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Why the British people should be fearful of the future…

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to have a family member or loved one enter their own home, but it is okay to have a stranger come in as long as it is for what the authorities deem an essential reason such as fixing a boiler.

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to enter an indoor public space unless they wear a face covering, unless for a reason the authorities deem makes them exempt, even though the actual science states face coverings are both unsafe and ineffective.

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to walk out of their own front doors unless for a reason the authorities have deemed essential such as travelling to a place of work which cannot be done from home, or shopping for food and water.

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to open their business if the authorities have not deemed it to be essential, whilst huge corporations such as supermarkets and Amazon have been able to capitalise on this policy and make a fortune by selling the very products the authorities had deemed as non-essential.

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to even leave the country unless for a reason the authorities have deemed as absolutely essential, such as for work purposes, and even then they must pay up to £2000 to isolate themselves in a hotel room for two weeks upon their return.

The people of the United Kingdom are living in a world where it is illegal to even protest against any of the above policies, and that’s just a snap shot of the current policies and laws that have been inflicted upon Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The people of the United Kingdom are now living in a world where in order to possibly get a semblance of the freedom of which they use to have, the authorities are demanding that they must take an experimental “vaccine” that was approved for emergency use just 9 months after the alleged pandemic of Covid-19 began, and is still officially in phase 3 trials until 2023 – at the earliest.

And because it is only authorised for emergency use this means that the manufacturers of the experimental jabs, such as Pfizer and Astrazeneca, are not liable in any shape or form for any injury or ailment that may occur after their experimental jab has been injected into the arm of any member of the British public.

The authorities have done such a fantastic job at conditioning / re-conditioning the people of the United Kingdom over the past year that they believe the current situation to now be ‘normal’ and they are actually grateful that the authorities MIGHT give them back some freedom in four months time.

They are also excited to take the experimental jab, not because it will protect them against a disease but because taking it may mean the authorities will allow them to live their lives again.

All of this has been done in the name of an alleged disease that statistically kills less than 0.2% of those it infects and then the majority by a long long way are over the age of eighty-five.

If this was 1930’s Germany we now know who would have blindly followed Hitler and who wouldn’t. The problem is that in the Nuremberg Trials of the Nazi’s / German people after the conclusion of the second world war, the excuse of “I was just following orders,” didn’t cut it, and these people were convicted of crimes against humanity.

If you believe the above to be normal and it doesn’t scare you, and you’d be happy to see your children subjected to living in this kind of world then you need to wake up and smell the roses, as this dictatorial, totalitarian nightmare is on you, and you alone.

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Martin Weeks

Excellent article, would surely prick the conscience of the most dumbest of sheep if only they could be bothered to read it.

Robin Scammells

It is disappointing how many people have swallowed hook, line and sinker this “pandemic” where they believe what they are told on the TV and not what they see and are now queuing up to gladly have an injection that is not a vaccine but a gene therapy, and an experimental one at that with unknown long term effects. Whoever the puppetmaster is he operates Worldwide and it doesn’t look as though any-one is going to be able to stop him, whatever the long term plan actually is. This isn’t scary, it is terrifying.

Collett Fisher

Tyranny was never overthrow by compliance.


Already being described as the most successful propaganda operation of all time bar none. Sadly people on the UK and elsewhere who have every right to know their governments lie to them, and lie repeatedly have swallowed it all, with only a minority dissenting and those lectured and shamed by the majority.

Captain Sparkles

And now we’re starting to enter a world where employers are “encouraging” people on the benefits of the taking the vaccine if they want to return to the office.

The next act is for the companies to then deem that you “have” to be in the office to fulfill your role and by not being there you will be effectively refusing to work which will be tantamount to gross misconduct. I can really see this happening but I hope it doesn’t.


Revolutions, invasions, military coups are sudden and violent. As a result, they do not last as they inevitably provoke a violent response. Those behind the current global fascism are playing a long game and are working incrementally. Look to Israel for the next stage. The irony that an Israeli government is imprisoning Israelis in their homes, coercing them into submitting to a medical experiment and demanding proof of vaccination for supermarket shopping and sitting examinations is staggering.
Every Western institution has been infiltrated and captured, including the MSM.