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Police shut down ‘Drive Through Food Package Scheme’ for children “because of the virus”

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On valentines day Essex Police decided to shutdown a drive through food package scheme for children at a play centre in Chelmsford in the name of “protecting people from the virus.”

In the video below the organiser explains how there was no problem with running it in the previous lockdowns, they had all relevant paperwork in place but the Council and Police decided to shut it down on the day it was to commence.

Do you think the Police will be shutting every McDonalds drive through down next? We doubt it!

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Money trumps morals always. Before the police used to protect the public now they are used by the Government to “turn on the people” they were paid to protect, I hope the police now wake up and realise that they are the pawns in this and being used to “batter” the ordinary man in the street. Lets see when the Technocrats are in charge and they are replace police with robots – how they feel.


Something the media are NOT reporting ahem too busy TERRORISING the public. Suicide rates have shot up from 12-24 year olds, NSPCC, Barnados, CQC and other organisations have asked the government to STOP the media terrorisation of children and the public, mmmmm YES YOU’VE GUESSED IT, NOT INTERESTED, Well eugenics works well. See Stanley Johnson’s live chat in 2012 on eh yes how the UK really need a drop in population of up to 25,000,000 (million). They are achieving their goals now……