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Conditioning Complete – Brits GRATEFUL authorities MIGHT give them back freedom in 4 months time

Boris today set out the Governments road map to the new normal, and an overwhelming majority of Brits were actually grateful that they might be allowed to get a haircut in a month and half’s time. Some even cried tears of joy at the possibility the authorities might give them all their freedoms and rights back by the end of June.

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In a live briefing from downing street the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty stood alongside Boris Johnson and said “An extraordinarily high number of people are following the rules.” And he’s right, it is extraordinary and the authorities can not believe their luck at how easy it has been to enforce an authoritarian, dictatorial regime on the people they are supposed to serve.

A dictatorial regime that has gone from “three weeks to flatten the curve” to almost one full year and counting. A regime that might only end once the entire population has been coerced into taking an experimental gene therapy in the form of MRNA technology found in the Pfizer vaccine, and the end result of the Oxford vaccine.

Because the majority will be coerced once the Government decides to deploy the vaccine passport system, which is coming. Because Boris today announced to parliament that the Government has ordered a review into whether “Covid-status certification” should be used to “speed up the end of lockdown”. Johnson said a review would be carried out to see if the introduction of such measures could play a role in “helping venues to open safely”.

The roadmap, which has now been published on, outlines four steps for easing restrictions. Before proceeding to the next step, the Government will examine the data to assess the impact of previous steps.

The Government says the assessment will be based on four tests:

  • The vaccine deployment programme continuing successfully.
  • Evidence showing vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.
  • Infection rates not risking a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.
  • Government assessment of the risks not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern.

New variants of concern? We all know this is coming don’t we? The UK Gov. might give the British people a couple of months of freedom but come autumn the new variants will come flying in. Watch this space.

Here’s a summary of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown –

Step 1

8 March 2021

—  Schools and colleges are open for all students.
—  Recreation or exercise outdoors with household or one other person.
—  General stay at home order remains in force subject to support bubble exceptions.
—  Funerals (max. 30 people) and weddings (max. 6 people)

29 March 2021

—  Rule of 6 or two households outdoors. No multiple household mixing indoors.
—  Outdoor sport and leisure facilities can open.
—  Organised outdoor sport allowed (adults and children).
—  Minimise travel and no holidays.

Step 2

At least 5 weeks after Step 1, no earlier than 12 April 2021

—  Indoor leisure (including gyms) open for use individually or within household groups.
—  Rule of 6 or two households outdoors. No multiple household mixing indoors.
—  Outdoor attractions such as zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas can re-open.
—  Libraries and community centres can re-open.
—  Personal care premises can re-open.
—  All retail can re-open.
—  Outdoor hospitality can re-open.
—  Domestic overnight stays (household only).
—  Self-contained accommodation (household only).
—  Funerals (max. 30 people) and weddings (max. 15 people).
—  Minimise travel. No international holidays.

Step 3

At least 5 weeks after Step 2, no earlier than 17 May 2021

—  Indoor entertainment and attractions can re-open.
—  30 person limit to meet outdoors. Rule of 6 or two households can meet indoors (subject to review).
—  Domestic overnight stays.
—  Organised indoor adult sport.
—  Life events max. 30 people.
—  Remaining outdoor entertainment (including performances).
—  Remaining accommodation, including bed and breakfasts.
—  Some large events (subject to capacity limits).
—  International travel (subject to review).

Step 4

At least 5 weeks after Step 3, no earlier than 21 June 2021

—  No legal limits on social contact.
—  Nightclubs can re-open.
—  Larger events.
—  No legal limits on life events

A whole 16 weeks from today until the authorities MIGHT consider giving the British people their freedom back. And an overwhelming amount of people are actually grateful for this?

Where’s the outrage? – if you’re not showing any then your conditioning is complete.

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