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Chief Investigator confirms AstraZeneca Vaccine IS to blame for rare blood clots

A top Norwegian health official who was tasked with investigating a series of high-profile cases of rare blood cots suspected to be caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine has concluded that the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is to blame.

Chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme led the work to try and find the cause of three health workers, under the age of 50 being hospitalised with serious blood clots and low levels of blood platelets, and why one of the three health workers sadly died.

Holme revealed his findings to the Norwegian Media in which he confirmed the precautionary measures put in place by several European countries to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccine were the right thing to do.

“The reason for the condition of our patients has been found,” chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme announced.

“Our theory that this is a powerful immune response which most likely was caused by the vaccine has been found. In collaboration with experts in the field from the University Hospital of North Norway HF, we have found specific antibodies against blood platelets that can cause these reactions, and which we know from other fields of medicine, but then with medical drugs as the cause of the reaction,” the chief physician explained.

The experts have worked on a theory that the AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine triggered an unexpected and powerful immune response – a theory they have now confirmed as fact.

Professor Holme insisted “Nothing but the vaccine can explain why these individuals had this immune response”. The vaccine was the only common factor.

“There is nothing in the patient history of these individuals that can give such a powerful immune response. I am confident that the antibodies that we have found are the cause, and I see no other explanation than it being the vaccine which triggers it.

“We’re talking about relatively young people that have become very sick here, and died, that probably wouldn’t have got such a serious case of Covid.”

The Norwegian Medicines Agency stated that they did not currently wish to comment on the conclusions from Oslo University Hospital – “We have to look at the results first, I don’t want to comment on this now,” said Medical Director Steinar Madsen in a statement.

Professor Pål Andre Holme

Here’s a breakdown of why the AstraZeneca related blood clots have caused so much concern –

The blood clots aren’t just any ordinary blood clots, they are a specific form of severe cerebral venous thrombosis associated with platelet deficiency (thrombocytopenia) which is extremely rare. This is a very serious disease which is difficult to treat.

The affected individuals that have been identified so far range in age from 20 to 50 years-old and all cases occurred between four and sixteen days after vaccination with the Oxford /AstraZeneca jab.

What concerned officials is that the number of cases of cerebral venous thrombosis were statistically significantly higher than the number of cases that would normally occur in the un-vaccinated population. Using the figures in Germany experts say that they would normally expect to see just 1 case reported after 1.6 million vaccinations in order for it to be statistically in line with the norm, but in Germany alone they have 7 cases.

What’s important to remember is that this rare disease is occurring in the age group that statistically will not suffer serious disease if infected with the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, so therefore the benefits do not outweigh the risks in any way, shape or form.

Will you be having the jab?

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Chris Williams

As predicted by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi…………!

[…] now know this was not just a political ploy thanks to the findings of a Doctor tasked with leading the investigation into a series of high-profile cases of ra…. has concluded that the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is to blame. Chief physician and […]

[…] The chief investigator tasked with investigating this in Norway confirmed recently that the AstraZeneca jab was in fact to blame. […]

[…] The chief investigator tasked with investigating this in Norway confirmed recently that the AstraZeneca jab was in fact to blame. […]