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Health Minister in Critical Condition just one day after receiving Covid Vaccine

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to hospital and is said to be in a serious condition just one day after receiving a dose of the Oxford / Astrazeneca Covid vaccine.

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In a statement on Tuesday evening his office stated that Minister Hunt had “been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection, he is being kept overnight for observation and is being administered antibiotics and fluid. The Minister is expected to make a full recovery. His condition is not considered to be related to the vaccine”.

Hunt revealed via a post on a social media made the same day as he was admitted to hospital that himself and former Prime Minister Gillard had “the privilege of being vaccinated against Covid-19 with the AstraZeneca vaccine” on the 8th March along with a number of doctors, professors and nurses.

Whether his condition is a result of receiving the vaccine or not we are sure we will never know, but it is extremely coincidental for him to suddenly suffer an “infection” when he has been an otherwise fit and healthy man.

As evidenced by his comments earlier last year where he said his daily exercise was “like oxygen”, and stated that if he had “running and family” then he could “cope with everything else”.

His hospitalisation will be extremely unhelpful to the propaganda being spread by authorities and mainstream in order to persuade people to receive an experimental vaccine to protect them against a disease that kills less than 0.2% of those it infects.

Especially when political figures in Australia were seeking to promote confidence in the vaccines by getting theirs early.

Mr Hunt is a father-of-two, who was first elected in November 2001, is one of only three Liberal MPs, along with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, to have served in federal cabinet since the Coalition came to power in September 2013. He has held the health portfolio since January 2017.

Mr Hunt’s team and authorities will continue to deny the Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine has had any part to play in his serious condition. But the most recent update released by the UK Government of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme suggests he is most likely one of many who have become critically ill because of these experimental jabs.

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John Fugazzi

Pure speculation, with lines drawn between events to make them appear as though they are related.


The same could be said for the govt deciding they aren’t related…

[…] Via Health Minister in Critical Condition just one day after receiving Covid Vaccine — The Daily Expos… […]


Nobody should be forced against their will to do or receive anything that can cause harm to any human being

Dave Hopkins

The poisonous vaccines are killing hundreds of thousands of people world wide.
Bill gates know why and so do millions of people.
So does clause Schaub and yhe u.n .
Mass genocide in action and media is complisant.
Go f@#k yourself


More vaccinated people may be in problems sooner than later, no one may know after vaccinations until sudden serious bad side effects for unknown unseen problems nowadays due to too quick application like most victims of sudden situations worldwide nowadays.


hysterical – karma is a bitch, bye-bye, murderer


He may also have a priviledge to die.


Too bad he didn’t die.One less criminal politician.


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[…] du vaccin Oxford/Astrazeneca Covid selon plusieurs sources dont le New Daily et le Daily Expose deux sites en […]

Leanne Hawkins

One wonders why he decided to have the Oxford / Astrazeneca Covid vaccine when thousands of Australian workers his age are being offered Pfizer Covid vaccines? Why doesn’t anyone else get a choice or information to choose? Also interesting to see him using masks and social distancing in these photo’s after he and his staff not using masks or social distancing nor was the nurse wearing gloves when they had been jabbing another staff member on first day of roll out in the middle of the pandemic? We had a field day with that photo lol


The questions here are, has there been enough time/investigation to conclude whether his hospitalization is related to the vaccine or not? — and if it was found to be related, would they admit it? — I think the answer to both questions is ‘No’.


What part of the word “experimental” do people not understand? Praying for all of the well-meaning, fearful guinea pigs.

[…] du vaccin Oxford/Astrazeneca Covid selon plusieurs sources dont le New Daily et le Daily Expose deux sites en […]


Ahhh…that explains the hold on AZ vax…i thought as much. They don’t put a halt on vaccines for just anybody…🙄


US Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” therefore vaccine makers cannot be expected to be held liable for any death or injury caused by them. Lovely isn’t it?

Pedro Alves

Thos is so poetic.


Well well, I thought he would be smart enough to take a saline jab not the poison mRNA one. I guess it’s the same profound stupidity that made him say he wanted the experimental gene therapy aka ‘vaccine’ to be mandatory.