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Mainstream Journalist confirms Covid death statistics are FALSE

A mainstream journalist has thrown more evidence into the ring to confirm what we already knew, that the Covid death statistics are enormously exaggerated and false.

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Bel Mooney, has written an article for the Daily Mail titled ‘My Dad passed three Covid tests and died of a chronic illness yet he’s officially one of Britain’s 120,000 victims of the virus and is far from alone.. so how many more are there?’.

In the article which shows her own personal experience, Bel states how her Father’s death was officially labelled as Covid-19 on his death certificate even though her had no such thing. Bel is certain of this as he took three Covid tests leading up to his death which all came back negative.

Bel wrote that ‘You long for the person you love to have peace, yet the finality of death makes you cry. But here on my desk, his official death certificate ignites that sorrow into anger.’

This is not because Ted Mooney contracted coronavirus in the very good (and expensive, it must be said) care home three miles from our house, as statistics will now state. 

Because he did not. Yet the principal cause of death is set down officially as Covid-19 — and that, in my view, is a bizarre and unacceptable untruth.

You read of such things, but — dazed by an accumulation of figures, as we have all been for nearly a year — you can fail to take them on board.

The nightly shroud-waving and shocking close-ups of pain imposed on us by the TV news bewildered and terrified the population into eager compliance with lockdowns. 

We were invited to ‘save the NHS’ and to grieve for strangers — the real-life loved ones behind those shocking death counts.

Why would the public imagine what I now fear, namely that the way Covid-19 death statistics are compiled might make the numbers seem greater than they are?

The mainstream journalist also stated that her own father had always refused to believe the SARS-CoV-2 virus even existing, quoting him as saying “What is this plague?”, and admitting she would patiently try to explain that it did exist up to three times a week.

Bel Mooney

Bel now believes that in a strange way her Father has been proved correct, stating she does not believe in conspiracy theories but confronting the timeline of her own Father’s last week on earth has left her feeling both angry and bewildered.

She asks why would a country wish to skew its mortality figures by wrongly certifying deaths? What is going on? Stating that she believes the way ‘Covid deaths’ have been counted is a national scandal, as we have told you from the outset.

Bel states that she was told on the 9th February that her Father had died in his sleep, expressing her relief that at last all his discomfort was at an end and he was at peace. But that later that day the GP who had seen her Father the day before and was called to certify his death kindly telephoned to express his condolences.

Bel revealed that the GP stated that apart from the chestiness her Father seemed “well cared for”.

But then she asked what the GP had put as the cause of death, to which he replied “Covid-19”.

Bel states that when she challenged this, the GP explained that it was because there had been deaths from Covid on the dementia floor, so they consider it reasonable to assume.

Bel protested that “an assumption is not a diagnosis” however Covid was still named as the leading cause of death.

The mainstream journalist also revealed how the funeral director also said they had “lost count of the number of families upset by the same issue”.

To start to disentangle some of these mysteries, you have to understand that normally two doctors are needed to certify a death, one of whom knows the patient. 

But early last spring, this changed; for Covid-19, the certification of death could be made by one doctor — and from March 2020, ‘Covid deaths’ included all cases where Covid-19 was put on the death certificate, even if the person had not tested positive.

These were the parting words from Bel in her article –

‘Perhaps the most shocking thing about all this is that families have been kept apart — and obeyed the most irrational, changing rules at the whim of government — because they believed in the statistics. They succumbed to fear, which his generation rejected in that war fought for freedom.

Dad (God rest his soul) would be angry. And so am I.

Have the mainstream finally started to see this for what it really is?

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[…] been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or maybe a GP was instructed to put it down as Covid as one mainstream journalist recently described within an account of their own personal experience with this […]

[…] been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or maybe a GP was instructed to put it down as Covid as one mainstream journalist recently described within an account of their own personal experience with this […]

[…] been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or maybe a GP was instructed to put it down as Covid as one mainstream journalist recently described within an account of their own personal experience with this […]