, all of it. I hope we are prepared for a future of trying to resist never-ending ‘life-saving’ non-vaccines.