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Children scream as Police enter home without permission and wrestle parents to ground!

Two parents were attacked by police in their own home today in front of their horrified children who were left screaming at concern for their parents safety.

The trespass by police took place at a home in Scotland. In the footage which can be viewed below the mother pleads with the police to leave as she has not given them permission to enter their home. As the officer towers over her the mother becomes agitated and her husband stands in front of her to protect her. It as at this point that the children see what’s going on and plead with the officers to leave. But rather than leaving another officer enters the home without permission and both parents are wrestled to the ground and pinned down by the officers whilst the children are traumatised and screaming.

Police do NOT have the powers to enter any home without permission or a warrant. You do not have to open your door to them. You do not have to let them in. Please see what police are legally allowed to do in Scotland here. You can also make a complaint against the police in Scotland by following the advice here. The same rules also apply in England.

The police say the officers entered the home because they had “suspicion people were living there from outside their bubble”. The Mother can be clearly heard in the video telling the police to leave as she had not given them permission to enter. The suspicion was found to be wrong and the parents were NOT breaking any laws.

This is an absolute disgrace. This won’t end until we say it does.

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