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Investigation – UK Gov. / SAGE document admits the Covid-19 Vaccines will lead to a variant that kills 35% of people because the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission
A document produced by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies advising the …
Contract Approved to Use TOXIC Graphene Oxide for Water Treatment in UK – The Same Substance Found in Covid-19 Vaccines
G2O Water Technologies, a UK technology business, has managed to get its …
UK Government Bribing Young People to Get Covid Vaccine Through Free Pizza and Taxi Rides
The UK government is hoping that free food and taxi rides will …
Germany’s Largest Newspaper BILD Apologises for Harming Society Over its Coverage of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Germany's largest newspaper BILD has apologised for their coverage of the Covid-19 …
64% of all Covid-19 deaths since February were people who’d had the Covid-19 Injection
A Public Health England report shows that people who'd had the Covid-19 …
Midazolam was used to end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 & an NHS document proves Staff were ordered to do it
An official NHS document proves that NHS staff were told respiratory depressing …
It gets worse – UK Gov. / MHRA release 26th report on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections
The UK Government have released their twenty-sixth report highlighting adverse reactions to …
FDA Asks More Children to Take Part in Covid Vaccine Trials
The FDA has asked Moderna and Pfizer to expand their Covid-19 trials …
Local Philippines Government Declares That Unvaccinated People Will Be Barred from Purchasing FOOD
Image source: FacebookThe executive order will introduce harsher Covid restrictions for the …
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You guys are doing fine as is. Perhaps a look at the Climate Crisis Cash Cow con may help awaken more people.


All facts welcome re. the origin of the virus, how long it’s here, immunity, why it has been used by Govts, existing treatemnts, why media complicit, certif of deaths, vaccines and risks and why not nec, harms of lockdowns, what other countries are doing, alternative strategies, medical professionals with alternative views, corruption in govt, history of viruses and pharma compnies, Bill Gates, why banks will make money from global collapse, social credit sysytem, digi currency, writing off of debts etc.

Paul H

A forumn would be appreciated, a lot of additional information on the article is gleaned from reader input.

Miriam Samsonowitz

I just came across your website and am still getting a feel for it.

Could you let readers know who you are? It would help to imbue trust in what you say.

You asked what else readers would like to know. How about efforts taken around the world to oppose the lockdown, masks, get back freedom? That surely must be worth sharing. Also, if the gov’t even can legally impose the restrictions they’re imposing.


There’s a compilation of studies proving lockdown cause more harm than help:

Perhaps you could compile similar for mask efficacy?