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WE WARNED YOU!: BBC “Home-Schooling” teaches kids there are over 100 Genders

When Boris announced yet another draconian lockdown and shut the schools at the last minute we warned you of the danger that lay at home for your children. The BBC announced they would be airing “educational” programmes for hours a day for all children as of the 11th January.

The BBC announced in a statement “The BBC is bringing its biggest ever education offer from Monday 11 January: CBBC will have a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9am. BBC2 will cater for secondary students with at least two hours of content each weekday.”

We warned you this was a long planned opportunity to hijack the minds of children and indoctrinate them into a far-left, woke agenda. The question is did you listen? Because we were not wrong.

One of the “educational” programmes unleashed on your children was a film, titled ‘Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities’. The film features children asking adults about sexuality and gender on behalf of their peers, and states the different identities include ‘bi-gender’, ‘gender-queer’ and ‘pansexual’. The film also teaches children that a way to be “happy” is to become a transgender. No we’re not making it up.

At one point in the film a pupil asks “How many gender identities are there?”.

The answer given – “There are so many gender identities. So we know we have got male and female, but there are over 100 if not more gender identities now. Some people might feel that they are two different genders, people might think they are bi-gender. You have got some people who might call themselves ‘gender-queer’ – just like, I don’t want to be anything in particular, I just want to be me.”

Later on in the film a transgender “man” appears and says “I told people it wasn’t because I wanted to be transgender but because I wanted to be happy and to be happy I had to be true to who I was. Nobody really treats me differently but I feel that the pieces in my life fit better now.”

At no point in the film does it state the consequences of medical interventions or the hormone blocking drugs which have recently been banned by the High Court for use in children.

We told you this would happen, do the right thing and keep your children away from the BBC.

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Mr Reynard

BBC teaches that there are 100 genders ??
OMG how could they be so wrong ?? There are 793 genders actually, as reported from respected scientific academics


2 genders, male or female ….🙄