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INVESTIGATION: 110K Deaths? NHS Data shows only 3000 people have died of COVID-19

For eleven long months the people of the UK have been repeatedly ordered to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives. Lockdown after lockdown, tier after tier. Millions of lives have been put on hold, millions of others have been ruined. Millions of jobs have been lost, thousands of businesses are now closed forever. But a huge majority of the British people think it has been worth it due to the fear propaganda that has played on a 24/7 loop on their television screens, and headlined every newspaper over the past year.

Because the British public have been lead to believe that over one-hundred-thousand people have died of Covid-19, and they’ve been told that number would have been much higher if they had not complied with the destruction of the economy and decimation of their lives.

What we are about to reveal is shocking and saddening due to the fact so many people have been duped into isolating themselves inside the same four walls, and not seen any of their friends or family for nearly a year. A lot of you will have broken “the rules” and seen your friends and family, but believe us when we say that there are very many people who have refused to do so because the Government have said “it is not safe.”

We decided to put an end to the argument over Covid deaths once and for all and carried out an investigation of official NHS data, readily available to the public if they know how to find it. The problem being they probably don’t even know it’s there and it seems the ‘Mainstream Media’ don’t know either – or maybe they just refuse to report on it as it doesn’t fit the narrative of the authorities that are paying them millions of pounds in advertising revenue?

One-hundred-thousand Covid deaths? The Daily Expose investigated, and this is what we found…

We examined a document titled ‘COVID-19 total deaths – weekly summaries’ which can be found on the NHS England website here. We took a look at the most recent release that shows data up to and as of 4pm on the 3rd February 2021, and went straight to a section titled ‘Deaths by Condition’.

The table provides a breakdown of people who have died after receiving a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2 and divides them into people who had a pre-existing condition and people who didn’t have a pre-existing condition. The table shows a total of 74,249 deaths have occurred up to 4pm on the 3rd February 2021. Now this isn’t the 100,00 plus that we’ve been told have occurred but this is because this data only covers England and only those who have died in hospital.

Now we’re hope you’re sat down whilst reading this because the numbers we’re about to reveal are shocking. Of the 74,249 deaths occurring in people who have tested positive for “Covid”, 71,138 died from pre-existing conditions. Only 3,111 died with no known pre-existing conditions.

What’s even more shocking about that is that this doesn’t mean the 3,111 who died with no known pre-existing conditions actually died of Covid-19. It just means they didn’t have any pre-existing conditions. This very small amount of people in the grand scheme of things could actually be even smaller, as it is entirely possible they still died of other causes, such as a bad car accident for instance. We cannot of course prove that but it is still entirely possible. But we can prove what some of the underlying pre-existing conditions were, as the NHS have told us.

The data shows that of the 71,138 deaths that occurred in hospitals in people who received a positive test for SARS-CoV 2 and who had pre-existing conditions, 12,027 of these had chronic kidney disease. That’s makes up over 10% of the 100,000 deaths that have been used to justify the dictatorial tyranny of the past year.

It also shows that 11,559 of the 71,138 deaths were due to chronic pulmonary disease. 11,935 had dementia, and over 7000 had heart disease. Sadly the NHS list 52,273 of these underlying conditions as ‘other’ so we’re unable to tell you what caused the majority of the alleged “Covid” deaths, but you can see the rest of the statistics in the table below.

Chronic kidney disease has a high mortality rate within the first 6 months of initiating dialysis. Mortality then tends to improve over the next 6 months, before increasing gradually over the next 4 years.

The 5 year life expectancy for chronic pulmonary disease, a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term breathing problems and poor airflow, ranges from 40% to 70% depending on the severity of the disease. But for severe chronic pulmonary disease the 2 year survival rate is just 50%.

The average person lives four to eight years after the onset of dementia. Do you understand now that the majority of the deaths that the authorities would have you believe were due to Covid-19 have actually occurred in people who were unfortunately already knocking on deaths door? Another important piece of information to support this was also found within the NHS data.

The highest amount of deaths have occurred in people aged over 80 who received a positive test for SARS-CoV 2 and who had pre-existing conditions, with 39,335 deaths occurring. This is an increase of almost 13,000 on the next age bracket. 26,786 deaths occurred in people aged between 60-79 who received a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 and who had pre-existing conditions. We have also seen similar statistics for those who died after receiving a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 but did not have any pre-existing conditions, however interestingly more deaths occurred in the 60-79-year-old bracket, but only an increase of 26 on those aged over 80.

