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(Video) Manchester Police brutally attack cafe owner

More evidence of police brutality has emerged in the name of preventing the spread of coronavirus. This time it’s a Greater Manchester Police Officer who attacked a business owner.

Kate & Luc Cafe Restaurant serves Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Brunch to customers in Burnage, Manchester. The restaurant owners decided to take part in “The Great Reopening” on the 30th January and filled their cafe to the brim with paying customers.

But later that day the police came knocking which resulted in the attack outside.

In the video below one of the restaurant owners can be seen standing and being restrained by an officer. But then another officer starts flying punches at the restaurant owners face. The same officer then restrains the restaurant owner against a wall by holding his neck.

See the video below and make sure to ask Greater Manchester Police what they plan to do about this officer…

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John Fugazzi

Funny how comments challenging this story are dismissed