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‘Miracle Covid-19 Vaccine’ creator fined over £3.5billion for Medical and Safety Offences – How can we trust them?

Miracle Covid-19 Vaccine Producer, Pfizer, has been fined over £3.5 Billion since the year 2000 for healthcare related offences, safety violations, false medical claims and corruption and bribery.

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Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc., who announced their “Ninety percent effective” Covid-19 vaccine in the last week, later upgraded to “Ninety-five percent effective” was fined £3,573,465,793.97p since the year 2000 for over 80 offences / violations.

This includes over £26.1million in Kickbacks and Bribery offences, £870million in False Claims offences and £2.5billion in healthcare related offences.

Table showing Top 5 offence Groups + Top 5 Offence Types committed by the ‘miracle covid-19 vaccine’ producer.

It is important to take stock of the fact vaccines usually take years to develop – usually a minimum of 8 years, and the current process has been dramatically sped up, creating the prospect that a vaccine will be created which carries severe risk.

With the ‘miracle covid-19 vaccine’ creator, Pfizer, having a record of offences like that, should we really be trusting enough to allow their product to be injected in to our bodies?

The full list of offences can be found here.

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