But from the age of 0 through to 59, since March 2020 there have only been 571 deaths that have occurred in England’s hospitals in people who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and who did not have any pre-existing conditions. Of those aged 0 thorugh to 59, since March 2020 there have been just 5017 deaths that have occurred in England’s hospitals in people who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and who also had a pre-existing condition.

So the question remains, why on earth have authorities demanded that the entire population stay at home? School children have had their education ruined, teenagers have had their young lives ruined, new parents have been left in isolation to struggle alone without the help of their families, the list is endless. The majority of deaths that may actually be due to Covid-19, of which the number is still incredibly small – just 3,111 in all have occurred, the majority of which have been people aged over 75.

The NHS data doesn’t tell us that the majority have occurred in the over 75’s though as you’ll have noticed as they use quite a broad spectrum ranging from age 60-79. But the UK Government have kindly provided a heat map of ‘Deaths occurring within 28 days of a positive test’ by date of death and by the age demographic.

The above graph can be seen at the UK Gov’s. coronavirus dashboard here. Whats pretty clear from this data is that the most alleged Covid deaths have occurred in people aged 90+. The next age group with the most deaths being 85 – 89, then 80 – 84 and so on and so on. There’s a general decrease in the number of deaths up to about the 65-69 age group but then we see a dramatic fall to pretty much zero in anyone aged under about the age of 60.

This heat map shows that there have generally been no more than 9 deaths in a single day of anyone aged between 60 – 64. In the 65-69 year old group there have been no more than 20 deaths a day. In the 70-74 year old group no more than 27 deaths in a day. In the 75-79 group no more than than 48 deaths in a day, at it’s highest. It isn’t until we get to the 85-89 year old group that we start to see a large increase in the number of alleged Covid deaths. 179 deaths in a day at its highest. Then we have the 90+ age group which has seen no more than 379 deaths in a single day at it’s highest.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81 years. Yet the UK has enforced dictatorial tyranny, destroyed the economy, decimated businesses and people’s livelihoods and created a flood of mental health issues because people who have lived longer than the average life expectancy of 81 are dying.

One-hundred-thousand Covid deaths in just 11 months? Pull the other one! We’ve only seen just over three-thousand.

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I totally agree. That’s why you won’t see me taking the jab and I think come April the whole country should say enough is enough.

Mr Melvyn Gregg

Why are all media and opposition MPs not picking up ALL these facts from the NHS official data ,
For England are they brain dead


Turn the “are they” words the other way around and you have hit the nail on the head.

What amazes me is just how the system never mentions about high doses of Vitamin D on the news, but yet, if you go to the NHS own website, they are actually recommending vulnerable people take up to 4000iu, especially during this time. Meanwhile, if one looks up the tests done on this in Spain (Cordoba, I believe) and sees their results, one may be very surprised…

Heck, I will even link to it from a gov site:


I’d like to see the NHS annual death rates, published by age group, comparing 2020 to each of the previous 5 years.

Rachel Bavin

Interesting, and well believed, thanks for the info

Angela Lamont

This may be on the NHS Official Data, but they are also the ones scare mongering everyday on National TV therefore ignoring their own “official” data.
The NHS also have their own agenda so it seems.


I’m a COPD suffer and I’m not having any jabs despite keep being told to come to my gp to have it. They can stick it .


Let flood the BBC with this

Wayne Shaft

This Is NOT A Vaccine 💉 It Is A Serum .A Medication 💊


The point is, we were asked to stay home to save the NHS, regardless of cause the NHS was overwhelmed with people needing Emergency care including equipment and staff which we didn’t have enough of! If we hadn’t locked down then those poor souls in the NHS would have had to decide who had treatment and who didn’t. No-one should be asked to make that decision!

[…] have asked us about a widely shared blog which falsely claims that “only 3,000 people have died of Covid-19”. This is based on a misreading of statistics from NHS […]


Why are the fact checkers saying that this is false information?

[…] have asked us about a widely shared blog which falsely claims that “only 3,000 people have died of Covid-19”. This is based on a misreading of statistics from NHS […]


I now firmly believe everything the so-called “fact-checkers” say we shouldn’t. There’s a reason they all appeared in huge numbers this past year and why they’re funded by Gates and Soros.
They now censor the exact same scientists and medics who, pre-Covid, were regularly invited to the House of Commons for their expert opinions.

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The produce of a truly sick and twisted mind “already knocking on deaths door?” Diabetics can easily live a 70 year lifespan if managed well. The 3000 figure is arrived at by not counting the 70,000+ who had other underlying conditions, which includes many conditions that people can and do live with for decades.

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