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India’s Health Ambassador Dies One Day After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine
Vivek, a well-known Indian actor and the Tamil Nadu state’s health ambassador, …
Pfizer Covid Vaccine Child Trial kills 2 year-old Girl
A two year old girl taking part in current trials being carried …
Care home resident forcibly restrained by Carers and vaccinated against her will with experimental Covid jab
A woman in her 50's was recently forcibly pinned down by three …
UK Gov. document reveals disgusting tactics used to coerce Brits into having experimental COVID-19 Vaccine
For well over a year and counting the British people have been …
Heartbreaking – Two year old dies after having the Pfizer Covid Vaccine
We are devastated to report that a two year old girl has …
Psychological Warfare – UK Government Documents reveal how Brits have been manipulated into complying with Medical Fascism
The ordinary hard working people of the United Kingdom have been played. …
VIDEO – UK Gov. say “Covid Vaccines are 100% safe for Pregnant Women” – They’re lying and this is criminal
Here’s some of the things the authorities demand you avoid when pregnant …
SHOCKING – UK Gov. release 11th report on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines which include Miscarriage, Stroke and Death
The UK Government have released their 11th report on adverse reactions to …
OUTRAGEOUS – UK Authorities say it is now 100% safe for Pregnant Women to have the Covid Vaccine but Official Data shows they are Lying
Here's some of the things the authorities demand you avoid when pregnant …
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You guys are doing fine as is. Perhaps a look at the Climate Crisis Cash Cow con may help awaken more people.


All facts welcome re. the origin of the virus, how long it’s here, immunity, why it has been used by Govts, existing treatemnts, why media complicit, certif of deaths, vaccines and risks and why not nec, harms of lockdowns, what other countries are doing, alternative strategies, medical professionals with alternative views, corruption in govt, history of viruses and pharma compnies, Bill Gates, why banks will make money from global collapse, social credit sysytem, digi currency, writing off of debts etc.

Paul H

A forumn would be appreciated, a lot of additional information on the article is gleaned from reader input.

Miriam Samsonowitz

I just came across your website and am still getting a feel for it.

Could you let readers know who you are? It would help to imbue trust in what you say.

You asked what else readers would like to know. How about efforts taken around the world to oppose the lockdown, masks, get back freedom? That surely must be worth sharing. Also, if the gov’t even can legally impose the restrictions they’re imposing.


There’s a compilation of studies proving lockdown cause more harm than help:

Perhaps you could compile similar for mask efficacy?