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(Video) Doctor who mocked “anti-vaxxers” & “Covidiots” as he had Covid Jab dies just days later

A doctor who recorded a video of himself getting a Covid “vaccine” in which he mocked critics who dared to question the safety and effectiveness of the very same vaccine, has sadly died just days later.

Dr.Rogiewicz’s from Poland lambasted those who question the need to be vaccinated against Covid by saying –

“Vaccinate yourself to protect yourself, your loved ones, friends and also patients. And to mention quickly I have info for anti-vaxxers and anti-Coviders if you want to contact Bill Gates you can do this through me. I can also provide for you from my organism the 5G network. I am sorry I hadn’t spoke for a bit but I was just getting autism.”

But just a few days after receiving the jab the doctor passed away, with his death certificate claiming he died of a heart attack.

One of Dr.Rogiewicz’s colleagues wrote the following at VIP-Clinic

At night, our Friend and Collaborator, Dr. Witold Rogiewicz, suddenly passed away. We are devastated by this news. We send our deepest sympathy to the family he loved very much. We cannot believe …  Witek, we will miss you very much.

PS OViKlinic will contact all patients of Dr. Rogiewicz and will not leave them without help. Please understand the situation.

You can see Dr.Rogiewicz’s mocking anyone who dares to question the Covid jabs in the video below…

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I for one am not surprised I’ve told my kids that people who take this poison are gunna start dropping like flies for years to come and better get used to it how can the world just sit back and allow this happen they are all guilty

John Sinclair

Plenty of evidence out there already to show these experimental drugs are far more dangerous than actually catching Covid and don’t provide as good an immune response as catching Covid does either as even Merck has said of their two injections which was why they stopped production of them. I guess he won’t be making fun of concerned individuals that bother to look into the effects of these experimental drugs in future. For a “medical” person to have made the statements he did was in my opinion criminal and ran completely country to his medical oath to do no harm to patients. Most doctors are failing to honour their oaths to do no harm in giving these injections to obviously completely uninformed patients and so must be held accountable under the Nuremberg codes for injecting people without informed consent.

Ferd III

Of course they put ‘heart attack’ as the cause. No jab, the death is CV 19.